- Permanente Frustration


NTS is avantgard-psycho-jazz-rock trio

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/nejtkuvtichysmetacek

Location: Prague, CZE

Record Label: Guerilla Records

Now coming "Permanente Frustration" 2011 LP Vinyl in May 2011.

- "Libido Trip" 2009 - Debut CD
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- "PF 20:11" - CD limited version of "Permanente Frustration"  (2011 LP Vinyl)

The abbreviation NTS stands for a joint project of three musicians with different backgrounds: contemporary art-music composer and keyboard player Michal Nejtek, jazz double-bass player Petr Tichý and rock drummer Štěpán Smetáček.

From the media 2010:
...How to combine classical music, jazz and punk and not to produce a cripple? The trio Nejtek-Tichý-Smetáček has found the only true solution – improvisation.. Their debut "Libido Trip" is bringing a fresh material spraying around first and foremost originality.
...The NTS trio and their debut are teaching at the University of improvisation, branch Music, subject Fusion of seemingly incompatible genre principals. It´s no short curriculum but a full 70 minutes of proving how music can be original. The recording pretty much evokes sex; hence the appropriate title "Libido Trip".
09.02.2010 05:00, Lukáš Benda
...A cheerful encounter of three jazzmen from some outer space. These three but love jazz and its free offsets. They all enjoy games with ambient areas and all possible electronic waves and sounds. By and large – music from Mars...
- Musicserver.cz, Richard Kutěj, 11. 01. 2010
...Angry youth continues the teaching of old masters of jazz and underground. Their 13 minutes long "Home Of Libido" is fairly hypnotic, with an atmosphere embalmed with universe, quite like the recordings of sermons by Astar Seran.Unlike those – not boring.
Na první poslech

...Stage or film music from passages having been cut out from the final version of the film, in the end.
- Miloš Keller
...NTS can raise, thanks to their musical abilities, a fairly thorough-bred breed ...fit for an international fair.
...Non prejudice in their sound
- 04.02.2010 / Josef Rauvolf

…Since long, I didn´t happen to put on an avant-garde jazz CD whose magnetic power would force me to listen to all the compositions – till the very last one.
- Josef Musil Elnorsen

- Vladimír Vlasák: NTS offer compositions where rock complements the jazz imagination and with pregnancy of classical music. Emerson, Lake and Palmer of our days!

- Michal Jupp Konečný: Excellent musicianship – above all piano. In contrary of most jazz squads who do play in small clubs more or less for themselves, this music can be well presented at a big international festivals.

- Milan Tesař: The NTS trio is mainly interesting for the experience from different music milieus, which each of the protagonists brings into the project.
Folk&Country April 2010


Improvizace, free jazz, rock’n’roll, poetika v perverzním mixu

Nejtek Michal – klavír, klávesové nástroje

Původem z Litoměřic, ČR, studoval klavír a kompozici na Konzervatoři v Teplicích, skladbu na HAMU v Praze. Intenzivně se věnuje provádění soudobé hudby, komponuje pro pražská divadla Archa, Na zábradlí… Hrál nebo hraje např. v souborech Jazzbox, Four Roses, Why Not Patterns, Feng-Jün Song a Trio PUO, Věcičky, Agon Orchestra, Face Of The Bass, Limbo, David Koller Band aj.

Tichý Petr – kontrabas a jiné zvuky

Původem z Jablonce nad Nisou, ČR, studoval Konzervatoř Jar. Ježka v Praze, hraje na kontrabas vlastni konstrukce Hraje nebo hrál např. v souborech Vesny Caceres, Horke Eriky, Bran, Floex, Alvik, Seventy Sun, Feng-Jün Song a Trio PUO aj.

Smetáček Štěpán – bicí nástroje a jiné zvuky

Původem z Afriky, studoval Státní Konzervatoř v Praze, komponuje pro New Orchestra of Dreams Hraje nebo hrál např. v souborech Arakain, Die El. Eleffant!?, Krausberry, Wanastovi vjecy, Druhá Tráva, Lenka Dusilová, Aneta Langerová, Airfare, ŽenTOUR aj.


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Mr. soundman, Mr. friend DJ Lucky

Mr. soundman, Mr. friend DJ Lucky
at JazzDock - Prague 20/09/09 (foto Barbora Fabiánová)
at JazzDock - Prague 20/09/09 (foto Barbora Fabiánová)

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