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Nick Drake — “Second Grace” Alternate Versions And Unreleased Songs (2001) Nick Drake — “Second Grace” Alternate Versions And Unreleased Songs (2001) Pamela MÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃéndez ÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃâ Time (22 Feb 2019)• Vlastním jménem Nicholas Rodney Drake. 19. 6. 1948, Rangún, Barma — 25. 11. 1974, Tanworth~in~Arden, hrabství Warwick, Anglie.
01. Day Is Done   4:23
02. Blossom Friend   2:46
03. Mayfair   0:36
04. Mayfair   1:31
05. Mayfair   3:04
06. Joey   1:44
07. Joey   5:30
08. Leaving Me Behind   3:28
09. Instrumental   1:17
10. Instrumental   2:13
11. Three Hours   6:14
12. Betty’s Blues   2:08
13. Fly   2:52
14. Fly   3:37
15. Hazey Jane   4:43
16. Parasite   4:03
17. Saturday Sun   0:42
18. Saturday Sun   2:22
19. Saturday Sun   3:27
20. Saturday Sun   1:05
21. Strange Meeting No. ll   3:45
22. Bird Flew By   2:55
23. Thoughts Of Rain   3:08
24. To The Garden   2:00
25. Early Morning Dialogue   3:14
• Nick Drake, Second Grace (bootleg). Second Grace is a label~less vinyl bootleg of indeterminate origin. There is a catalog number (NICK 1), yet no record company name in sight, and no information about the music aside from the song titles, even though there are a couple of nice photos of Drake on the sleeve. So you’ll probably have to look in on posts from Drake on~line discussion groups to get the lowdown on these fifteen tracks, none of which came out on his official releases, though about half of them are available on other bootlegs. Even if you have those other bootlegs and feel the need to pick this up to complete your collection of what’s available, this is pretty marginal, both in terms of musical quality and the horrendously variable fidelity (some of it’s obviously from home recordings). As for what train~spotters will find most interesting, the best tracks include a different (apparently home~recorded) version of “Mayfair”; an acoustic “Day Is Done” (certainly one of the set’s highlights); an alternate of “Parasite”; “Leaving Me Behind,” a typically meditative song not on any of his regular releases, though the version here is murkily recorded; a somewhat distantly miked home demo of “Saturday Sun,” with only piano accompaniment; two nice, brief guitar instrumentals that sound like studio outtakes, so much better is their fidelity than most of their surroundings; a one~minute “Place to Be,” in relatively decent sound; and a very nice and reasonably clear acoustic “Hazey Jane,” the best song here. This was the best you could do for hearing this material when this LP appeared in 2001. The hope among Drake fans was that some or all of it would come out on official release with far superior sound quality, but that eventuality has remained uncertain.
Nick Drake
by Keith Morris
bromide print, 1969
9 7/8in. x 14 5/8in. (250 mm x 370 mm)
• https://www.magazinuni.cz/hudba/nick-drake/ 
Website: http://www.nickdrake.com/ 



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