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Lydia Ainsworth — Darling Of The Afterglow (March 31, 2017)

Lydia Ainsworth — Darling Of The Afterglow (March 31, 2017)

 Lydia Ainsworth — Darling Of The AfterglowLydia Ainsworth — Darling Of The Afterglow (March 31, 2017)•→√•→    •   Jimi Hendrix říkal, že potřebujete fantazii, aby jste viděli realitu jasněji. Na svém druhém albu Darling of the Afterglow, Ainsworth udržuje Hendrixovu moudrost tím nejlepším způsobem. Navazuje na své první Right for Real (Juno Awards nominace) albem intimních emocí, promítaných na širokoúhlé obrazovce, kde pop klasicizmus a klasické  smarts se spojují s jinými syntetickými zvuky a podivnou gothic politou čokopolevou R&B. K tomu má silnou výbavu: mimořádně požehnaný a pružný hlas. Lydia žije poblíž Echo Parku v LA, která je příbytkem sochy Art Deco Nuestra Seňora Reina de Los Angelos. Procházky kolem jezera těsně po západu slunce v době, kdy zoufale toužila po lidském spojení, jí poskytly komforní situaci. Soška jí vnukla inspiraci pro texty skladeb. Bylo to, jakoby zpívala k ní. Minimal electronic beats, vocal samples, and orchestral arrangements meet in this Canadian producer’s dark pop sound. Blurring the boundaries between indie music, filmic orchestration, and electronic music, Lydia’s debut “Right From Real” thrives on haunting melodies and draws inspiration from a wide range of musical sources — Verdi’s Requiem, Ace of Base, Bulgarian Choirs, Bernard Herrmann, Tones on Tail, Art of Noise… to name a few. This sense of unexpected marriages of influence flows throughout much of Lydia’s work which features use of voice sampling and string arrangements woven into a unique minimalist fabric.Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.                            © •→√•→ Lydia Ainsworth •→√•→ Photo credit: John Michael Fulton
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada ~ Echo Park, LA, U.S.
Album release: March 31, 2017
Record Label: Arbutus Records
Duration:     40:47
01 The Road     3:40
02 What Is It?     2:58    
03 Ricochet     3:52
04 Afterglow     3:46
05 Open Doors     4:22
06 Spinning     3:34
07 Into The Blue     3:33
08 Wicked Game     3:11
09 I Can Feel It All     4:35
10 Wlcm     3:09
11 Nightime Watching     4:07
℗© 2017 Lydia Ainsworth under license to Arbutus Records
•→    Lydia Ainsworth / Emma DD     1
•→    Lydia Ainsworth     2, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11
•→    Lydia Ainsworth / Jon Asher     3, 7
•→    Chris Isaak     8
•→    Lydia Ainsworth Arranger, Composer, Piano, Producer, Programming, Synthesizer, Vocal Engineer, Vocals
•→    Jon Asher Composer, Vocal Producer
•→    Neil Chapman Bass, Guitar
•→    Emma DD Composer
•→    Lenny DeRose Bass, Drums, Mixing
•→    Davide Direnzo Drums, Percussion
•→    Paul Hodgson Cover Design
•→    Bryan Holt Strings
•→    Chris Isaak Composer
•→    Jim~E Stack Composer
•→    Chris Kasych Vocal Engineer
•→    Mark Kelso Drums
•→    David Krystal Producer
•→    Peter Letros Mastering
•→    Dajaun Martineau Bass, Drums, Editing, Mixing, Strings, Vocals
•→    Steph Park Strings
•→    Marc Rogers Bass
•→    Kyle Smith Programming
•→    Aysel Taghi~Zada Strings
•→    Tonje Thilesen Photography
•→    Jeff Wolpert Bass, DrumsFotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.Description:
•→√•→    “Jimi Hendrix said you need fantasy,” says Toronto’s Lydia Ainsworth, “to see reality more clearly.” On her sublime second album, Darling of the Afterglow, Ainsworth upholds Hendrix’s wisdom in the best way. Vividly imagined and richly felt, the follow~up to Ainsworth’s Juno~nominated Right from Real (2014) is an album of intimate emotions projected in heightened widescreen, where yearning pop classicism and classical smarts merge with other~worldly synthetic sounds and weird~gothic R&B influences.
•→√•→    For Ainsworth, it represents a great leap of confidence from her prodigious debut, whether she’s conjuring the crystalline harmonies and death’s~head rhythms of ‘The Road’, the lush earworm pop of ‘Ricochet’ or the small~hours reverie of ‘WLCM’. Blessed with an extraordinarily supple voice, Ainsworth commits herself fully on all fronts, honouring the words of ‘Afterglow’: “To play it safe is not to play at all.”
•→√•→    The haunting cover of Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game’ is a test~case; embracing its vocal challenges live, Ainsworth relished stepping outside her comfort zone. “I usually have to be out of my element to get that spark of inspiration,” she says. The album title itself came to her while she was out of her element, explains Ainsworth, living near LA’s Echo Park ~ home to the Art Deco statue ‘Nuestra Señora Reina de Los Angeles’ (Queen of the Angels). “Walking around the lake just after sunset at a time when I was desperate for human connection, I found comfort in this statue. She gave me the inspiration for the lyrics to the song. It was as if she was singing them to me.” Pass the message on: Darling of the Afterglow is a bold, beautiful album from a voice ready to be heard.
•→√•→    “Darling Of The Afterglow is a declaration that pop doesn’t have to be normal. It’s a declaration that channels the spirit that Kate Bush’s “Wuthering Heights” let loose in 1978. Here, it’s clear Ainsworth understands the importance of experimentation, building something familiar yet otherworldly.” — The Line Of Best Fit — 8/10Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.                                   © •→√•→ Lydia Ainsworth Photo credit: John Michael Fulton
AllMusic Review by Marcy Donelson;  Score: ★★★★
•→√•→    Art~electropop specialist Lydia Ainsworth made an impression in 2014 with her carefully crafted, stylized debut, Right from Real. Drawing on a variety of influences and incorporating layered vocal samples, acoustic strings, and murky electronic beats, it earned the former film~scoring major comparisons to artists spanning Grimes and, especially vocally, Kate Bush.
•→√•→    Following its lead, her follow~up, Darling of the Afterglow, seems to reach across the expanses with still bolder timbres and vocal performances. Instead of the acoustic drums and cello that greet listeners in the opening seconds of her debut, this album opens with forte, distorted electronic pulses, chimes, and processed piano with echoing delay before Ainsworth’s spacy, layered vocals enter. She recommits to the eerie soundscape that was a defining characteristic of Right from Real, and nowhere is that more evident than on her creepy transformed version of the album’s one cover, Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.” She takes the already haunting piece of guitar noir and turns it into a suspenseful piano dirge with verses in the low end of her range and processed backing vocals that, together, put new emphasis on the word “wicked.” Much of the rest of the album is danceable, though, if dark, carried by sparse grooves and Ainsworth’s lilting lead. Strings are less prevalent on this outing, used mostly alongside synths for increased drama on tunes like “Open Doors” and “Nighttime Watching,” an effective exercise in sound design that shuffles, taps, and soars. Elsewhere, a song like “I Can Feel It All” likewise fascinates with timbre but in the context of a funky~sexy seduction. Ainsworth’s ornate palette and attention to detail may not attract casual listeners, but those drawn to the icy yet vulnerable strangeness of acts like FKA twigs or certainly Ainsworth’s first album will find a rewarding set that expands with repeat plays.   •→√•→    http://www.allmusic.com/
Website: http://lydiaainsworth.com/
Bandcamp: https://lydia-ainsworth.bandcamp.com/album/darling-of-the-afterglow
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LYDIA_AINSW0RTH
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/lydia-ainsworth#_=_
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lydmusic
Label: http://arbutusrecords.com/
KONTAKT: # 300 — 6545 Durocher Ave, Montreal, QC, H2V 3Z4, CANADA

Lydia Ainsworth — Darling Of The Afterglow (March 31, 2017)



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