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Omar Rodriguez Lopez Quartet – Sepulcros De Miel – 2010

Sepulcros De Miel Cover Art

Artist: Omar Rodriguez Lopez Quartet
Title: Sepulcros De Miel
Genre: Rock / Experimental / Guitar
Release date: 2010
Time: 29:31 min

1. Part I 02:22
2. Part II 05:08
3. Part III 05:05
4. Part IV 02:2
5. Part V 03:33
6. Part VI 03:27
7. Part VII 03:10
8. Part VIII 04:22 

The Quartet Are:
John Frusciante
Juan Alderete De La Peña
Omar Rodriguez Lopez
Marcel Rodriguez Lopez

That’s right folks, another album from Omar Rodriguez Lopez that we are giving away for FREE or you can choose to DONATE what you can spare, any profits will go to our own new Music Scholarship program we are setting up that will be combining all donations we get from this release with the last release from Omar Rodriguez Lopez & John Frusciante. The money will be used to sponsor musicians and school programs that we feel are really helping young or in need artists. You will hear more about our organization as it progresses, it is in the process of being made a non profit and will be an ongoing fund that we will continue to release albums from both Sargent House and Rodriguez Lopez Productions to contribute too.

May 2010 30

Sepulcros De Miel by Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Quartet (featuring John) is out !

Omar Rodriguez-Lopez quarter - Sepulctos de Miel cover artI did not want to write about this earlier, especially after having seen what kind of rude questions some people asked to the label, claiming that they cannot wait et cetera. But it's not like the wait was long, as the second album of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez collaborating with John, this time in the form of the Omar Rodriguez-Lopez quartet was out a couple of minutes ago. It's called Sepulcros De Miel (Tombs Of Honey) and paying for it is, once again, optional. The quartet consists of Juan Alderete De La Peña, Marcel Rodriguez Lopez, John Frusciante and Omar Rodriguez Lopez.

You can get the album in a variety of bitrates and file types at the download page for Sepulcros De Miel by Omar Rodriguez Lopez Quartet. Once again, the album is FREE to download and you can enter 0 as its price, but you can once again be kind-hearted make a donation to Keep Music In Schools.

You can listen to all the tracks below as well, if you're currently not in a place where you can download or if you would like to discuss them with the other site viewers.

Sepulcros De Miel track listing

  1. Part I
  2. Part II
  3. Part III
  4. Part IV
  5. Part V
  6. Part VI
  7. Part VII
  8. Part VIII

Limited-edition vinyl versions of both albums are now available for pre-order and, according to what's written on the website, they should be available in August. Also, if you haven't gotten it yet, the other, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez & John Frusciante album is amazing, indeed.

For help on file formats, you should read the second half of the other album's follow-up news item before asking any unnecessary questions.

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