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Mark Lanegan Band

Phantom Radio

Mark Lanegan Band — Phantom Radio [October 21st, 2014]

Mark Lanegan Band — Phantom Radio

∑→   Už ve Floor Of The Ocean pozoruji (v úvodní Harvest Home jsem si to ještě neuvědomil), že používá arpeggiating kytary, rozvážně pomalu, přes chladnou synth podložku a do toho břitké bicí. V Judgement Time hned od počátku vzpomínky na dětství: taky jsem celé dny a roky hrával na harmonium Petrof a ten zvuk mi dodává rodinný pocit.
∑→   Takže co to vlastně je, čím dosahuje, že jeho pochmurné litanie vyzní tak přesvědčivě a zároveň zůstávají vždy povznášející? Zčásti je to spoluprací Lanegana s producentem Alainem Johannesem, z větší části však schopností vykouzlit a zprostředkovat duchovní podstatu písní. Na rozdíl od většiny gothic popu, Laneganovo umění není módní záležitostí, nebo řasenkou k prodloužení obočí: je to skutečný cri du cœur, a všichni, co mají ještě srdce, tuší, jak vzácné a krásné je v hudbě sát.
Location: Ellensburg, Washington ~ Los Angeles, California
Album release: October 21st, 2014
Record Label: Heavenly Recordings
Duration:     38:10
01. Harvest Home      3:17
02. Judgement Time      2:30
03. Floor Of The Ocean      4:52
04. The Killing Season      3:46
05. Seventh Day      4:52
06. I Am The Wolf      3:43
07. Torn Red Heart      4:01
08. Waltzing In Blue      3:15
09. The Wild People      3:07
10. Death Trip To Tulsa     4:47
℗ 2014 Heavenly Recordings under exclusive licence to [PIAS]
ANDY GILL; Friday 10 October 2014; Score: *****
∑→   Mark Lanegan Band, Phantom Radio, album review: Compelling, rare and beautiful
∑→   With a long, unbroken run of excellent recordings including collaborations with Queens of the Stone Age and Isobel Campbell, Mark Lanegan deserves elevation to the front rank of modern rock artists.
∑→   Phantom Radio may be the album to finally force that shift in public perception. If so, it’ll be all the more impressive for being achieved with no dilution of his signature worldview of soul–ravaged blues fatalism, Lanegan being one of the few undeniable auteurs still working in the medium.
∑→   “Harvest Home” sets out his stall, the singer “wandering the floors with the ghosts I have known”, while arpeggiating guitars plummet slowly over a chilly synth pad and trenchant drums. It’s a declaration of proud resignation, Lanegan “happy to be made of stone” in the face of dark memories. “Judgement Time” finds him “blistered, just a strung–out angel” as the gloomy drone of harmonium soundtracks his Biblical torment. Things never get much cheerier: the visions of apocalyptic horror in “The Killing Season” include “skeletal hands... on my throat”, while the spectral “Waltzing in Blue” is no less pessimistic:  “I work my way, hour by hour, down to decay.”
∑→   So what makes his grim litany so compelling, even uplifting? In part, it’s down to the arrangements Lanegan and producer Alain Johannes conjure to convey the spiritual essence of the songs — most effectively in  the sombre electro–pop chug of “Floor of the Ocean” and the courtly pop melancholy of “Torn Red Heart”, where the guitar and synth recall Joy Division’s “Atmosphere”, a precedent for Lanegan’s glorious darkness. And it’s also the way that his brooding baritone croon so vividly evokes his affinity for the fringes of society, as expressed in the plaintive “I Am the Wolf” (“...without a pack”). Unlike most gothic pop, Lanegan’s art is not a matter of fashion or mascara: it’s a genuine cri du coeur, as rare and beautiful as anything in music. :: http://www.independent.co.uk/         
∑→   "The Screaming Trees’ former vocalist has by now fairly firmly established himself as a kind of post–grunge/Americana Johnny Cash, with moody songs awash with tales of drug abuse, redemption and dark humour. There’s plenty of that here. “Black is my name,” he says, by way of introduction.
∑→   However, where 2012’s Blues Funeral allowed a hint of yer actual goth to creep into Mark Lanegan’s American gothic, here he indulges the post–punk and electronics he grew up with. His gravelly voice is accompanied by purring, New Orderish synthesisers; the superb Floor of the Ocean could be the Sisters of Mercy covering Joy Division’s New Dawn Fades. The subject matter (death, sin, the occasional hanging) is hardly any cheerier, but Torn Red Heart might be the most beautiful love song Lanegan has ever recorded. “I am the wolf without a pack,” he growls at one point, but this career highlight shouldn’t leave him short of followers. (source: http://www.theguardian.com)
In french: La version "Deluxe" est vendue avec l'EP "No Bells On Sunday", celui-ci vous a déjà été proposé sur ce blog, l'été dernier. Bien qu'ayant mis une pincée d'electro dans son rock, ça reste typiquement du Mark Lanegan!
Jan 15 Seapoint Galway, Ireland
Jan 16 Limelight Belfast, United Kingdom
Jan 17 Academy Dublin, Ireland
Jan 20 ABC Glasgow, United Kingdom
Jan 21 Riverside Newcastle, United Kingdom
Jan 22 Met Leeds, United Kingdom
Jan 23 Ritz Manchester, United Kingdom
Jan 26 Institute Birmingham, United Kingdom
Jan 27 Academy Bristol, United Kingdom
Jan 28 Shepherd’s Bush London, United Kingdom
Jan 29 Pyramids Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Jan 30 AB Brussels, Belgium
Jan 31 Gloria Cologne, Germany
Feb 02 Amager Bio Copenhagen, Denmark
Feb 03 Rockefeller Oslo, Norway
Feb 04 Strand Stockholm, Sweden
Feb 06 Circus Helsinki, Finland
Feb 08 Pustervik Gothenburg, Sweden
Feb 09 Train Aarhus, Denmark
Feb 11 Cross Linx Muziekgebouw Amsterdam, Netherlands
Feb 12 Cross Linx Muziekgebouw Eindhoven, Netherlands
Feb 13 Cross Linx De Doelen Rotterdam, Netherlands
Feb 14 Cross Linx De Oosterpoort Groningen, Netherlands
Feb 16 Uebel & Gefahrlich Hamburg, Germany
Feb 17 Postbahnhof Berlin, Germany
Feb 18 Pogresja Warsaw, Poland
Feb 19 Fabryka Krakow, Poland
Feb 20 Lucerna Music Bar Prague, Czech Republic
Feb 21 Freiheiz Munich, Germany
Feb 23 A38 Budapest, Hungary
Feb 24 Dom Oladine Belgrade, Serbia
Feb 25 MKC Skopje, Macedonia
Feb 26 Maximus Kotor, Montenegro
Feb 27 Lauba Zagreb, Croatia
Feb 28 Kino Siska Ljubljana, Slovenia
Mar 01 Scene Wien Vienna, Austria
Mar 03 Estragon Club Bologna, Italy
Mar 04 Orion Rome, Italy
Mar 05 Alcatraz Milan, Italy
Mar 06 Dynamo Zurich, Switzerland
Mar 07 L’Alhambra Paris, France
Mar 08 Le Krakatoa Club Bordeaux, France
Mar 10 SALA BIKINI Barcelona, Spain
Mar 11 Kafe Antzokia Bilbao, Spain
Mar 12 Joy Eslava Madrid, Spain
Mar 13 Hard Club Porto, Portugal
Mar 14 Armazen F Lisbon, Portugal
Website: http://marklanegan.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/marklanegan
Twitter: https://twitter.com/marklanegan
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/marklaneganofficial
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MarkLanegan

Mark Lanegan Band

Phantom Radio




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