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Nicolas Meier — Kismet (2013)

 Nicolas Meier — Kismet (2013)

                     Nicolas Meier — Kismet
≡>  «...Since John McLaughlin melted frets with the Mahavishnu Orchestra we have become used to frenetic guitar-led groups. None, however, quite mixes styles and sounds like that of Meier, a Swiss player as happy in flamenco and Arab melodies as he is in Western jazz...» — John Bungey, The Times
≡>  Born in Zurich, Switzerland on 24th September 1973. Meier studied guitar from the age of 12, with part of his musical education taking place at the Fribourg Conservatoire. From his earliest days, he drew influences from diverse musical sources including jazz, classical, flamenco, rock, Latin and, later, the Middle East, especially Turkey, which is his wife’s homeland.© Photo credit: Gregory D Heath
Location: Zürich, Switzerland ~ London, England
Album release: December 4,  2013
Record Label: MGP Records
Duration:     56:07
Track Listing:
01 Giant Steps (John Coltrane)     5:10
02 Reflections (Songul Meier & Nicolas Meier)    7:04
03 Kismet     7:20
04 Adiguzel     6:02
05 Nuages (Django Reinhardt)     6:50
06 Horizon     7:22
07 Besame Mucho (Consuelo Velázquez)     4:36
08 October In Ankara     6:00
09 Not For Me     5:43
≡>  Nicolas Meier: Acoustic nylon guitars, glissentar, jazz guitar
≡>  Kevin Glasgow: bass
≡>  Demi Garcia: percussion
≡>  Laurence Lowe: drums
≡>  Lizzie Ball: violin (2)
≡>  Bernard Gregor-Smith: cello (2)
≡>  Cenk Erodogan: acoustic fretless nylon and electric guitar (2nd solos on tracks 3, 6)
≡>  Recorded by Luc Saint-Martin in May 2012 & at MGP Studios by Nicolas Meier in June 2012
≡>  Mixed at Relief Studios in Switzerland by Tom Torch www.relief.ch in July 2012
≡>  Mastered at MGP Studios by Nicolas Meier in August 2012
≡>  Paintings by Songul Yilmaz-Meier www.songul-paintings.com
≡>  All compostions by Nicolas Meier except where indicated
≡>  MGP logo desogn by John McSporran
≡>  Design by Nicolas Meier
≡>  Produced by Nicolas Meier
By BRUCE LINDSAY, Published: December 5, 2013
≡>  Guitarist Nicolas Meier is blessed with precise intonation, fluid technique and mastery of a range of different styles. As a composer, he mixes influences from Turkey, central Europe, Iberia and the Americas to craft accessible, melodic tunes. On Kismet his talents as musician and writer come together to create what might be his best album to date.
≡>  Meier is not only one of the jazz world's most exciting guitarists, he's also one of its more prolific recording artists. Kismet is his second album of 2013, following From Istanbul To Ceuta With A Smile (MGP Records). He's joined by his trio — Kevin Glasgow on bass, Lawrence Lowe on drums and Demi Garcia on percussion — and by a trio of guest musicians whose own contributions add a real spark to the instrumental line-up.
≡>  Meier wrote most of the tunes on Kismet, but it's his versions of three much-loved classics that best demonstrate his skill and imagination. John Coltrane's "Giant Steps" gets a Flamenco treatment, Meier's crystal-clear guitar transforming the melody into something a bit sexier than usual. Django Reinhardt's "Nuages," a guitar classic if ever there was one, gives Meier a chance to stretch out on an exquisite extended solo. On the oft-maligned "Besame Mucho" the trio of Lowe, Garcia and Glasgow lays down a slinky, slightly tongue-in-cheek rhythm and Meier's emphatic, single note, acoustic guitar phrases give the tune a seductive appeal.
≡>  Meier's own compositions are strong and cover an ambitious range stylistically and emotionally. "Reflections," co-written with his wife Songul (who also contributes the cover image), is a lushly romantic tune. Meier is on acoustic nylon-strung guitar here, complemented by the violin and cello accompaniment provided by Lizzie Ball and Bernard Gregor-Smith (Meier's bandmates in Eclectica!). "Adiguzel" is driven by Lowe's militaristic drums, the pace slowly builds to a fast tempo but Meier's precision never falters. "Kismet" takes inspiration from Turkey — more specifically, from a Turkish folk tune called "Yalan Dunya." It's a showcase for solos from Meier, on the 11-string glissentar, and from guest guitarist Cenk Erodogan. "Not For Me" is a bluesy, electric guitar workout which ends the album in an atypical but enjoyably funky fashion. (http://www.allaboutjazz.com/)
Also: Nicolas Meier: From Istanbul To Ceuta With A Smile (2013) http://www.allaboutjazz.com/php/article.php?id=44044#.Ur7RAtLuJ8F
John Fordham; Score: ***
::  http://www.theguardian.com/music/2013/nov/21/nicolas-meier-kismet-review
Photograph: Gregory Heath
Website: http://www.meiergroup.com/meiergroup/index.html
Bandcamp: http://www.meiergroup.com/meiergroup/index.html © 2013 July 16 / Festival Internacional Canarias Jazz & Más — Nicolas Meier Group. Nicolas Meier, guitarras. Cai Marle-García, bajo. Demi García, batería y percusión. Richard Jones, violín. © Aarón S. Ramos © Aarón S. Ramos


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