Low «» Plays Nice Places [EP] (2012)

Low «» Plays Nice Places [EP] (2012) 

Low — Plays Nice Places [EP]
Origin: Duluth, Minnesota, United States
Album release: April 2012
Record Label: Sub Pop 
Duration:     28:04
01. Words (Featuring Benjamin Gibbard)     6:12
02. Waiting     3:43
03. Sunflowers     4:11    
04. Witches     3:57
05. Pissing     6:16
06. Murderer     3:45
Alan Sparhawk (guitar and vocals)
Mimi Parker (drums and vocals)
Steve Garrington (bass guitar)
Website: http://chairkickers.com/
Alan Sparhawk is the guitarist and vocalist for Minnesota bands Low and Retribution Gospel Choir. «Seattle, Washington ≈ Duluth, Minnesota, United States»
George Alan Sparhawk (goes by Alan) was born in Seattle, Washington and grew up in Utah. He met Mimi Parker when he was 9, after his family moved to Minnesota. Sparhawk began writing his own compositions around the age of 13. He later married Parker, and eventually began performing with her in the band Low, releasing their first album in 1994. As of 2011, Low has released nine full-length studio albums.
Alan and Mimi are members of the Mormon faith, about which Sparhawk has said, "our spiritual beliefs encompass our whole life and understanding of who we are and what we do."
Sparhawk is also a member of the blues-roots band Black Eyed Snakes, the blues-dub jam band Los Besos, and the rock band Retribution Gospel Choir. He also occasionally plays solo shows in his hometown.
As a solo artist, Sparhawk released his debut album entitled Solo Guitar in August, 2006. He also released a track on a various artists compilation Songs for the End of the World as Hollis M. Sparhawk & Her Father, and the track Be Nice To People With Lice on the various artists compilation album See You on the Moon!. In 2007 he did a Take-Away Show acoustic video session shot by Vincent Moon.
Sparhawk has done charity work with the Maasai tribe in Kenya. After a friend of his became a friend of the village of Namuncha, he played a Christmas show in order to raise funds to build a school there, where students had previously been meeting in the shade outside. He calls the experience of visiting the Maasai one of the most spiritual of his life.
Alan and Mimi live in Duluth, Minnesota, with their two children.
In 2012, Alan Sparhawk, along with with violist and vocalist Gaelynn Lea, created the group The Murder of Crows. Their first album, Imperfecta was released June 2012.
Studio albums:
I Could Live in Hope – (Vernon Yard, 1994)
Long Division – (Vernon Yard, 1995)
The Curtain Hits the Cast – (Vernon Yard, 1996)
Secret Name – (Kranky, 1999)
Things We Lost in the Fire – (Kranky, 2001)
Trust – (Kranky, 2002)
The Great Destroyer – (Sub Pop, 2005) (US Heatseekers No. 13, UK No. 72, IRE No. 30)
Drums and Guns – (Sub Pop, 2007) (US No. 196, IRE No. 54)
C'mon – (Sub Pop, 2011) (US No. 73, UK No. 49, IRE No. 55)
The Invisible Way (Sub Pop, 2013)
Low – (Summershine, 1994)
Finally... (EP) – (Vernon Yard Recordings, 1996)
Transmission (EP) – (Vernon Yard Recordings, 1996)
Songs for a Dead Pilot (EP) – (Kranky, 1997)
Christmas (EP) – (Kranky, 1999)
Bombscare (with Spring Heel Jack) (EP) – (Tugboat, 2000)
The Exit Papers (EP) ("a soundtrack to an imaginary film") – (Temporary Residence Limited, 2000)
In the Fishtank (with Dirty Three) (12", EP) – (In the Fishtank, 2001)
Murderer (10") – (Vinyl Films, 2003)
Low—Plays Nice Places (2012)
We are just beside ourselves with excitement that the singularly talented and also Duluth-based Low will be releasing their 10th record, The Invisible Way, on March 19, 2013 (the 18th in the UK). We are then beside the ourselves that was already standing there, excited, beside ourselves with excitement that The Invisible Way is coming out on Sub Pop Records. Because, THAT’S US! This new record was produced by Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, engineered by Tom Schick and recorded in Wilco’s studio in Chicago, IL, during the fall of 2012. Coincidentally, the release marks Low’s 20th anniversary as a band. This is a short trailer for the new record: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2swv0SQI_C4
“While driving through Chicago on tour, we finally stopped to visit Wilco at their studio, The Loft,” says guitarist/vocalist Alan Sparhawk. “They had invited us to come check it out several times over the years, but this would finally be the day…What really converted us was hearing the new Mavis Staples tracks they were working on – big, simple, raw and intimate. Plans were made then and there.”
The Invisible Way finds Low’s majestic melancholy in full bloom yet distinguishes itself with its starker, unadorned soundscapes, layered harmonies and drummer/vocalist extraordinaire Mimi Parker singing lead on five of the 11 songs. The album tackles large issues (“the songs are about intimacy, the drug war, the class war, plain old war war, archaeology and love,” says Sparhawk) in a manner that plays a stunning counterpoint to the sublime hush of the music.
In the blatant widgetry above, Low are also now making available a fantastic six-song live set they are calling Low—Plays Nice Places. This set collects five previously-released tracks, as well as a new song called “Waiting,” all of which were recorded at various historic theaters on the bands’ April 2012 tour supporting Death Cab for Cutie. Additionally, the live version of “Words” here features Benjamin Gibbard on bass and vocals.

Low «» Plays Nice Places [EP] (2012)



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