Martin Barre — Away With Words                      Martin Barre — Away With Words
♦   Martin’s guitar playing has earned him a high level of respect and recognition; he was voted 25th best solo ever in the USA and 20th best solo ever in the UK for his playing on ‘Aqualung’. His playing on the album ‘Crest of a Knave’ earned him a Grammy award in 1989.
Birth name: Martin Lancelot Barre
Born: 17 November 1946, Kings Heath, Birmingham, West Midlands, England
Genres: Progressive rock, folk rock, hard rock
Location: UK
Album release: 26 Oct. 2018
Record Label: Cleopatra Records
Duration:     42:54
01.  First Light/Moths
02.  It’s My Round
03.  One Brown Mouse/Fatcat
04.  All Bars Hold
05.  Air: Lament Of the Spalpeen/Martin’s Jig/Hymn
06.  Pussy Willow
07.  Snapshot/Paparazzi
08.  Long Ago/Home
09.  Fire At Midnight/From The Ashes
10. Protect & Survive
11. Spare A Thought/From A Dead Beat To An Old Greaser
12. Sundown
♦   Jethro Tull guitarist Martin Barre released his fourth solo album AWAY WITH WORDS, through RSK’s new label, Edifying Records on 30th September. The record features new arrangements of Tull material together with some brand new compositions by Barre. Having been tipped off about his faultless performance at London’s Borderline we felt it was high time we showcased his excellent new release.
♦   With the seminal prog outfit still on indefinite hiatus, Martin Barre brings back to life some of Jethro Tull’s classics but also less known gems, with the invaluable help of engineer James Bragg. The track list features Requiem, From a Deadbeat to an Old Greaser, Moths, Home and Fire at Midnight amongst others.
♦    “Re~arranging and representing the Tull songs featured on this album became a very pleasant and rewarding task. These lesser known songs have always been amongst my favourite pieces of music and reworking them brought back many good memories” — he confides enthusiastically. Talking about his new compositions included in the album, he says “I have written the rest of the music, hopefully with sympathy and taste. Composing and re~arranging is my passion.  Bringing together the many acoustic instruments was a delight for me, but of course the electric guitar couldn’t be totally left out of the picture!”  He goes on to say “This album is a fusion of my writing blended together with Ian (Anderson’s) in a continual movement of music.”  
♦    On Away With Words, multi~talented Barre plays Acoustic/Classic/Electric Guitars, Bouzouki, Mandolin, Bass, Flute & Bass Clarinet, with Dan Crisp taking care of vocals. Completing the line up are Frank Mead on Blackwood Flute, Whistles, Bodhran and Blues Harp, Jonathan Noyce on bass and George Lindsay on drums & percussion.
♦  (UK folk and Americana music website)
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