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My Brightest Diamond
This Is My Hand

My Brightest Diamond — This Is My Hand [September 16th, 2014]

USA Flag My Brightest Diamond — This Is My Hand 

•  This Is My Hand”, jejich čtvrté album, znamená jistý návrat k pestřejší hudbě, zvládnutí kompozice a nové topografii v elektronické podobě. This Is My Hand je odvážnou kapitolou příběhu Shary Worden. Její současné cítění hudby a její rytmický doprovod zní velmi naléhavě: posouvá komorní hudební estetiku zpět do tanečního sálu, nebo příjemného baru.
Location: Eldorado, Arkansas ~ North Texas ~ New York City ~ Detroit, Michigan
Album release: September 16th, 2014
Recorded: in Berlin, New York, L.A.
Record Label: Asthmatic Kitty
Duration:     41:00
01. Pressure      (3:58)
02. Before The Words      (3:27)
03. This Is My Hand      (3:45)
04. Lover Killer      (3:59)
05. I Am Not The Bad Guy      (5:12)
06. Looking At The Sun      (3:44)
07. Shape      (4:28)
08. So Easy      (4:08)
09. Resonance      (4:24)
10. Apparition      (3:55)
Description: •≡•  This Is My Hand will be released on September 16th, 2014 on Asthmatic Kitty Records. This Is My Hand features ten new songs, including the first single “Pressure,” which premiered at NPR Music. Of the song, NPR Music praises, …a stirring song powered by an incredible drumline…one of the most powerful and dramatic voices of the past decade,” while Stereogum proclaims, “…‘Pressure’ is something to be reckoned with. Filled with an army of percussive sounds from big drums to twinkling bells along with shrieking brass and crushing synths, it’s a huge production, but it all sounds small compared to Worden’s operatic voice.”
•≡•  This Is My Hand was recorded in Berlin, New York, L.A. and Worden’s re-adopted hometown of Detroit with producer Zac Rae. Of her inspiration behind the album, Worden comments, “The genesis of the new album was looking at the changes that have happened in music over my career, and trying to reevaluate what it meant to me in the first place: ‘what is the value of music’ is essentially the question. In the States, the marching band is something that is done in school, so it still represents something inclusive, something that anyone can learn. I loved the communal quality and the way that drums and horns travel in large three–dimensional spaces.”
•≡•  “This Is My Hand is a journey beyond the composition of music. “I had this ‘back–to–basics’ moment of reading how humans were making sounds before we were using words,” says Shara. Produced by Shara herself and keyboardist Zac Rae, This Is My Hand is a bold chapter in the unfurling MBD story. Its exploration of music and its rhythmic urgency escort Shara’s chamber–music aesthetic out of the chamber and back into the dance hall and rock bar.”
In french:
•≡•  Après plusieurs années consacrées à des projets parallèles, Shara Worden propose un nouvel album solo, très attendu.
•≡•  Not many people can front a rock band, sing Górecki’s Third Symphony, lead a marching band processional down the streets of the Sundance film festival and perform in a baroque opera of their own composing all in a month’s time. But Shara Worden can.
•≡•  Her multi faceted career as My Brightest Diamond, which began with an acclaimed independent rock record, has reflected her journey into the world of performing arts. This Is My Hand, her fourth album, marks a confident return to rock music, one informed by her mastery of composition and a new exploration into the electronic.
•≡•  Born (April 22, 1974) in diamondrich Arkansas and then raised all around the country, Worden came from a musical family of traveling evangelists. She went on to study operatic voice and then classical composition after a move to New York City.
•≡•  Shara began issuing recordings as My Brightest Diamond in 2006, following a protean period in the band AwRY, and joining Sufjan Stevens’ Illinoisemakers live ensemble. Asthmatic Kitty Records released her debut album, Bring Me The Workhorse in 2006, A Thousand Sharks’ Teeth in 2008, and 2011’s All Things Will Unwind, which featured songs written for the chamber ensemble yMusic.
•≡•  In between MBD, well known fans became collaborators, and collaborative projects amassed. Highlights include singing in Laurie Anderson’s 2008 show “Homeland,” delivering guest vocals on The Decemberists’ 2009 Hazards of Love album and subsequently joining them on tour, performing in Bryce and Aaron Dessner’s multimedia presentation “The Long Count,” singing and recording for Pulitzer Prize winning composer David Lang and singing in Sarah Kirkland Snider’s “Penelope” and “Unremembered.” Shara has also worked with David Byrne (on his concept musical “Here Lies Love”), Fat Boy Slim, Bon Iver and The Blind Boys of Alabama.
Website: http://www.mybrightestdiamond.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MyBrightestDmnd
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mybrightestdiamond
Press: Asha Goodman /
Agent: US: Jackie Nalpant / Europe: James Alderman /
Contact: Andrea Troolin /

My Brightest Diamond
This Is My Hand




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