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Lotte Anker & Fred Frith
Edge of the Light

Lotte Anker & Fred Frith — Edge of the Light (January 20, 2015)

Denmark     Lotte Anker & Fred Frith — Edge of the Light 
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark /
Album release: Europe: December 2014 / USA: January 20, 2015
Record Label: Intakt Records
Duration:     56:59
01. Anchor Point      3:06
02. Run Don't Hide      8:28
03. Reasonably Available Control Measures      10:53
04. The Mountain Is as Quiet as the Eternal Past      8:19
05. Non–Precision Approach Procedure      1:46
06. Thief Breaks Into an Empty House      9:22
07. The Same Dirt      4:40
08. Hallucinating Angels      10:30
ζ   Lotte Anker: saxophones
ζ   Fred Frith: Electric guitar
ζ   Recorded july 11th 2010
ζ   Music by Fred Frith and Lotte Anker.
ζ   Recorded at Village Recording, Copenhagen, July 11, 2010.
ζ   Engineer: Thomas Vang.
ζ   Mixed at Guerilla Recordings, Oakland, CA, March 3, 2013.
ζ   Mastered at Headless Buddha, Oakland, CA, January 9, 2014.
ζ   Engineer: Myles Boisen.
ζ   Cover art: Heike Liss.
ζ   Graphic design: Jonas Schoder.
ζ   Liner notes: Lotte Anker, Fred Frith
ζ   Intakt CD 237 / 2014

ζ   July 11, 2010: Sunday in Copenhagen and last day of the annual (ten days long and intense) Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Today is also the World Cup Final in Johannesburg: Holland vs Spain. Oppressively hot, thunder in the air. Fred and I are in the Village Studio a little outside Copenhagen for a session, after having played a duo concert at CJF a couple of days before. No predetermined concepts or plans — just playing. Guitar and saxophone: I love playing with stringed instruments, and especially with Fred's sound(s). It's really easy to blend with but it can still also be edgy. The energy and the changing worlds and forms felt extremely clear that afternoon. Landscapes you could easily move in and out of — slow or with abrupt changes — like in dreams. But real and present. Four hours in our own timeless bubble. A bubble that was small, but in a way also vast. Back in the city.
ζ   Later that day Marilyn Crispell calls and says she's arranged a Cup Final party in my apartment (where she is staying) for a few 'homeless' musicians in town in connection with the CJF: Crispell herself, Gerald Cleaver, Carla Rodea, Okkyung Lee, Michael Formanek and a couple of Danes. Fred and I join, drinking canned beer and rooting for Spain… After the match the entire city is partying down. Many worlds in one day, some of them captured here…
Lotte Anker
ζ   In the last few years I seem to have gravitated every summer to Copenhagen — sometimes for some teaching at the so–called "rhythm academy" but mostly to work in a variety of contexts with Lotte Anker, who I've come to consider the musical soul of the city.
ζ   We started out in a quartet with Ikue Mori and Sylvie Courvoisier, two old friends who helped bring us together in the first place, and meanwhile we've played in quite a few different configurations. These days, though, we mostly work as a duo.
ζ   The duo is my favorite form anyway, because it embodies ideas — about meeting, conversing, challenging each other, changing your mind, not changing your mind, running together for the fun of it — that are mostly pretty uncomplicated. And I can't think of many musicians with whom I felt such an immediate rapport as I did the first time I played with Lotte.
ζ   Making music together felt and feels so natural and logical it really does seem as if the music is simply there, and all we have to do is get out of the way and let it be. Intensely easy going, obstinately flexible, convolutedly simple, strangely obvious, I can't really explain it. All I know is, it feels like coming home. No explanation necessary.
ζ   Lotte Anker is a Copenhagen–based saxophone player and composer working in the field between experimental jazz/improvisation and contemporary music.
ζ   Her music includes both melodic (often twisted or fragmented) elements and more abstract textural material and covers a wide territory from minimal, transparency to dense and dark expressionism.
ζ   Lotte Anker has been initiator and bandleader of a number of highly acclaimed collaborations and groups such as Anker, Taborn, Cleaver (w/ Craig Taborn and Gerald Cleaver), Trio with Sylvie Courvoisier and Ikue Mori, to name a few.
ζ   Other recent projects are the 8–piece group What River Ensemble, duo with Fred Frith and a quartet with Johannes Bauer, Clayton Thomas and Paul Lovens.
ζ   Lotte has performed at major festivals and concert spaces in most of Europe, USA, Canada, Asia, Africa and the Middle–East and has also played and toured with Marilyn Crispell, Herb Robertson, Tim Berne, Okkyung Lee, Paal Nilssen–Love, Joelle Leandre, Raymond Strid, Sten Sandell, Andrew Cyrille, Phil Minton, Fred Lonberg–Holm, Peter Friis–Nielsen and many others.
ζ   Compositional work includes music for both small group and large ensemble and for both contemporary new music and modern/experimental jazz ensembles — and a combination of these.
Selected Recordings
Recordings with own groups/collaborations:
ζ   Lotte Anker/What River Ensemble: What River is this, ILK 2014
ζ   Lotte Anker & Jakob Riis: Squid Police, Konvoj Records 2014
ζ   Lotte Anker, Craig Taborn, Gerald Cleaver: Floating Islands, ILK 2010
ζ   Mokuto + Herb Robertson: Dressed like a Horse, Ninth World Music 2009
ζ   Lotte Anker, Craig Taborn, Gerald Cleaver: Live at the Loft ILK 2009
ζ   Lotte Anker, Sylvie Courvoisier, Ikue Mori: Alien Huddle Intakt 2008
ζ   Mokuto + Herb Robertson: Message for the Errand Boy Ninth World Music 2006
ζ   Lotte Anker, Craig Taborn, Gerald Cleaver: Triptych Leo Records 2005
ζ   Anker: Six Row Barley (w/ Nilssen–Love + Riis) Utech Records (limited edition) 2005
ζ   Ictus: Live at Copenhagen Jazzhouse ILK 2004
ζ   Anker, Crispell, Mazur: Poetic Justice Da Capo 2001
ζ   Anker, Friis, Poulsen: Infinite Blueness AV–ART 1996
ζ   Lotte Anker/Mette Petersen Quintet: Being Stunt 1993
ζ   Lotte Anker/Mette Petersen Quartet: Beyond the Mist Stunt, 1989
Copenhagen Art Ensemble:
ζ   Copenhagen Art Ensemble: don’t mention the War Stunt 2005
ζ   Tim Berne + Copenhagen Art Ensemble: Open, Coma Screwgun 2001
ζ   Copenhagen Art Ensemble: Angels Share Da Capo 2000
ζ   Copenhagen Art Ensemble/Vocalgroup Ars Nova: Earth Songs Music by Marilyn Mazur Da Capo 2000
ζ   Copenhagen Art Ensemble: Shape of Twelve Music by Lotte Anker. Da Capo 1997.
Nominated for Danish Grammy 1998.
ζ   Primi Band: Primi’ Rosen 1985
ζ   The Two Bass Hit: The Two Bass Hit, Olufsen 1990
ζ   Christer: The Garden is, Olufsen 1990
ζ   Jazzgruppe 90: My sisters Garden 1993
ζ   Jazzgruppe 90: Hymn to the Rainbow Bellaphone 1993.
ζ   Torben Ulrich + Clinch: dice, done, Olufsen 2006
ζ   Piano & Poetry: Olga Maggieres Gateway 2006
ζ   KOPAcoustic VOL 1 Kopasetic 2007
ζ   Henriette Groth + Lotte Anker: Du Fugl ILK 2008
ζ   RouletteTV w/ Marilyn Crispell (DVD) Einstein Records 2008
ζ   Unlimited 23: A documentary about Music Unlimited Festival, PanRec 2009 (DVD).
ζ   Koptor (w/ Brow, Anderskov, Skovbakke) Fresh Sound 2011
ζ   Birthmark Lotte Anker, Rodrigo Pinheiro, Hernani Faustino, Clean Feed 2013
ζ   Konvoj Ensemble feat Evan Parker & Sten Sandell, Konvoj Records 2013
Website: http://www.lotteanker.com/
Label: http://www.intaktrec.ch/
Fred Frith: http://www.fredfrith.com/
By Peter Margasak on 01.16.15 at 02:30 PM
:: http://www.chicagoreader.com/Bleader/archives/2015/01/16/danish-saxophonist-lotte-anker-continues-to-push-against-jazz-conventions  © Fred Frith performing in Lisbon in August 2006. Antonio Jose Silva author
ζ   Jeremy Webster "Fred" Frith (born 17 February 1949).
ζ   Fred Frith is a songwriter, composer, improviser, and multi–instrumentalist best known for the reinvention of the electric guitar that began with Guitar Solos in 1974.
ζ   He learned his craft as both improviser and composer playing in rock bands, notably Henry Cow, and creating music in the recording studio. Much of his compositional output has been commissioned by choreographers and filmmakers, but his work has also been performed by Ensemble Modern, Hieronymus Firebrain, Arditti Quartet, Robert Wyatt, Bang on a Can All Stars, Concerto Köln, and Rova Sax Quartet, among quite a few others.
ζ   Fred enthusiastically records and performs all over the place with icons of contemporary music, younger players you may never have heard of, and everyone in between. He is currently leading the Gravity Band, Eye to Ear (his film music group), and Cosa Brava, whose second CD — The Letter — was released to critical acclaim in 2012.
ζ   Fred teaches at Mills College in Oakland California and at the Musik Akademie in Basel, Switzerland. He is the subject of Nicolas Humbert and Werner Penzel’s award–winning documentary film Step Across the Border.

Lotte Anker & Fred Frith
Edge of the Light




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