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Louden Swain — No Time Like The Present

Louden Swain — No Time Like The Present (January 13, 2017)

 Louden Swain — No Time Like The Present (January 13, 2017) Louden Swain — No Time Like The Present (January 13, 2017)•   D.I.Y. rock outfit from Los Angeles featuring singer/actor Rob Benedict.
•   “There are so many things you can look back at and say — ‘If I knew then what I know now…’ But you can’t really question your journey.” @LoudenSwain1
Formed: 1997 in Chicago, IL
Chart debut: #59 (13 Jan 2017)
Highest Position: #59 (13 Jan 2017)
Location: Los Angeles, California
Genre: Alt Rock / Indie Rock
Album release: January 13, 2017
Record Label: 3 Car Wreckords
Duration:     44:05
01. Present Time      3:22
02. Change The Locks      2:39
03. Amazing      5:17
04. Taxi Driver      2:54
05. Over Before It Began      3:34
06. Leg Up      4:35
07. Roll Me Over      3:20
08. Fair      4:51
09. This Is How      4:37
10. Night Light      2:42
11. Juliet      4:04
12. Numb      2:10
•   All tracks written by Rob Benedict / Michael Borja / Billy Moran / Stephen Norton
Group Members
•   David Wendell
•   Esther Borja
•   Rob Benedict
•   Stephen Norton
ABOUTFotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.Rob Benedict
•   Lead singer and guitarist
•   What can I say about Rob other that when he sings he puts his whole heart and soul into it and you can tell that just by listening to him belt out songs like “She waits”. Which is a very personal song for him and for me…. If you ever get a chance to listen to it, do. Other of my favs include “Eskimo, Sky Alive and Like a Heart Goes.Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.Stephen Norton
•   Drummer
•   I love Stephen, I think most of the time the drummer in most bands are overlooked not because they are not good but because they are in the background, hidden behind the other band members and their kit. But Stephen is a great drummer and an all around awesome guy!! ❤ him so much!Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.Michael Borja
•   Bass guitarist and vocals.
•   Mike is great, the few times that I have had the pleasure of talking to him he is a nice and friendly guy and very funny. They are all very sweet guys and they love their fans!Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.Billy Moran
•   Guitarist and vocals.
•   Billy is an awesome guitarist. His solos are amazing and I could listen to him continuously and a super sweet guy.
•   I can not wait to see them live again, but that is not until July in Pittsburgh. Guess I will have to wear out my discs until then.
Editorial Reviews
•   Over the course of nearly two decades, the world~class D.I.Y. rock quartet known as Louden Swain has quietly built a powerful body of recordings, earning a fervent grass~roots fan base and an impressive backlog of critical acclaim. The resourceful Los Angeles combo has released a series of impressively accomplished albums, toured successfully throughout North America and Europe, and emerged as a popular YouTube sensation — all without the support of a mainstream record label. The upbeat energy and irresistible melodic sensibility that have already endeared Louden Swain to their loyal fans are all over the band’s seventh album, No Time Like The Present. The sterling set offers 12 powerful examples of the band’s dynamic song~craft, from such infectious, lyrically evocative tunes as “Leg Up,” “Juliet,” “Change The Locks,” and “This Is How,” to more intimate acoustic numbers like “Numb” and “Over Before It Began.”  ~ Editorial Reviews
Artist Biography by Lynne Bronstein
•   Louden Swain hail from Los Angeles, feature a bona fide celebrity, and recorded their debut album in the Hollywood Hills, but they’re not a Hollywood glamour band or everyday television star vanity project. It’s true that they took their name from a movie (the 1980s teen flick Visionquest), and their lead singer Rob Benedict is also an actor known for his roles on shows like Felicity and Supernatural. But Louden Swain’s humble roots lie in the Midwest, where their strong D.I.Y. ethic has fueled two decades’ worth of quality albums about heartbreak, self~doubt, the folly of vanity, and the frictions within families. The band formed in the late ‘90s at Chicago’s Northwestern University, where David Wendell (guitar), Borja (bass), and singer/guitarist Rob Benedict began writing and playing together. The threesome eventually moved to Los Angeles, where they met up with Stephen Norton (another native of Illinois), who joined on drums. Initially, Louden Swain’s approach leaned heavily on punk, though their influences ranged from the Clash and the Replacements to Weezer, the Foo Fighters, and the Beatles. Opting to stay independent, the band formed their own label, 3 Car Wreckords and, in early 2001, released their debut album Able~Legged Heroes. Over the course of the coming decade, they would produce three more albums while touring and maintaining the bandmembers’ various careers, including Benedict’s popular role on the CW’s long~running series Supernatural. The new fan base attracted by the band’s star singer helped propel the success of album’s like 2012’s edgy Eskimo and 2014’s Sky Alive. Throughout their career, Louden Swain have remained steadfastly independent and, in January 2017, will deliver their seventh LP, No Time Like the Present, via their 3 Car Wreckords label.Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.★↔★★↔★★↔★★↔★★↔★★↔★★↔★★↔★★↔★★↔★★↔★★↔★★↔★★↔★★

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