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Oddi (September 7th, 2015)

Oddi — Oddi (September 7th, 2015)

                     Oddi — Oddi (September 7th, 2015)
•Ξ•   Norského full–band singer–songwritera jsem tady ještě neměl. Ale to není skutečná pohnutka uvést ho na tabuli “Tais Award’s news”. Tou pravou je upozornit na fakt, že klasická píseň bez elektronických pláštíků existuje i v mé rodné zemi. Je to v podstatě severská americana. Oddi si v ní počíná tak, jako by se v tomto prostředí už narodil. Země půlnočního slunce a majestátních fjordů inspirovali umělce, aby pak promlouvali jakoby obdařeni přírodou. Oddi Nessa říká, že nová píseň je často výsledkem samovolného vznícení. To je úžasná metafora. Pokud bych hledal ‘norské roots’ v jeho písních, našel bych je v poslední písni na albu, “Foot of the Tree”. U nás má k tomuto albu blízko Marek Dusil. Jméno však odkazuje na italské předky. Gianni Oddi vydal v roce 1974 skvělé album Style. Krátce potom byl najat Ennio Morriconem jako jeho hlavní sólista na saxofon.Location:  Sandnes, Oslo, Norway
Album release: September 7th, 2015
Record Label: Koke Plate
Duration:     45:19
01. Spirit      6:45
02. The Peaceful Life      3:22
03. Indebted to You      4:33
04. Do You Know How It Feels      4:44
05. Wasted Years      4:57
06. In the Shadows      4:10
07. Mindset      3:11
08. Blank Pages      3:31
09. Like a Drug      3:07
10. Foot of the Tree      6:59
•  På sitt femte album viser Oddi en ny side av seg selv, hvor referansene til Bruce Springsteen og Ryan Adams endelig kommer til sin rett.
•  Albumet utfordrer lytterne i en sjanger hvor de store amerikanske klassikerne dominerer, ikke minst da Wasted Years av Iron Maiden nærmest blir voldtatt i en sjanger Adrian Smith nok ikke hadde sett for seg. Men, er det lov å si at den kommer mer til sin rett nå?
•  Oddi er en rutinert artist som tidligere har turnért land og strand med prosjekter som Dreampilots og Salvation Street. Nå har han samarbeidet med Marit Larsen–gitarist Christer Slaaen, og har fortsatt med seg de solide musikerne Karl Oluf Wennerberg (a–ha), Eiolf Ødegård (Gabrielle) og Erlend Vesteraas (St.Morritz, Vonheim).Biography:
•  The Land of the Midnight Sun and majestic fjords have inspired an edgy artist that speaks out. Supported by good and gifted friends, he has a hunger to deliver something special.
•  Oddi Nessa’s heart as a songwriter seeks to meld relationships, faith, and the struggles of the human heart: «A new song is often a result of spontaneous combustion, and it is such a kick when it happens. A good song to me is a lyric with deep layers of meaning that speaks to the heart, combined with appetizing music and melody.»
•  Oddi considers himself blessed to be able to draw from a pool of talented friends. «If it weren’t for my friends, music would end up nowhere… Music is like cooking. You mix and stir and it’s crafted into something you think could be special. But it’s not worth eating if you’re alone.»
•  Oddi has felt the need to “cook up” music on his own since his childhood. During piano and saxophone lessons at the age of 8, he frustrated his teachers by composing his own music instead of sticking to the book. Relationships and the need to speak out were important early on as well. He formed his first rock band at age 12. Since then, he’s navigated a collection of homegrown bands.
•  As the front man for Norway’s Salvation Street and Dreampilots, Oddi gained notice both in Europe and the US. In 2009, Dreampilots re–released their ‘05 Euro–hit as “Comedown” in the US. Alas, it suffered the same fate as the American economy. The experience energized Oddi’s desire to make music as a collaborative effort, with emphasis placed on developing personal relationships with other artists.
•  Oddi’s latest musical offering is just that. As he watched his kids throwing leafy fistfuls of autumn’s gift in Oslo’s Frognerparken, he realized that while the bounty of the previous summer were passing, new life would be created.
•  «Nessa delivers an album you would gladly give to your Pitchfork–loving friend as well as to a die–hard Dylan fan. He succeeds at bringing two opposing forces together, and it doesn’t feel like he intended to do that.» – Hans K. Skjong,Universitas
•  «One of the best rock albums that came on late this year, but came on well.» — Olav Solvang, VL News Norway
•  California Über Alles (1989–1993)
•  Salvation Street (2000–2005)
•  Dreampilots (2005–2010)
•  Oddi Nessa and a Handful of Leaves (2011–)
Pressehenvendelser: Kristian Notland Harnes 45265772
Website: http://www.oddimusic.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/oddinessa
Facebook personal: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1163218277
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oddimusic
Daglig leder/ CEO — Fashion Moves Music AS
Phone number: +47 45265772

Oddi (September 7th, 2015)




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