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My Baby Prehistoric Rhythm

My Baby — Prehistoric Rhythm (Mar 17, 2017)

          My Baby — Prehistoric Rhythm (Mar 17, 2017)  My Baby — Prehistoric Rhythm (Mar 17, 2017)Ξ»   MY BABY isn’t only evolving their sound and vision to a whole new level on the album, their live show has also been completely overhauled. The combination of light, visuals and music does so much more than just bring the album to life. “We try to ensure the audience’s senses are captivated as we try to emulate something akin to a tribal celebration. It must tell a story where the audience becomes part of” — Cato van Dijck on the new live show.
Ξ»   Waar het vorige album nog werd bekroond met een Edison Award voor Best Alternative Album, gaat de band met de nieuwe plaat weer een stap verder en valt alles tijdens de nieuwe clubtour helemaal op zijn plek.Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Album release: Mar 17, 2017
Record Label: Prehistoric Rhythm Records
Genre: Funk, Blues, Alternative
Duration:     63:52
01. Electrified    6:38
02. Same Wave    4:32
03. Love Dance    4:39
04. Cosmic Radio    4:20
05. Ancient Tribe    5:49
06. Moon Shower    5:52
07. Make a Hundred    4:31
08. Luminate    3:48
09. Haunt Me    3:19
10. Sunflower Sutra    5:23
11. Sunroof Diesel Blues    3:44
12. Straight No Chaser    4:10
13. Haunt Me (Slight Return)     7:07
℗ 2017 Prehistoric Rhythm Records
•Ξ•  Al tracks written by MY BABY. Tracks 5, 9, 12,13 co~written by Mickey Smid, tracks 2 & 4 co~written by Marnix Dorrestein, track 11 co~written by Yvo Sprey.
•Ξ•  Produced & Engineered by MY BABY, Kasper Frenkel, Mickey Smid en Moos Meijer. Engineered by Sam Wheat & Wouter Rentema
•Ξ•  Recorded in Electric Monkey, Smusic Studio, Cracksound Studio in Amsterdam & Studio Lobbes
•Ξ•  Sheik (drums) and
•Ξ•  Cato van Dyck (vocals)Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.                                                        © Photo credit: Ton Tekkers
Ξ»   This time around we are heading out on a fuzzed out intergalactic space ride with Texas Mothership. Their new album is entitled High Strangeness. It is an, albeit brief, but rocking excursion. Those unfamiliar with Mothership may not realize that they were abducted sometime in the mid~70’s, they show up intermittently to drop these heavy ass, fuzzed out tunes for out consumption. Mothership is heavily influenced by ZZ Top, Mountain, Sabbath and the like. They do take a bit of a modern spin on these classic masters.
Ξ»   On to the tracks. The record opens up with the quiet to fuzzed out instrumental title track, High Strangeness. The band kicks off the catchy ass rocking tunes with Ride the Sun. Next up has the sing along chorus of Midnight Express. Take a ride my friends.
Ξ»   The centrepiece of the record is the superb rocker Crown of Lies. It’s Baracuda~like chug kicks off the monster and it snags you for quite the ride. Helter Skelter is an intergalactic romp that is more likely inspired by Charles Manson than a sliding board.
Ξ»   Eternal Trip is another brief instrumental journey. It’s placement is a bit odd, but it is beautifully played nonetheless. Wise Man is another catchy as hell rock tune. That leads in to the albums big ass closer Speed Dealer.
Ξ»   High Strangeness is a killer record. The only detractor noted is the brevity of the record. We get only 8 songs with two instrumentals, that clocks in slightly over 30 minutes. I could most definitely live with a little more Mothership in my life.Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.                                                           © Photo credit: Ton Tekkers
Ξ»   It hasn’t taken long for Amsterdam based psychedelic, shamanic trio MY BABY’s swampy blues and funk~inflected sound to cast a formidable spell, taking the world by storm.
Ξ»   Over the past 3 years, Dutch brother~sister~duo Sheik (drums) and Cato van Dyck (vocals) and New Zealand guitarist Daniel “daFreez” Johnston have had their mojo working overtime and are now ready for the release of their third album “Prehistoric Rhythm”. With their new album, the band aim to channel a primal awareness amidst hypnotic beats, shimmering soulful vocals and psychedelic riffs on the back of rootsy blues and dubbed out funk.
Ξ»   Daniel Johnston: “Over the past two or three decades’, electronic dance music has become a huge part of our culture. It’s hard to fathom just how many people connect and celebrate life by going to dance parties and raves. These gatherings are quite similar to tribal celebrations and rituals that have been around for thousands of years across all cultures in the world. The desire and need for those rituals remains and has become a fascination for us and we have made that trance~like hypnotic groove an essential part of our live performance, but it is also prevalent on a lot of the album. It’s funny to think of it. Going back to prehistoric times, people dancing round a fire together! It’s in our DNA.”
Ξ»   MY BABY’s music has been influenced by the power of spiritual music (gospel and voodoo spirituals) and the entrancing hypnotic quality found in music accompanying shamanic rituals. The roots of these phenomena can be traced back thousands of years, so can the music. This ‘tracing’ has become an important part of the ‘personal’ vision of the band and is a central theme on the upcoming album ‘Prehistoric Rhythm’. The band has delved into some of those rituals, some of which exist to this day, and reflect on how a lot of contemporary culture has inherited from the past, that its cultural activity stems from these ancient traditions.
Ξ»   First single “Love Dance” is an African inspired trance~like evocation of a tribal ritual involving the search for identity, love and spirituality. The protagonist is at peace after transcending the desire to feel complete through the presence and appeasement of others.Fotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen.Ξ»   Joost van Dijck: “We recorded this album primarily on a ‘4~track ampex deck’ from the fifties. We wanted it to sound old so you feel as though you experience something not linked to the present, but rather like traveling through different era’s”
Ξ»   With the release of their new album, MY BABY endeavours to take the audience on a shamanic influenced musical journey. And pose to develop a theatrical mythopoetic yet danceable form of music that can entice, uplift and engage the listener in a way that it allows us to discover something that resides within our collective consciousness just as the characters in the songs are forever searching for a heightened spiritual and primal awareness amongst the turmoil of our modern~day society.
Website: http://www.mybabywashere.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mybabywashere
Bandcamp: https://mybaby.bandcamp.com/album/prehistoric-rhythm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MYBABYMUSICFotka uživatele Ben Tais Amundssen._____________________________________________________________

My Baby Prehistoric Rhythm



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