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Melody Gardot — The Absence (2012)

Melody Gardot —  The Absence

Born: in New Jersey (February 2nd, 1985)
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
Album release: May 25 (Decca) / May 28 (Verve), 2012
Record Label: Decca / Verve
Runtime:    57:29
01. Mira     4:14
02. Amalia     3:01 (Phil Roy, Gardot, Heitor Pereira) 
03. So Long     3:47
04. So We Meet Again My Heartache     4:25
05. Lisboa     5:25
06. Impossible Love     3:47
07. If I Tell You I Love You I'm Lying     3:33
08. Goodbye     3:39  (Jesse Harris, Gardot)
09. Se Você Me Ama     4:53 (Gardot, Pereira)
10. My Heart Won't Have It Any Other Way     2:35
11. Iemanja     18:13 (contains hidden track "Chegue Journeyman")        /// iTunes edition: 
11. "Iemanja"      4:03
12. "La Vie en rose"       5:17
13. "Mira" (Hamilton & Yamandu Acoustic Version)    5:09
14. "Iemanja" (Hamilton & Yamundu Acoustic Version)    2:23
15. "The Absence — Track by Track Commentary"      24:57                          /// Deluxe edition bonus DVD:
01. "Mira" (Hamilton & Yamandu Acoustic Version)    5:09
02. "Iemanja" (Hamilton & Yamundu Acoustic Version)    2:23
03. "La vie en rose"      5:17
04. "La vie en rose" (Making Of)    4:00
05. "The Absence by Melody Gardot" (EPK Film)    21:00  

Decca © Copyright 2012 Universal Music Ltd. All Rights Reserved
• Nico Abondolo  Bass
Alfie Silas–Durio  Vocals (Background)
Christopher Appleton  Hair Stylist
Paco Arroyo  Percussion
Yolanda Arroyo  Percussion
Glenn Barratt  Assistant Engineer, Engineer
Moogie Canázio  Engineer, Mixing
Bill Cantos  Vocals (Background)
Roque Cozzette  Make–Up
Paulinho Da Costa  Percussion
Brian Dembrow  Viola
Andrew Duckles  Viola
Erika Duke–Kirkpatrick  Cello
Bruce Dukov  Violin
Steve Erdody  Cello
Peter Erskine  Drums
Sam Feldman  Management
Fabrizio Ferri  Photography
Marlow Fisher  Viola
Ramon Flores  Trumpet
Matthew Funes  Viola
Melody Gardot  Piano, Primary Artist, Vocals
Steve Genewick  Assistant
Julia Ann Gigante  Violin
Nick Glennie–Smith  Conductor
Larry Goldings  Melodica, Piano
Keith Greene  Viola
Bernie Grundman  Mastering
Tamara Hatwan  Violin
Dan Higgins  Clarinet, Clarinet (Bass), Flute, Flute (Alto)
Paula Hochhalter  Cello
Dennis Karmazyn  Cello
Roland Kato  Viola
Jim Keltner  Drums
Ron Kerber  Clarinet
Harry Kim  Trumpet
Christian Kollgaard  Bass
Armen Ksajikan  Cello
John Leftwich  Bass
Mary Levitan  Management
Philip Levy  Violin
Jovite De Leymarie  Artwork, Design
Andrew Lippman  Trombone
Steve Macklam  Management
Bill Maxwell  Vocals (Background)
Darrin McCann  Viola
Ladd McIntosh  Orchestration
Serena McKinney  Violin
Jeremy Miller  Assistant Engineer
Helen Nightengale  Violin
Vanessa Par  Assistant Engineer
Alyssa Park  Violin
Jessica Pearlman  Oboe
Heitor Pereira  Arranger, Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Producer, Vocals
Katia Popov  Violin
Louis Price  Vocals (Background)
Phil Roy  Vocals (Background)
Marco Ruiz  Assistant
Al Schmitt  Mixing
Andrew Shulman  Cello
Ivy Skoff  Contractor
Scott Smith  Assistant Engineer
Christina Soule  Cello
Tereza Stanislav  Violin
Lisa Sutton  Violin
Sarah Thornblade  Violin
Martin Tillman  Cello
Coco Trivisonno  Bandoneon
Cecilia Tsan  Cello
Jo Ann Turovsky  Harp
Michael Valerio  Bass
Tata Vega  Vocals (Background)
Dave Walther  Viola
Doug Webb  Slide Saxophone
Booker White  Copyist
Roger Wilkie  Violin
Ali Witherspoon  Vocals (Background)
Sebastian Zuleta  Engineer
Website: http://melodygardot.com/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/melodygardot#!Melody Gardot live at the Admiralspalast in Berlin September 24, 2010 / Author: Stefanie Meynberg 
"Gardot's dusky voice smoulders"  — Daily Telegraph
"She's a natural, as well as an 'au naturel', talent"  — The Times
"Invitation au plaisir"  — Télérama.fr
"Essential listening"  Sunday Times Culture
Review  by Matt Collar
 If Melody Gardot's 2009 sophomore effort, My One and Only Thrill, sustained the sultry, atmospheric vibe of her critically acclaimed 2006 debut, her 2012 follow–up, The Absence, is a bit of a creative departure for the vocalist. Apparently inspired by her world travels, and specifically by a trip that brought her to the desert around the city of Marrakech, the album moves her away from smoky, small–group jazz and into a bright, if still bedroom–eyed, rhythmically exotic sound. Produced by guitarist/composer Heitor Pereira, the album is a lush, somewhat orchestral album that finds Gardot delving into various Brazilian, Spanish, and African–influenced sounds — including bits of samba, tango, bossa nova, and calypso — that evince her global journey. However, rather than simply making a standards album, Gardot continues her all–original approach, offering up new literate and passionately delivered compositions that bring to mind the work of such similarly inclined artists as Antonio Carlos Jobim, Paul Simon, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, and others. Although there are a few name musicians who help add spice to Gardot's musical caravan here, including percussionist Paulinho Da Costa, drummer Peter Erskine, and bassist John Leftwich, primarily it is still Gardot's burnished and yearning vocal style that takes the helm on these tracks.

The Absence: hearts will grow fonder
Effortlessly classy Philly singer Melody Gardot spent time in the deserts of Morocco, the tango bars of Buenos Aires, and the streets of Lisbon as she was dreaming up this sun–kissed reverie of an album. Travel has sure broadened her horizons as songs like Mira blossom with agile Spanish guitar, harp, the thrum of double bass and a sizzling bossa nova sound. There are delicate touches everywhere — Amalia ends in birdsong, Lisboa shivers with chimes and piano, and when she does vamp it up on Goodbye it's to the sound of lewd New Orleans jazz. Acoustic guitar, flutes, strings clarinet, harmonica and castanet create the mood of lazy days and warm, perfumed nights and Gardot's come–to–bed voice slinks like a cat in and out of the languid arrangements.     It's sweet, restrained and sometimes mannered but you will keep thinking she's going to break into The Girl from Ipanema at any moment. Which is always a very good thing.
Alan Corr  (http://www.rte.ie) Wednesday 30 May 2012 
Biography by Michael G. Nastos
The story of vocalist Melody Gardot is as remarkable as any who perseveres against abject adversity. Born in New Jersey in 1985, she took up piano and played as a youngster on the nightclub scene of Philadelphia, influenced by jazz, folk, rock, and pop music. At age 19 she was a fashion student at the Community College of Philadelphia.  But, on a fateful day, while riding her bicycle, the driver of a Jeep made an illegal turn, hurdling into Gardot and leaving her in the street for dead. As she lay hospitalized for months with multiple head injuries and pelvic fractures, her love for music was the best therapy she could receive. While in her hospital bed, she wrote and recorded songs that would become the EP Some Lessons. Upon her eventual release from intensive care, Gardot found the strength and determination to further her career as an artist. Blessed with a beautiful voice and grand insight as a songwriter, her cognitive powers slowly but surely became pronounced, leading to the independent recording and release of her debut CD, Worrisome Heart, which was reissued in 2007 by the Verve label. Her music could be described as a cross between Laura Nyro, Joni Mitchell, Eva Cassidy, and Shania Twain, but goes deeper than mere pop convention. Gardot is hypersensitive to light and noise, thus she wears dark glasses, and uses a cane to walk.  On–stage she requires a special seating unit, and wears a Transcutaneous Electro-Nerve Stimulator, a TENS device, to assist in alleviating her neuralgic muscle pain. As amazing as her story is, what is more evident is that she possesses a blue style and persona that reflect not only her afflictions, but conversely the hope and joy of making personalized music that marks her as an individual and original. Though touring is difficult, she has been performing in major cities on the East Coast to support her recordings. In 2009, working with producer Larry Klein and arranger Vince Mendoza — both known for their work with Joni Mitchell — Gardot followed up her Verve debut with My One and Only Thrill. Gardot returned in 2012 with her third studio album, The Absence, featuring production from guitarist/composer Heitor Pereira.
Billboard Albums:
Year /  Album /  Chart /  Peak
2012 The Absence  Jazz Albums   ≠1
2012 The Absence  The Billboard 200   33
2012 The Absence  Top Canadian Albums   17
2012 The Absence (EP)  Jazz Albums   8
2010 iTunes Live From SoHo (EP)  Jazz Albums   2
2010 MY ONE AND ONLY THRILL  Germany Albums 
2010 My One And Only Thrill  Top Digital Albums   7
2010 Worrisome Heart  European Top 100 Albums 
2010 WORRISOME HEART  France Albums 
2010 Worrisome Heart  Top Pop Catalog   23
2009 iTunes Live From SoHo (EP)  Top Jazz Albums   2
2009 My One And Only Thrill  European Top 100 Albums 
2009 My One And Only Thrill  Jazz Albums   2
2009 My One And Only Thrill  The Billboard 200   42
2009 My One And Only Thrill  Top Internet Albums   42
2009 My One And Only Thrill  Top Jazz Albums   2
2008 Worrisome Heart  The Billboard 200   80
2008 Worrisome Heart  Top Heatseekers   4
2008 Worrisome Heart  Top Internet Albums   172
2008 Worrisome Heart  Top Jazz Albums   2

Bilder von Melody GardotBilder von Melody GardotBilder von Melody GardotBilder von Melody GardotBilder von Melody GardotBilder von Melody GardotBilder von Melody GardotBilder von Melody GardotBilder von Melody GardotBilder von Melody GardotMy Photos by Melody GardotMelody GardotMelody Gardot   © Photos: Shervin Lainez

Bilder von Melody GardotBilder von Melody GardotBilder von Melody Gardot Charts:

Chart (2012) Peak
Australian Albums Chart 43
Austrian Albums Chart 10
Belgian Albums Chart (Flanders) 8
Belgian Albums Chart (Wallonia) 3
Canadian Albums Chart 17
Croatian Albums Chart 34
Danish Albums Chart 14
Dutch Albums Chart 16
Finnish Albums Chart 18
French Albums Chart 3
German Albums Chart 9
Greek Albums Chart 6
Irish Albums Chart 22
Italian Albums Chart 42
Japanese Albums Chart 22
New Zealand Albums Chart 38
Norwegian Albums Chart 1
Polish Albums Chart 13
Portuguese Albums Chart 14
Scottish Albums Chart 23
Spanish Albums Chart 41
Swedish Albums Chart 3
Swiss Albums Chart 10
UK Albums Chart 18
US Billboard 200 33
US Jazz Albums 1

Bilder von Melody GardotBilder von Melody Gardot

Melody Gardot — The Absence (2012)





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