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Mike Scott
Bring 'Em All In

Mike Scott — Bring 'Em All In (1995)

Ireland                         Mike Scott — Bring 'Em All In
Birth name: Michael Scott
Born: 14 December 1958, Edinburgh, Scotland
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Instruments: Vocals, Guitar, Piano, drums, Hammond organ, Bouzouki
Album release: 1995
Recorded: Findhorn Foundation
Record Label: Chrysalis
Duration:     43:24
01. Bring 'em all in      3:59
02. Iona Song      2:48
03. Edinburgh Castle      4:37
04. What do You want me to do?      3:06
05. I know she's in the Building      3:17
06. City Full of Ghosts (Dublin)      2:47
07. Wonderful Disguise      3:33
08. Sensitive Children      2:41
09. Learning to Love him      1:39
10. She is so Beautiful      4:06
11. Wonderful Disguise (Reprise)      0:30
12. Long Way to the Light      6:32
13. Building the City of Light      3:50
¬  Niko Bolas Engineer, Mixing, Photography, Producer
¬  Greg Calbi Mastering
¬  Stefano Giovannini Photography
¬  Jeff Mitchell Photography
¬  Mike Scott Composer, Cover Art Concept, Guitar, Mastering, Multi Instruments, Photography, Producer, Vocals
Review by Richie Unterberger, Score: ****
Ξ   Scott's always been one to wear his heart on his sleeve, and has perhaps never done so to a greater extent than on his debut solo effort. Fans might not appreciate the comparison, but he sometimes sounds like a far rawer and surlier Al Stewart on these folkish, acoustic guitar–dominated ruminations; shadows of Dylan and Van Morrison, which have never been far from his work, continue to lurk here. Perhaps his most soul–baring release ("Long Way to the Light" is a virtual travelog of The Waterboys' demise and the birth of Scott's solo career), though not necessarily his best, or one that's too likely to win over converts to his devoted fan base.
Artist Biography by Richie Unterberger
Ξ   Bring 'Em All In Although ex–Waterboys singer/songwriter Mike Scott didn't make his proper solo debut until 1995's Bring 'Em All In, he'd actually already made a solo album of sorts on the final release to bear the Waterboys billing, 1993's Dream Harder, which Scott recorded in New York with session musicians. Following the release of Dream Harder, Scott decided to leave New York (where he had been based for much of the 1990s) and relocated to Scotland, where he embarked on a lengthy stay at the Findhorn Foundation spiritual community. Bring 'Em All In was directly inspired by his experiences there, and in fact was recorded (with the help of Niko Bolas) at a 24–track studio that Scott set up beneath the community's theater. Ξ   Marking a return to Celtic folk influences after the much harder–rocking Dream Harder, Scott played all of the instruments on the acoustic–dominated album, which may rank as his most nakedly personal work. Still Burning followed in 1997. :: http://www.allmusic.com/
Ξ   Mike Scott may sound like a new name to many, but he has been around for quite some time, leading the Waterboys for more than 10 years. He dissolved the band in '93 and relocated from Manhattan to Scotland. His journeys through the world, finally having found the right place, are a major topic in the lyrics of his first solo album Bring 'Em All In, mainly in the key track "Long Way To The Light" (with the great line "but if you wanna give God a laugh, tell him your plans").
Ξ   This is a very personal, intimate and passionate record, not only in the poetic lyrics, but also from the musical point of view. He plays all instruments himself, and recorded it on simple equipment. The production is almost too low–fi, with partly audible tape noise, but it ensures that the music goes straight to the heart. The main elements are his vocals and the acoustic guitar, spiced with some keyboards and electric guitars. Not only the occasional harmonica revokes memories of Bob Dylan, if you imagine Dylan having a much better voice and the energy that he lost long ago. Ξ   And what a fine songwriter Mike Scott is! The spectrum goes from "She Is So Beautiful", a classic ballad that belongs on every list of greatest love songs, to the upbeat, groovy "Building The City Of Light".
Ξ   Mike Scott shows once more that folky singer/songwriters are not a thing of the past. Good music is not a question of following current trends; this album has the quality that it takes to stand the test of time. And if you are more into harder stuff, it still makes a wonderful Christmas present for your beloved ones.

Mike Scott
Bring 'Em All In




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