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Lusts — Illuminations (October 23rd, 2015)

                   Lusts — Illuminations (October 23rd, 2015)                                                  ♦↑♦  Kapela, která hrála v Paříži v den teroristických útoků v rámci Les inrocks Festival a nic se na jejich koncertě nestalo. Dnes vystoupí v Berlíně. DNA of The Psychedelic Furs, Echo and Bunnymen, pre–Kick era INXS and New Order. Lusts’ debut uncovers the kind of pop radiance found on old dusty cassettes.                                                      Location: Leicester, England, UK
Genre: Indie Rock, New Wave
Album release: October 23rd, 2015
Record Label: 1965 Records Limited
Duration:     40:30
01 Intro     1:11  
02 Sometimes     3:00  
03 Careless     3:21  
04 The Chair     3:41  
05 Temptation     3:00  
06 Illuminations     3:58  
07 Attraction     2:25  
08 Waves     2:49  
09 Bad Weekend     3:12  
10 Don’t Kiss Me     2:56  
11 Fountain of Love     3:17  
12 Mouthwash     7:40
℗ 2015 1965 Records |
© 1965 Records Ltd 2015 |
♦↑♦  All tracks written by James Stone.                                         
♦↑♦  Produced by MJ from Hookworms in his Leeds studio, it combines distorted organs and synths with fuzz guitars and a driving chorus of ‘uplifting misery’.
♦↑♦  Lusts are brothers Andy and James Stone from Leicester evoking both the classic woozy chorus’ and reverb laden guitars of Echo and the Bunnymen and the new wave pop sensibilities of Beach Fossils. The brothers explain the creative process behind the making of the video to Waves:
♦↑♦  “From the start, the intention for the Waves video was to explore imagery beyond the obvious route of water, and instead focus on the lyrics and the meaning of the song. We sat down with the directors Youth Hymns and discussed our different ideas for visually representing this.  We were inspired by Virginia Woolf’s ‘The Waves’, the visuals of oscilloscopes, and the idea of constant movement, of a force beyond your control pulling you towards something. then came their idea of the tunnel, an almost b-movie vibe, and a character falling down with us. The video has a kind of gothic, hypnotic feel, which pays homage to the aesthetics of cult sci–fi and horror. With added Jazzmasters.”                                                    
| Nov 13 | Paris | Les inrocks Festival |
| Nov 14 | Barcelona | Razzmatazz |
| Nov 16 | Madrid | Moby Dick Club |
| Nov 19 | Antwerp | TRIX |
| Nov 21 | Amsterdam | Paradiso |
| Nov 22 | Cologne | Blue Shell |
| Nov 23 | Berlin | Musik & Frieden |
| Nov 24 | Nijmegen | Merleyn |                                                                                            NOTES: PARIS: CASINO DE PARIS, LA CIGALE, LA BOULE NOIRE, 6 koncertů zrušeno v pátek, sobotu a neděli.
LYON: 2 koncerty zrušeny..., [ANNULÉ] LE SUCRE
♦↑♦  A lot has changed at indie bible Les Inrockuptibles in the mag’s 28–year history: its owners, its editorial team, and some might say its journalistic credibility. But its annual festival has remained one of the few constants, delivering quality lineups of acts both established and underground year in, year out. Focusing on independent rock music, the Festival les inRocKs also welcomes folk, soul and electronica acts, always with the same aim: to introduce the public to the artists of tomorrow in affordable and respected venues like La Cigale and Boule Noire.
♦↑♦  Highlights from this year’s lineup include a night of scruffy British indie with Fat White Family, Bo Ningen and Wolf Alice (much further down the lineup than they would be in their native London); hotly tipped singer musicians Emilie Nicolas and Låpsley playing together at the Boule Noire; more hard~edged, electro~inflected sounds from Son Lux and Ghost Culture; and a concluding night of classic songwriting from ex Czars~man John Grant, Tobias Jesso Jr and prodigious teenager Flo Morrissey.
♦↑♦  This year, the festival takes place on November 10~17 all over France, with gigs in Marseille, Nantes, Lyon and Toulouse. For the Paris programme, a day pass costs €30.50.
♦↑♦  http://www.timeout.com/
♦↑♦  http://www.lesinrocks.com/                                                                                                                  

By Chris Todd / 21 OCTOBER 2015, 11:30 BST;  SCORE: 8
♦↑♦  Hailing from Leicester, Andy and James Stone have so far been pretty explicit in their trajectory. The sepia toned pictures, the videos filmed by hand held camcorders, fuzzy visuals all scream out that they come from a psychedelic place.
♦↑♦  Driven by records much older than they, Lusts are more than happy to show off what's informed this debut. The DNA of The Psychedelic Furs, Echo and Bunnymen, pre~Kick era INXS and New Order run heavily through this album (there’s even a track called “Temptation”, which is just as ear~wormy as Barney and co’s track of the same name).
♦↑♦  In the wrong hands this kind of influence devotion can, of course, be a derivative and futile exercise. Luckily, Illuminations is a solid collection of mid~80s college rock, jangle, shoegaze and pop which, despite being recorded in their bedroom, contains some of the biggest choruses this side of Florence and the Machine.
♦↑♦  The likes of “Sometimes”, “Careless” and the yearn~pop highlight “Don’t Kiss Me” show that despite the aloof presentation of them as band, they’re just slightly soppy, slightly silly romantics. Lines such as “Playing on my mind / I want you by my side” from the former, and the latter’s “If you’re losing your way and you wanted to stay don’t kiss me” might seem a little contrite, but they’re delivered with such conviction that you can’t help but want to throw yourself into their arms.
♦↑♦  For people of a certain age (i.e. probably not yours), Illuminations throws up all kind of thoughts of memories; John Hughes films, one hit wonder rock bands like The Railway Children or Then Jericho (who back in the late 80’s could infiltrate the top ten), filtered through the fuzz~ometer of William Reid and Kevin Shields to fuck the sound up a bit.
♦↑♦  The person responsible for said sound fuck ups is MJ (from Hookworms, not the dead one) whose production work provides an interesting juxtaposition which is absolutely key to the album’s success. You expect these kind of euphoric indie pop songs to have the kind of shrill, highly compressed, over~produced gloss favoured by the likes of Hurts, but his understated approach gives Illuminations an overall feel of the first play of a long lost cassette that’s been gathering dust in the loft for a decade or two. ♦↑♦  http://www.thelineofbestfit.com/
Website: http://www.lustsmusic.co.uk/music
Rough Trade Shop: http://www.roughtrade.com/albums/96737
Drift Store: http://thedriftrecordshop.net/products/lusts-illuminations
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/lustsmusic
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lustsmusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lustsmusic
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/lustsmusic





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