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Megan Wyler — Through The Noise [2013]

 Megan Wyler — Through The Noise [2013]

Megan Wyler — Through The Noise
•   Really it's all about the voice here, and Megan Wyler's voice is as pure and pretty as any you're likely to hear all year. Not affected in any way, this is the real deal and is stunningly note perfect and entirely captivating. We have our finger and toes crossed, because if a voice of this quality failed to find success it would be a major loss.
•   An honest and heart-rending tale of shattered promises and a once blossoming love, crumbling to pieces.
Sounds like: Vashti Bunyan, Stars, Cat Power
Location: Denver, Colorado ~ New York ~ London, UK
Album release: June 2013
Record Label: Nowever Records
Duration:     39:37
01. The Fool      (4:08)
02. Through The Noise      (3:43)
03. Can't Sleep      (4:14)
04. Everyman      (5:48)
05. Know You Know      (3:42)
06. I'm Sorry      (4:09)
07. The Fraying      (3:59)
08. Drown      (3:14)
09. Kelebek      (3:26)
10. Zither      (3:14)
•   "A lot of the songs are about change and movement" she reflected recently. •   "A lot are about loss and betrayal and love — and most of those things aren't what I was going through personally, but rather the mood coming out of me at the time.”
RingMaster 23/09/2013;  Rating: 8.5/10
•   Following on from her first two successful and acclaimed singles, London based indie folk artist Megan Wyler unveils the massive enchantment of Through The Noise, her debut album. Consisting of ten elegant and evocative caresses, the release is a musically absorbing and lyrically captivating kiss upon the senses and imagination. One which leaves feelings and thoughts alive and contemplating the suggestive and reflective power of the songs and their passionate presentation.
•   The Nowever Records released Through the Noise comes closely behind the singles The Fraying, which also received an eagerly consumed dark dance floor remix courtesy of electronic legend Matthew Herbert, and the album title track before it. Devoured keenly by fans and media, Wyler gained the prestigious ‘Artist of the Month’ slot on the world’s largest folk music website, Folk Radio as well as intense media coverage, which the album can only increase upon. Through The Noise like the singles was recorded with multi-instrumentalist producer Adem Ilhan. Contributing also to the playing and also the writer of The Fraying from the release, Ilhan brings a subtle and understanding production to the songs on the album which ignites their raw beauty and breath into an enthralling and magnetic presence upon the senses. It is an organic touch to heart bred instinctive music and lyrical embraces which only deepens their textures and success.
Opening song The Fool immediately enslaves the ear and thoughts, the golden tones of Wyler a fresh gentle breeze upon the emerging guitar bred ambience with acoustic strokes to the fore. The atmosphere of the song tingles to the touch, spreading its seductive and rising intensity through the sirenesque harmonies which Wyler soars the sky of the song with. The track is a delicious introduction to the album, the sounds of a busy world and mind adding whispers within the ever growing transfixing cloud of sound and warmth which makes an eager invitation.
•   The immense start is instantly repeated through the title track, slow dramatic keys stirring the air with evocative prods before Wyler once again brings rays of vocal heat to the banjo and key designed sunset. The sultry climate of the song and an undefined familiarity to the track only adds to its allure and stunning effect. The smouldering persuasion of the single is elevated and intensified in Can’t Sleep, a lullaby of melodic and emotive seduction which again holds a recognisable yet impossible to pin down tonic for the passions. A slow wrap around the listener, the song is the fuse to another elevation of rapture and potency of the album.
•   Both Everyman and Know You Know take emotions and imagination on a fruitful stroll through provocative scenery, the first with a shadow toned lilt to the guitars and tantalising tangy enterprise to vocals and melodies whilst its successor is a sandy floored wander through an inspired personal narrative of reflection brought with melancholic grandeur by the strings of Vincent Sipprell and Emma Smith. Both are magnets to the senses if without finding the riches of ardour earlier songs reaped, though those depths are soon explored again by the stunning I’m Sorry. Double bass drama adds further emotional shadows to the melodic consumption of the ear, the song another with moments of clear familiarity whilst creating a scintillating web and wind of stimulating beauty; guitar and vocals the lead to a flame of creative magnificence and an emotional musical tempest.
•   From this point the album seems to lose some of its potency, though each subsequent track starting with The Fraying are certainly impressively crafted and impeccably presented before the continuing to be happily satisfied appetite. A duet between Wyler and Ilhan with an acoustic wrap, the track is an appealing incitement but lacks the spark of previous songs, which considering its acclaim and success as a single shows the heights of the album.
•   Drown and Kelebek also fall short of finding that trigger, the ignition for the passions to emulate what emerges as the stronger first half of the album. It is all down to the individual though, every listener undoubtedly going to discover personal favourites and preferences whilst agreeing that from start to finish each and every song is a tonic for the ear. Zither brings the album to a close, the song a final intense whisper for the heart cementing everything about the songwriting and Wyler which is poetically spellbinding and impressive. Through The Noise is quite simply a beautiful album, a smouldering sun to enhance and explore every day with charm and evocative vision. (http://ringmasterreviewintroduces.wordpress.com/)
In french:
•   Du folk dépouillé et assez intimiste mais délicat et élégant avec une tres jolie voix en plus, c'est son premier album. A découvrir.
Website: http://www.meganwyler.com
MySpace: https://myspace.com/meganwyler
Twitter: https://twitter.com/meganwyler
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Megan-Wyler/292367814214699?fref=ts
Megan Wyler: Through the Noise
Artist Margaret Salmon Directs the Rising Folk Singer in an Ode to Avant-Garde Filmmaking
•   Layers of abstract imagery reference the interwar heyday of experimental filmmaking in the video for Megan Wyler’s “Through the Noise,” directed by UK-based American artist Margaret Salmon. Taken from Wyler’s debut album of the same name produced by maverick British folk producer Adem Ilhan, the song was co-written with composer and producer Peter Raeburn, who has scored multiple features by Jonathan Glazer and Lars von Trier. It reflects, says Wyler, “the moment when a relationship is fractured and there’s an inability to see or hear each other — but then somehow, if you’re lucky, a crack appears and you can find your way back.” •   Salmon has exhibited at the Hong Kong Museum of Art, the Berlin Biennale and the Whitechapel Gallery in London, and has previously worked with British experimentalist and Björk collaborator Matthew Herbert. “I was struck by the tense, complex simplicity of the song,” she says, “and by the refined femininity of the vocals and lyrics, which seem both fragile and empowered.” Colorado-born Wyler sent Salmon clips of works by Man Ray and Maya Deren as references, while the artist channeled the layered montage work of the French photographer Maurice Tabard, using a hand-cranked Bolex H16 and various Swiss-made, vintage Kern lenses. “I’m a devotee of all moving image but I adore film,” she says. “I find it exciting and precious and limited and expansive all at once.”  (http://www.nowness.com/)

Megan Wyler — Through The Noise [2013]




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