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Patricia Vonne — Rattle My Cage (2013)

 Patricia Vonne — Rattle My Cage (2013)

              Patricia Vonne — Rattle My Cage
née Patricia Rodriguez
Location: San Antonio, Texas ~ New York
Album release: September 10, 2013
Record Label: Bandolera Records
Duration:     36:18
01 Rattle My Cage     4:54
02 Dark Mile     4:07
03 Ravage Your Heart     4:52
04 Que´ Maravilla     4:29
05 This Cat´s in the Doghouse     2:57
06 Bitter Need     4:11
07 Dulce Refugio     2:52
08 Paris Trance     2:43
09 Tequileros     3:03
10 Mexicali De Chispa     2:10    
2013 Bandolera Records
Track 01: Paul Boll / Johnny Reno / Patricia Vonne
Track 02: Doyle Bramhall / Patricia Vonne
Track 03: Alejandro Escoverdo / Robert LaRoche / Patricia Vonne
Track 04 & 08: Patricia Vonne
Track 05: Rosie Flores / Patricia Vonne
Track 06: Peter Knigsbery / Patricia Vonne
Track 07: Michael Martinez / Patricia Vonne
Track 09: Alex Ruiz / Patricia Vonne
Track 10: Robert Rodriguez / Patricia Vonne
by Shawn Underwood in Americana, Reviews, Rock
•>   Patricia Vonne is dangerous, in a good way.  Like some kind of artistic superhero, she excels in whatever she decides to focus her efforts on.  Modeling in New York.  Acting in movies.  (Check her out as Zorro Girl in Sin City, her brother Robert Rodriguez’ movie.) Songwriting with Rosie Flores, Doyle Bramhall, Alejandro Escovedo and others.  Singing, like on her newest album, Rattle My Cage.
•>   The album could be divided into two sides.  Side 1 is rock and roll, with a dark undercurrent.  It’s not so much that the topics are dark, just that Vonne’s band manages to put an ominous tone to the sound.  The title cut, with its initial brooding drum and bass line interrupted by a squealing guitar is right on that track.  Dark Mile could easily be on the soundtrack of a Quentin Tarrantino (or Robert Rodriguez!) movie.  There’s also one of my favorite Rosie Flores songs, This Cat’s In the Doghouse, that it turns out Vonne co-wrote.  It’s not really dark, but trouble is definitely a theme.
•>   Side two is a heavily Latin-influenced collection of songs.  Dulce Refugio is a bi-lingual number with a Spanish cosmopolitan mood about the labyrinths our brain can take in the wee hours of the morning.  Que Maravilla is more a Latin rock and roll song.  And Mexicali de Chispa brings to mind all the classic spaghetti westerns.
•>   It’s hard to put a label on this record.  As you can tell from the previous couple of paragraphs, it covers a lot of ground.  Yet it hangs together as an album, even on outliers like Paris Trance, an ode to Paris written in a Bakersfield, CA, style.  I suppose it boils down to the fact that a bunch of well-written, well-performed, enjoyable songs will always hang together and that describes Rattle My Cage as well as anything. Fortaken: http://twangville.com/
•>   Patricia Vonne (2003)
•>   Guitars And Castanets (2005)
•>   Firebird (2007)
•>   Worth It (2010)
•>   Rattle My Cage (2013)
Website: http://www.patriciavonne.com/
MySpace: https://myspace.com/patriciavonne
•>   "I was not prepared for the force of this singer's new LP — "Rattle My Cage" — which represents everything good about Austin music" Michael Corcoran Austin American Statesman
•>   "She's such a passionate artist and person and all that seeps through the grooves of her new record. I think it's her best yet" — Alejandro Escovedo
•>   "Patricia Vonne, one of the great treasures of I'm not kiddin' rock till u drop American roots music, lays down some of the most righteous, low down, sexy, glorious, you're not gettin' outta here alive (and who would want to) rock 'n' roll this side of the grave on her new album. "Rattle My Cage" is her best work. Roots rock for those who want it real! 4 Stars out of 4!" — Willie Nile
•>   Notching a decade of local discs, Patrica Vonne's fifth full-length prevails in any Cage match over its predecessors. The opening title track may be the best hook in her catalog, its riff half "Day Tripper," half Bryan Adams' "Run to You," even if her voice plays second fiddle to the tune's AOR muscle. Smoldering rejoinder "Dark Mile" would fit right in with her brother's film Desperado. Even better is Vonne's Spanish on "Que Maravilla", where, toward song's end, the production recedes and her tremulous voice pings one of the LP's best moments. That ultimate prize belongs to "Bitter Need," a piano ballad evoking everyone from Fiona Apple and Regina Spektor to Barbra Streisand, no doubt the local firebrand's best moment on disc. Alejandro Escovedo, a co-conspirator here along with Rosie Flores and Doyle Bramhall, hit with a song about castanets, and no Austinite wields them like this leading lady, whose "Dulce Refugio" dances hot on a tabletop. A pair of jarring Continental Club shuffles prove Vonne's versatility, but when she sticks to her specialties, such as surf closer "Mexicali de Chispa" — written with sibling Robert Rodriguez — there's a reason why you could swear you know that tune from Once Upon a Time in Mexico. (http://www.austinchronicle.com/)

Patricia Vonne — Rattle My Cage (2013)




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