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Manu Codjia / Géraldine Laurent / Christophe Marguet — Looking for Parker (2013)

 Manu Codjia / Geraldine Laurent / Christophe Marguet — Looking for Parker (2013)

Manu Codjia / Géraldine Laurent / Christophe Marguet — Looking for Parker 
•»  Jazz saxophonist and composer Géraldine Laurent began her studies on piano but switched to saxophone around at 13.
Born: 1975 in Niort, France
•»  Marguet began playing drums as a child and at 15 was studying with Jacques Bonnardel in Drôme. He moved to Paris where he continued with his studies at the Dante Agostini School.
Born: May 14, 1965, Paris, France
Location: Paris, France
Genre: Avant-Garde, Jazz
Styles: Experimental
Album release: April 25, 2013
Recording date: November, 2012 — December, 2012
Record Label: Bee Jazz
Duration:     53:52
01 Moose the Mooche (Charlie Parker)     3:32  
02 Laura (David Raskin)     5:58  
03 Billie's Bounce (Charlie Parker)     3:54  
04 The Gipsy (Billy Reid)     2:42  
05 Shaw' Nuff (Dizzy Gillespie / Charlie Parker)     4:44  
06 April In Paris (Vernon Duke)     2:52  
07 Be-Bop (Dizzy Gillespie)     4:34  
08 Day Drums (Christophe Marguet)     1:33  
09 Night In Tunisia (Dizzy Gillespie / Frank Paparelli)     6:07  
10 Lover Man (Roger Ramirez / James Sherman)     5:52  
11 Red Cross (Charlie Parker)     5:02  
12 Out of Nowhere (Johnny Green / Edward Heyman)     2:14  
13 Hot House (Tadd Dameron)     4:48
•  Recorded and mixed by Boris Darley at Studio Mercredi9
•  Manu Codjia: guitar
•  Géraldine Laurent: alto saxophone
•  Christophe Marguet: drums © ★ Marguet-Codjia-Laurent ★ Olivier Acosta Citizen Jazz web
•  Claude Carrière  Liner Notes
•  Manu Codjia  Guitar
•  Tadd Dameron  Composer
•  Boris Darley  Engineer, Mixing
•  Vernon Duke  Composer
•  Mohamed Gastli  A&R, Executive Producer, Label Manager
•  Dizzy Gillespie  Composer
•  Johnny Green  Composer
•  Edward Heyman  Composer
•  Géraldine Laurent  Sax (Alto)
•  Alexandre Leforestier  Executive Producer
•  Christophe Marguet  Composer, Drums
•  Frank Paparelli  Composer
•  Charlie Parker  Composer
•  Roger Ramirez  Composer
•  David Raskin  Composer
•  Billy Reid  Composer
•  James Sherman  Composer
•  Jérôme Witz  Graphic Design
By JEFF DAYTON-JOHNSON, Published: June 11, 2013
•»  It’s very much a trio of equals that recorded Looking for Parker, but alto saxophonist Géraldine Laurent sometimes muscles her way out front. This is partly just the nature of the horn, and partly because she plays the same instrument as Charlie Parker, to whose music the record is dedicated. And most of all, Laurent, more than her band mates, clearly derives from the bebop lineage initiated by Parker.
•»  The record begins, almost literally, looking for Parker in the midst of an uneasy rock ‘n’ roll figure played by the guitar and drums; from this sonic material, Laurent emerges playing the familiar melody of  “Moose the Mooche.”  The performance signals that this is not to be a traditionalist revival of the music of the mercurial bebop genius.
•»  In general, the trio pretty much plays the themes straight, despite its adventurous approach to other elements of the compositions, and this underscores the resemblances — and the differences — between Laurent’s and Parker’s playing; on “A Night In Tunisia,” by the way, Laurent avoids Parker’s iconically famous, breathtaking alto break.
•»  Guitarist Manu Codjia is one of the freshest-sounding guitar players anywhere: he clearly owes a debt to Bill Frisell — evident on the crystalline “Out of Nowhere,” or in the dreamy opening of “April in Paris” — but also to Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. The guitarist’s role is crucial, as he stands in, variously, for the piano and bass on the old Parker quintet recordings. Sometimes he plays a more or less straight combination of the rhythm and harmony instruments of the originals, as on the marvelous “Hot House,” where his conservatism encourages particularly adventurous playing from drummer Christophe Marguet. Elsewhere, Codjia brings a harmonic language substantially less cluttered than the overcharged bebop chord progressions of the originals on the vaguely Caribbean- sounding “Billie’s Bounce” or the R&B-influenced bass line that underlies “Red Cross” — with, perhaps, Codjia’s most characteristic solo, which ultimately spirals into a lovely dance with Laurent.
•»  Marguet, meanwhile, is quite at home in free environments, but his drumming rocks, too; this is a combination of characteristics that he brings from his longstanding association with bassist Hélène Labarrière.
•»  Looking for Parker feels less coherent than Laurent’s tribute to Gigi Gryce, Around Gigi (Dreyfus, 2010 ). But this record is also more audacious, and the group’s identity takes form as the performance unfolds. There is every reason to believe that this group is just getting better. Furthermore, there are plenty more items in this songbook that this trio could adapt: “All The Things You Are,” “Donna Lee,” “Koko,” “Now’s The Time,” “Swedish Shnapps.” Let’s hope there’s a sequel — onstage, on record, or both.
•»  Personnel: Manu Codjia: guitar; Géraldine Laurent: alto saxophone; Christophe Marguet: drums.
Label: http://www.beejazz.com/en/album/looking-for-parker/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/beejazz-1/manu-codjia-geraldine-laurent
•»  “Because we are familiar with the magicians, and that we have seen them set-up their tricks, we immediately know that this will not be a typical tribute, a usual sepia reproduction of music created many years ago, to the gig bird who unfortunately disappeared prematurely. The improvisations recorded on vinyl by Parker are just a fleeting and partial testimony to his genius; in no case can they be considered his repertoire. They just allow us to take in the conscientiousness and grandeur of Charlie Parker’s greatness.  Not forgetting him and manifesting one’s recognition for everything he gave, he done, it is just being yourself. It is the main purpose and strength of “Looking for Parker”. Three great contemporary artists searching for him through the nostalgia of his timeless sound and music he either invented or left  his indelible mark on, Be-Bop themes or songs which thanks to Charlie Parker are still relevant. These takes reek of freshness, originality, enthusiasm, nerve and poetry! Well done and thank you! ”  —  Claude Carrière (Radio France)
Photo: Looking for Parker — La Fête de l'Humanité

Manu Codjia / Géraldine Laurent / Christophe Marguet — Looking for Parker (2013)




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