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Lykke Li — I Never Learn (2014)

 Lykke Li — I Never Learn (May 5, 2014)

SWE Flag                    Lykke Li — I Never Learn
♠   Swedish electro chanteuse who produces an idiosyncratic, stripped-down version of dance-pop.
♠   The singer has said that the record, which is due out May 6th, is the third LP in a trilogy.
Birth name: Li Lykke Timotej Svensson Zachrisson
Born: 18 March 1986 in Ystad, Sweden
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Album release: May 5, 2014
Record Label: LL RECORDINGS/Atlantic Records UK
Duration:     33:14 + bonusses
01. I Never Learn     3:06
02. No Rest for the Wicked     3:43
03. Just Like a Dream     4:09
04. Silverline     4:00
05. Gunshot     3:24
06. Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone     3:47
07. Never Gonna Love Again     4:01
08. Heart of Steel     4:05
09. Sleeping Alone     2:59
iTunes Store deluxe edition bonus tracks: 
10. "Gunshot" (acoustic) 
11. "I Never Learn" (video) 
12. "Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone" (video) 
13. "No Rest for the Wicked" (video)
♠   Lykke Li has been release new album I Never Learn on May 6. It's the followup to 2011's Wounded Rhymes.
♠   She considers the record the final piece in a triology that began with 2008's Youth Novels. Speaking about the record, she told NME, “I want to be seen as a singer-songwriter rather than a pop artist.”
♠   Li recorded the album with Björn Yttling and Greg Kurstin. The album is considered to be the final entry in a thematically-related trilogy that began with her first two albums. Li announced the album with a short film directed by Tarik Saleh and featuring actor Fares Fares, both of whom are frequent collaborators of hers. The first week of March, Li released a video for the track "Love Me Like I'm Not Made of Stone", also directed by Saleh. Time magazine's Melissa Locker wrote that the track was "heart-stoppingly stunning" and believed it was “a bare-knuckled thing of beauty.”   Heartrending and intimate, the song features Li's lush vocals front and center in the stripped down song. As the first taste of her new work, it bodes very well for the upcoming album".
♠   "No Rest for the Wicked" was released as the lead single on 19 March 2014.
In an interview with the NME on 17 January 2014, Li felt this album may establish her place in the music industry by stating:
♠   “It's always about me and the guilt and the shame and the hurt and the pride and the confusion of being a woman. I always feel like I've been slightly misunderstood. As a woman you get judged for appearances or things like that I don't really care about. If anything I want to be seen as a singer-songwriter rather than a pop artist. I really feel like I've found my voice.”
♠   Since Wounded Rhymes, Li has spent time engaging with the film world, acting in a Swedish crime thriller and collaborating with David Lynch.
♠   The Swedish indie pop artist Lykke Li Zachrisson (better known as Lykke Li) grabbed the attention of international bloggers in the early 2000s with a handful of catchy, retro-chic singles made available on her MySpace profile. Armed with sensuous, barely there vocals and backed up by a quirky, bass-heavy electro dance sound (courtesy of producer Björn Yttling of Peter Bjorn and John), Lykke Li released her debut EP, 2007's Little Bit, on her own fledgling LL Recordings label. The disc's title track went on to earn a good deal of buzz among not only indie pop-centric bloggers but in the mainstream Swedish music press as well. She made her first appearance on Swedish MTV that same year, and the video for "Little Bit" was nominated for Best Video at the Swedish Grammy Awards. She soon signed with Atlantic for worldwide distribution of the Little Bit EP and her first album, 2008's Youth Novels. The album proved an international success and Lykke Li increased her visibility through touring, a guest spot on Swedish producer Kleerup's debut album, and appearances on late-night television talk shows. In 2011, Lykke Li returned with her atmospheric and edgy sophomore effort, Wounded Rhymes, which won plenty of plaudits worldwide. She subsequently went on to tour across Europe and North America that year, and appeared at a selection of summer festivals in 2012, including Pukkelpop in Belgium and Helsinki's Flow Festival. In 2013, Lykke Li contributed to David Lynch's second album, The Big Dream, performing vocals on the lead single "I'm Waiting Here." That year she returned to the studio with long-term collaborator Björn Yttling, alongside Greg Kurstin (the Shins, Foster the People, Lily Allen) to record her third album, I Never Learn, which was expected in 2014.
By KORY GROW, FEBRUARY 27, 2014 5:50 PM
♠   Swedish indie-pop singer Lykke Li has used a lush, haunting soundtrack and video to announce the release of new album, I Never Learn, due out May 6th. After a few scenes of some white bell-bottomed legs walking barefoot through autumn leaves, Li's familiar alto fades in to sing beautiful melodies about fallen stars and phantom lovers over strummed acoustic guitars and, later, orchestral strings. Although the clip is just under three minutes, it features only a few minutes of melancholic music before fading out again.
♠   Li told NME last month that I Never Learn represents the third part in a trilogy that began with her debut, 2008's Youth Novels, and continued with 2011's Wounded Rhymes. She said that the album covers the "intense period" of being a 20-something female. "It's always about me and the guilt and the shame and the hurt and the pride and the confusion of being a woman," she said.
♠   She also said that she hoped people took her more seriously — or maybe even tried to understand her at all before jumping to conclusions — with I Never Learn than with her past releases. “I always feel like I've been slightly misunderstood,” she said. ♠   “As a woman you get judged for appearances or things like that I don't really care about. If anything I want to be seen as a singer-songwriter rather than a pop artist. I really feel like I've found my voice.” (http://www.rollingstone.com/)
Website: http://www.lykkeli.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/lykkelivideos
Twitter: https://twitter.com/LykkeLi
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lykkeli
Apr 24th '14 by T. Cole Rachel @ 1:45pm
:: http://www.stereogum.com/1677053/qa-lykke-li-on-finding-inspiration-in-heartbreak/franchises/interview/
— Youth Novels (2008)
— Wounded Rhymes (2011)
— I Never Learn (2014)

Lykke Li — I Never Learn (2014)




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