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Mose Allison Blues et jazz à la fois (2000)

Mose Allison ↑ Blues et Jazz à La Fois (2000)

 Mose Allison Blues et jazz à la fois (2000)
Birth name: Mose John Allison, Jr.
Born: November 11, 1927, Tippo, Tallahatchie County, Mississippi, United States
Instruments: Piano, vocals, trumpet
Years active: 1956 – present
Location: New York, New York, USA
Genre: Blues / Jazz
Album release: 2000
Record Label: Warner Music / 9548-39188-2
Duration:     64:59
01. Parchman farm      [3:20]
02. The senenth son      [2:37]
03. Blueberry hill      [2:58]
04. Devil in the cane field      [4:04]
05. Your mind is on vacation      [2:38]
06. Mule      [3:57]
07. Trouble in mind      [3:18]
08. Foolkiller      [2:27]
09. Do nothin' till you hear from me      [3:14]
10. Creek bank      [4:38]
11. Rollin' stone      [3:01]
12. Promenade      [4:12]
13. Your molecular structure      [2:11]
14. Groovin' high      [5:43]
15. One of these days      [4:37]
16. Stroll      [3:59]
17. Moon and cypress      [4:04]
18. I hadn't anyone till you      [2:35]
19. Young man's blues      [1:25]
Website: http://moseallison.com/
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/moseallisonofficial
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Mose-Allison/225209296984
♦  Mose Allison is an American jazz & blues pianist, singer and songwriter, whose songs have been covered by Georgie Fame, John Mayall, Van Morrison, Bonnie Raitt, The Rolling Stones, Leon Russell, Tom Waits, The Who, and many others.
Early Years:
♦  Mose John Allison, Jr. was born on his grandfather’s farm near the village of Tippo, in Tallahatchie County, in the Mississippi Delta.  At age 5 he discovered he could play the piano by ear and began "picking out" blues and boogie tunes he heard on the local jukebox.  In high school he listened to the music of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Erroll Garner, Louis Jordan, Fats Waller and his prime inspiration, Nat Cole of the King Cole Trio.  He played trumpet in the marching and dance bands and started writing his own songs.
♦  Allison spent a year at the University of Mississippi, then in 1946 enlisted in the U.S. Army for two years, playing in the Army Band in Colorado Springs and performing with accomplished musicians from around the country in small groups at NCO and Officer’s clubs.  Following his discharge, he returned to the University of Mississippi, where he joined the dance band as arranger, and piano and trumpet player, but shortly left to form his own trio.
♦  After a year on the road, Mose Allison married, returned to college at Louisiana State University and graduated in 1952 with a BA in English and Philosophy.  He worked in nightclubs throughout the Southeast and West, blending the raw blues of his childhood with the modern influences of Al Haig, John Lewis and Thelonius Monk.  His vocal style was influenced by blues singers Percy Mayfield and Charles Brown.
Recording Career:
♦  Arriving in New York in 1956, Mose Allison received encouragement, work and a record date from Al Cohn.  In 1957 he secured his first recording contract with Prestige Records, recording Back Country Suite, a collection of pieces evoking the Mississippi Delta.  He went on to play and record with jazz greats Al Cohn, Stan Getz, Gerry Mulligan, Zoot Sims and Phil Woods, as well as with his own Mose Allison Trio, formed in 1958.
♦  It wasn't until 1963 that Allison's record label allowed him to release an entire album of vocal tracks.  Titled Mose Allison Sings, it was an inspired collection of songs that included Sonny Boy Williamson's "Eyesight To The Blind," Jimmie Rodgers' "That's All Right," and Willie Dixon's "The Seventh Son," as well as his original composition, "Parchman Farm," his most requested song.  He dropped "Parchman Farm" from his playlist in the 1980s because some critics felt it was politically incorrect.  "I don't do the cotton sack songs much anymore.  You go to the Mississippi Delta and there are no cotton sacks," Allison explained.  "It's all machines and chemicals."
♦  Mose Allison's music has influenced many blues and rock artists, including J.J. Cale, Jimi Hendrix, John Mayall, The Rolling Stones, Tom Waits, The Yardbirds and The Who, who made "Young Man Blues" a staple of their live performances and used it to open their original Live At Leeds album.
•  Blue Cheer recorded a version of Allison's "Parchman Farm" on their debut album.
•  The Yardbirds and The Misunderstood both recorded versions of Mose Allison's "I'm Not Talking."
•  Allison's "Look Here" was covered by The Clash on their album Sandinista!.
•  Leon Russell covered Mose Allison's "Smashed!" on his album Stop All That Jazz.
•  Van Morrison released an album of Allison's songs titled Tell Me Something: The Songs Of Mose Allison.
•  Elvis Costello recorded "Everybody's Cryin' Mercy" on his album Kojak Variety and "Your Mind Is On Vacation" on King Of America (Bonus Tracks).
•  Frank Black of the Pixies claims that the song "Allison" off the album Bossanova is about Mose Allison.
•  Allison's "Monsters Of The Id" was recorded by Stan Ridgway on his 2004 album Snakebite: Blacktop Ballads And Fugitive Songs.
•  The film The Whole Nine Yards begins with Mose Allison's "I Don't Worry About A Thing" during the opening credits.
•  Singer/songwriter Greg Brown wrote and performed the song "Mose Allison Played Here" on his 1997 album, Slant 6 Mind.
♦  Mose Allison is the father of country songwriter Amy Allison.
♦  Mose Allison was inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame in 2006.
♦  Mose Allison Albums:
•  Back Country Suite  (1957, Prestige 7091)
•  Local Color  (1957, Prestige 7121)
•  Young Man Mose  (1958, Prestige 7137)
•  Ramblin' With Mose  (1958, Prestige 7215)
•  Autumn Song  (1959, Prestige 7189)
•  A Modern Jazz Premiere  (1959, Columbia)
•  Transfiguration Of Hiram Brown  (1959, Columbia)
•  I Love The Life I Live  (1960, Columbia)
•  V-8 Ford Blues  (1961, Epic)
•  Take To The Hills  (1961, Epic)
•  That's Jazz  (1962, Atlantic)
•  I Don't Worry About A Thing  (1962, Atlantic)
•  Swingin' Machine  (1962, Atlantic)
•  Mose Allison Sings  (1963, Prestige 7279)
•  The Songs Of Mose Allison  (1964, Atlantic)
•  The Word From Mose Allison  (1964, Atlantic)
•  Wild Man On The Loose  (1965, Atlantic)
•  Mose Alive!  (1965, Atlantic)
•  Down Home Piano  (1965, Prestige 7423)
•  Mose Allison Plays For Lovers  (1965, Prestige 7446)
•  I've Been Doin' Some Thinkin'  (1968, Atlantic)
•  Hello There, Universe  (1969, Atlantic)
•  Western Man  (1971, Atlantic)
•  Mose In Your Ear  (1972, Atlantic)
•  Your Mind Is On Vacation  (1976, Koch)
•  Pure Mose  (1978, 32 Jazz)
•  Middle Class White Boy  (1982, Discovery)
•  Lesson In Living  (1982, Elektra)
•  Ever Since The World Ended  (1987, Blue Note)
•  The Best Of Mose Allison  (1988, Atlantic/Rhino)
•  Greatest Hits: The Prestige Collection  (1988, Original Jazz Classics)
•  My Backyard  (1989, Blue Note)
•  The Earth Wants You  (1993, Blue Note)
•  Creek Bank  (1994, Prestige Records)
•  Allison Wonderland  (1994, Rhino Records)
•  High Jinks! The Mose Allison Triology  (1994, Legacy, 3 CDs)
•  Includes the albums Transfiguration Of Hiram Brown, I Love The Life I Live and V-8 Ford Blues.
•  Tell Me Something: The Songs Of Mose Allison  (1996, Verve Records)
•  Pure Mose  (1996, 32 Jazz)
•  Gimcracks And Gewgaws  (1997, Blue Note)
•  Jazz Profile  (1997, Blue Note)
•  The Sage Of Tippo  (1998, 32 Jazz, 2 CDs)
•  4 LPs on 2 CDs: Swingin' Machine, The Word From Mose, Wild Man On The Loose, I've Been Doin' Some Thinkin'.
•  I Don't Worry About A Thing/Mose Alive!  (1999, Collectables Jazz Classics, 2 LPs on 1 CD)
•  Western Man/Mose In Your Ear  (1999, Collectables Jazz Classics, 2 LPs on 1 CD)
•  Blues et Jazz à la Fois!  (2000, Warner, France)
•  The Mose Chronicles: Live In London, Vol. 1  (2001, Blue Note)
•  The Mose Chronicles: Live In London, Vol. 2  (2002, Blue Note)
•  Mose Alive!  (2005, Rhino/Atlantic)
•  Introducing Mose Allison  (2006, Rhino)
•  Mose In Your Ear  (2006, Rhino/Atlantic)
•  Western Man  (2006, Rhino/Atlantic)
•  Allison  (2007, Fantasy)
•  2 LPs on 1 CD: Back Country Suite and Local Color.
•  Hi Five  (2007, Rhino/Atlantic)
•  The Way Of The World  (2010, Anti)
•  The Collection  (2010, Floating World, 2 CDs)
•  Quand On Vient Du Mississippi, Comme Mose Allison  (2010, Warner Jazz/Les Incontournables, France)
Mose Allison appears on:
•  The Al Cohn Quintet - The Al Cohn Quintet  (1957, Coral)
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Mose Allison ↑ Blues Et Jazz A La Fois (2000)

  © Mose Allison performing in Los Gatos, CA, July 11, 2007; © Mattb 4310

  © Bill Phelps © Simon Turtle © Peter Darley Miller

 © Carol Friedman BACK COUNTRY SUITE  //  Release date: March 7, 1957;  Duration  -  10:25;   Review by Scott Yanow:   Mose Allison's very first recording finds the 29-year-old pianist taking just two vocals (on his "Young Man Blues" and "One Room Country Shack"), but those are actually the most memorable selections. The centerpiece of this trio outing with bassist Taylor LaFargue and drummer Frank Isola (which has been reissued on CD) is Allison's ten-part "Back Country Suite," a series of short concise folk melodies that puts the focus on his somewhat unique piano style which, although boppish, also looked back at the country blues tradition. Very interesting music.

  Your Mind Is on Vacation  //  Release date: 1976; Duration - 39:37;  Review by Scott Yanow: It seems strange to realize that this was Mose Allison's only recording during the 1973-1981 period. In addition to his trio with bassist Jack Hannah and drummer Jerry Granelli, such guests as altoist David Sanborn, Al Cohn, and Joe Farrell on tenors and trumpeter Al Porcino pop up on a few selections. However, Mose Allison is easily the main star, performing ten of his originals (including a remake of the famous title cut, "What Do You Do After You Ruin Your Life," and "Swingin' Machine") plus renditions of the standards "Foolin' Myself" and "I Can't See for Lookin'."

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Mose Allison Blues et jazz à la fois (2000)





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