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Mark Pritchard — Under the Sun (Friday 13 May, 2016)

Mark Pritchard — Under the Sun (Friday 13 May, 2016)

  Mark Pritchard — Under the Sun (Friday 13 May, 2016)Mark Pritchard — Under the Sun (Friday 13 May, 2016)•   Jsou zde drahokamy v podobě zpěvu Lindy Perhacs v písni “You Wash My Soul”, Thom Yorke pomáhá písni “Beautiful People” a zpěvu formace Bibio [Stephen James Wilkinson] v písni “Give It Your Choir”. Navíc Beans.
•   Pritchard first released solo material under his birth name with 2009’s The Hologram on Ho–Hum Records. Following releases on Hyperdub and Deep Medi Musik, he is currently signed to Warp Records, through which he released a trilogy of EP’s exploring styles such as footwork and jungle in 2013.Birth name: Mark Pritchard
Also known as: Harmonic 313, Reload, Troubleman, Link, Harmonic 33, N.Y. Connection
Born: 15 April 1971, Crewkerne, Somerset, England
Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Genre: Electronic/Trippy/Elegiac
Album release: Friday 13 May, 2016
Record Label: Warp Records
Duration:     67:29
01 ?     6:04
02 Give It Your Choir (feat. Bibio)     4:26
03 Infrared     2:40
04 Falling     3:17
05 Beautiful People (feat. Thom Yorke)     6:02
06 Where Do They Go, The Butterflies     3:26
07 Sad Alron     2:37
08 You Wash My Soul (feat. Linda Perhacs)     5:29
09 Cycles Of 9     4:01
10 Hi Red     1:28
11 Ems     8:20
12 The Blinds Cage (feat. Beans)     5:03
13 Dawn Of The North     1:34
14 Khufu     3:23
15 Rebel Angels     3:08
16 Under The Sun     6:31
℗ 2016 Warp Records
•   On the stream, Mark says: “I know, I know, it’s a big ask in these current times of everyone being busy! But, if you get a spare 67 mins please press play and let it run. I designed this to work as a whole experience, hoping that if people are in the right mood, free from distractions, the music will take you somewhere else. Yes, this could be said of any album, why this one in particular Mark? Well, it’s just a reminder really and something that I need to remind myself of sometimes. I hope you enjoy it.”
•   Beans Composer, Featured Artist, Orator
•   Bibio Featured Artist, Vocals
•   David Brinkworth Assistant Engineer
•   John Dent Mastering
•   Nigel Godrich Additional Production
•   Kirsty Hawkshaw Vocals (Background)
•   Peter Hollo Cello
•   Fernando Perdomo Vocal Engineer
•   Linda Perhacs Composer, Featured Artist, Vocals
•   Alex Pilkington Engineer, Fender Rhodes, Guitar, Mixing, Piano, Producer
•   Mark Pritchard Composer, Engineer, Mixing, Percussion, Producer
•   Josh Wermut Engineer, Percussion, Vocal Producer
•   Stephen Wilkinson Composer, Vocals
•   Thom Yorke Additional Production, Composer, Featured Artist, Vocals
•   Jonathan Zawada Design
•   “Effortlessly Classic” — DJ Mag, 9/10
•   “Beautiful Melancholic downtempo from masterful Electronic polyglot” — Mojo, ★★★★
•   “Enchanting folk soaked electronica” — Uncut, 8/10
•   “Melodic Masterpiece” — Esquire
Editors’ Notes
•   On Under the Sun, abstract techno mastermind Mark Pritchard steps off the dance floor and into a free–floating ambient excursion. In place of the almighty beat are acoustic flourishes, musique concrète–style experiments and synth–driven textures, often assisted with some heavenly voices. “Infrared” is ragged and noisy industrial, whilst “Falling” finds Pritchard noodling up and down the scale with warped organ tones. But the gems here are folk singer Linda Perhacs’ haunting vocals on the lush “You Wash My Soul”, and “Beautiful People”, on which Thom Yorke is equally gentle and soulful over a lo–fi Latin beat.
AllMusic Review by Andy Kellman;  Score: ★★★★
•   Discerning an aesthetic thread through the Mark Pritchard discography was tough in 1996. Twenty years later, forget it. Around 2013, he evidently tired of thinking up a new alias with each expectation–confounding release and, under his birth name, initiated a trio of brief releases for the Warp label. Featuring drop–ins from Ragga Twins and Spikey Tee, the fully energized EPs moved through jungle, bass, juke, ragga, and grime. They provided no indication for the approach taken on Under the Sun, itself a stylistic manifold. The album begins with “?,” a sorrowful and moving ambient piece. Given a low–key release in 2009, the track has been used by Mala to open DJ sets, and it serves a similarly cleansing purpose for its new home here, leading to a rolling Krautrock chorale that features the baleful, multi–tracked voice of Bibio. It’s followed by a nocturnal speeding anthem, all pounding and scuttling drums, vibrating drones, and stern direction to “switch to infrared,” and a weightless, slightly uneasy track with some robotic harmonizing. That covers only the first quarter. What follows is mostly beatless, with the tracks ranging from 90 seconds to eight minutes in length. They’re highlighted by the flittering “Where Do They Go, The Butterflies,” the gorgeous “Sad Alron,” and “Rebel Angels,” where buried bass probing and a racing melody play out like a set–up for thunderous breakbeat science but disintegrate. The handful of additional tracks with vocals are spread throughout. Thom Yorke in misshapen form adds hazy dread to a lulling machine ballad. Cult folk hero Linda Perhacs delivers a spooked ballad from the edge of a dune. For Beans’ nightmarish spoken narrative, Pritchard makes like a member of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop with intensifying patterns of organ filigrees and electronics that blip and swarm. The somewhat fragmented yet totally spellbinding sequence ends with the title track, a subwoofer workout built around a loop of — what else? — Julie Andrews’ recitation of a 1765 nursery rhyme.
Website: http://markprtchrd.com/
Label: http://warp.net/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/markprtchrd
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/markprtchrd
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/markprtchrd

Mark Pritchard — Under the Sun (Friday 13 May, 2016)



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