NICO MUHLY + TEITUR Confessions (October 21, 2016)

NICO MUHLY + TEITUR — Confessions (October 21, 2016)

Hoyvík, Faroe Islands NICO MUHLY + TEITUR — Confessions  NICO MUHLY + TEITUR — Confessions (October 21, 2016)¬•••   On Confessions, Teitur — a Faroese singer with a quintessentially Scandi~lilt to his voice, à la Sondre Lerche or a Jens Lekman — draws inspiration from the commoner stuff of life.
¬•••   Composer Nico Muhly and singer/songwriter Teitur have released a second song off their forthcoming album, Confessions, due October 21: “Don’t I Know You from Somewhere.” Album opener song “Describe You.” The album’s lyrics were inspired by video the pair found on YouTube. In 2009, Muhly, Teitur, and Holland Baroque toured the Netherlands, performing Confessions with the videos that inspired it, such as the one seen here for “Don’t I Know You from Somewhere,” projected behind the players.                                  © ¬••• Nico Muhly 2014. Photo credit: Matthew Murphy
Born: August 26, 1981 in Vermont
Birth name: Teitur Lassen
Born: 4 January 1977, Tórshavn
Origin: Hoyvík, Faroe Islands
Album release: October 21/November 4 (vinyl), 2016
Record Label: Nonesuch
Duration:    47:37   
01 Describe You     3:20
02 Sick of Fish     2:15 
03 Cat Rescue     6:16 
04 Small Spaces     3:30 
05 Her First Confession     5:49 
06 I Smoke     1:44 
07 Nowheresville     3:03 
08 Coffee Expert     4:36 
09 Dog and Frog     2:34 
10 If You Wait a Little Longer     3:32 
11 Love Hits You Where it Hurts     3:03 
12 Printer in the Morning     1:27 
13 Don’t I Know You from Somewhere     2:50 
14 Time to Dry     3:38CREDITS
¬•••   Teitur, vocals
Holland Baroque:
¬•••   Lidewij van der Voort, David Wish, Franc Polman, Aira Maria Lehtipuu, first violins
¬•••   George Crawford, Maite Larburu, Gabriele Wunsch, Agnieszka Świątkowska, second violins
¬•••   Esther van der Eijk, Jan Willem Vis, Bernadette Verhagen, violas
¬•••   Lucy Scotchmer, Tomasz Pokrzywiński, celli
¬•••   James Munro, violone
¬•••   Saskia Coolen, recorder
¬•••   Andreas Arend, lute
¬•••   Tineke Steenbrink, harpsichord
¬•••   Conducted by Nico Muhly
¬•••   Recorded at Muziekcentrum Frits Philips, Eindhoven, Netherlands
¬•••   Edited by Teitur at Studio Bloch, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands
¬•••   Mixed by Hector Castillo
¬•••   Mastered by Andy Jackson at Tube Mastering
¬•••   Design by Ben Tousley
¬•••   Photograph of Nico Muhly and Teitur by Tróndur Dalsgarð
¬•••   Photograph of Holland Baroque by Wouter Jansen
¬•••   Teitur appears courtesy of Arlo & Betty Recordings Ltd.
¬•••   Nico Muhly appears courtesy of St. Rose Management, New York
¬•••   All songs written by Teitur Lassen and Nico Muhly and published by Arlo & Betty Music (KODA/ASCAP)/St. Rose Music Publishing Co. Inc. & Chester Music Ltd. (ASCAP/PRS). Except track 1, text adapted from “I Was Trying to Describe You” by Richard Brautigan, published by Sterling Lord Literistic; music by Teitur Lassen and Nico Muhly and published by Arlo & Betty Music (KODA/ASCAP)/St. Rose Music Publishing Co. Inc. & Chester Music Ltd. (ASCAP/PRS). Track 7 written by Teitur Lassen, Nico Muhly, and Jeff Cohen, published by Arlo & Betty Music (KODA/ASCAP)/St. Rose Music Publishing Co. Inc. & Chester Music Ltd. (ASCAP/PRS)/As You Wish Music (BMI).REVIEW
By Sam Cleeve / 14 OCTOBER 2016, 09:30 BST / Score: 8
AllMusic Review by Marcy Donelson;  Score: ****
¬•••   Nonesuch Records releases Confessions, a collaboration between the acclaimed American composer Nico Muhly and the Faroese singer/songwriter Teitur, on October 21, 2016; the vinyl edition is due November 4. The two musicians began work on the project when Muhly was composer–in–residence at Muziekgebouw Eindhoven in the Netherlands. The songs’ lyrics were inspired by or culled from video and commentary the pair found on YouTube. Confessions was recorded with Holland Baroque.
¬•••   Hailing from the Faroe Islands, halfway between Norway and Iceland in the North Atlantic, Teitur Lassen (who uses only his first name professionally) has long been a successful pop artist in Europe, winning several Danish music awards, touring internationally, and collaborating with such artists as Seal, Corinne Bailey Rae, and French star Emilie Simon and Nolwenn Leroy. “We came up with this premise of boring videos, home videos,” he explains. “It was a time when everyone was posting these meaningless videos. It was just fascinating when we started watching them … The more you watched them the more you started to wonder, ‘What is behind this? Why are people doing this?’ They are really saying, ‘This is really beautiful, this is really sick, this is me,’ people confessing things. And that gave us the title for the record.”
¬•••   “Teitur took a lot of these things,” continues Muhly, “and looked at the comments and imagined the world that these people inhabited. We also solicited some anonymous Dutch videos, people telling us things that are unexpected, including this woman who said ‘I love the smell of my printer in the morning.’ It made me so happy. That smell is so specific. These are not confessions in a dirty way but more like if you went over to a friend’s house 10 minutes before they expected you and you got a glimpse into something private. As a songwriter, Teitur focuses on a little detail or a little gesture, and then one can divine bigger content.”
¬•••   Holland Baroque’s mission is “to convince a large and varied audience of the flexibility and vitality of (Baroque) music.” As Muhly notes, “They perform standing up, and they are as old school as you’d like, but they chewed into this material really gleefully. It was a kind of magic project actually.”
¬•••   When he began his tenure at Eindhoven, Muhly says, “I knew I wanted to work with this Baroque ensemble. The distance between contemporary listening and Baroque music is one of the most heartbreaking and interesting things. Most of the music I like is from the 17th century or before. It’s a tradition that never stopped — a small tradition, a specific one. There is something incredibly direct about Baroque music and Baroque instruments.” He continues, “But it also posed a different challenge. Baroque musicians aren’t accustomed to the sorts of rhythms attendant to contemporary music, and that brought another interesting tension to the project.”
¬•••   The original four songs from Eindhoven worked so well that Teitur and Muhly continued writing. By 2009, they had a concert–length piece comprising the 14 songs on Confessions. Muhly, Teitur, and Holland Baroque toured the Netherlands, performing the piece with the videos that inspired it projected behind the players; they recorded the songs at the end of the tour.
Nico Muhly:

NICO MUHLY + TEITUR Confessions (October 21, 2016)


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