Paul Weller — On Sunset [Deluxe Edition] (3 July, 2020)

UK FLAG            Paul Weller — On Sunset [Deluxe Edition] (3 July, 2020)  Paul Weller — On Sunset [Deluxe Edition] (3 July, 2020)∫圓∫   Další téměř dokonalé album od ‚Modfathera‘. Album, které se skvěle poslouchá, aniž by působilo zdlouhavě. Patnácté studiové album anglického zpěváka a skladatele. „On Sunset“ je popisováno jako „soulové“. Zároveň je to také elektronické a orchestrální, plné mistrovských popových písní a srdcervoucích balad, plné doteků experimentalismu.“ Je to také album, které nachází Wellera ve zrychlené sumarizaci jeho díla a tím tříbí svůj důvtip do dalšího desetiletí, i když se dívá do zpětného zrcátka.
Jiný pohled: Paul Weller ukazuje několik známek zpomalení, více~méně se stále uchyluje k línému opakování. Ohromujících 43 let od „In The City“ (20 May, 1977/The Jam) rámuje jeho obraz od počátku kariéry, která nyní zahrnuje 15 široce rozmanitých sólových alb, zachovává svůj typický neklid a roztěkanost, nebo spíše vějířovitost, pokud vezmeme do úvahy nedávné výlety. V nich pronikl do akustického písničkářství, krautrocku, exploratory elektroniky a musique concrète. Highlights: Equanimity, Walkin’, Ploughman (občas v duchu Leona Redbona) s doteky geniality. 

Born: May 25, 1958 in Woking, Surrey, England
Location: London, UK
Album release: 3rd July, 2020
Record Label: Polydor Records
Duration:     69:04
01. Mirror Ball   7:37
02. Baptiste   3:06
03. Old Father Thyme   3:56
04. Village   3:20
05. More   6:55
06. On Sunset   6:35
07. Equanimity   3:55
08. Walkin’   3:57  
09. Earth Beat   4:19
10. Rockets   4:21
11. 4th Dimension   5:36
12. Ploughman   3:15
13. I’ll Think of Something   4:07
14. On Sunset (Orchestral Mix)   3:59
15. Baptiste (Instrumental)   3:06

by Mark Kidel ⌊ Monday, 29 June 2020 ⌋ Score: ★★★★
∫圓∫   One of the songs on Paul Weller’s excellent new album — only similar to his previous one True Meanings (2018) in that once again he’s gently treading new ground — is called “Equanimity”. The title sums up the quietly joyful and relaxed tone of the material he’s crafted once again with such discernment, musicality and soul.
∫圓∫   The Modfather has settled into a mature groove: one of his new release’s strongest and most appealing qualities is an impeccable attention to production, in tandem with Jan Stan Kybert. Although the sophisticated sounds are steeped in a rich heritage of pop, soul and jazz, the mix feels delightfully fresh. There is a mellotron and a Moog synthesiser, echoes of Sixties experiment, not least the legacy of The Beatles, but reinvented rather than in a nostalgic heritage mode. With subtle cliché~free string support from the Paraorchestra, unobtrusive but atmospheric backing vocals from the sweet~voiced Staves, and perfectly orchestrated horn arrangements (mostly by Steve Triggs), each track — with the exception of the relatively pallid “On Sunset” — is a joy to hear.
∫圓∫   Weller’s voice is versatile, warm and mellow: he treads the path between country and soul — two close cousins — while remaining true to his English roots, and never pretends to be something that he is not. Songs like “Old Father Tyme”, and “Baptiste”, with the Hammond organ and baritone sax so present in Sixties soul, showcase a voice that has ripened with age, and which is totally Weller’s own.
∫圓∫   The lyrics of “Village” reflect this mood of quiet contentment: “I don’t need all the things you got / I just want wanna be who I want”. There is a great deal here about settling for a kind of spiritual surrender, and the bliss of an open heart. “More”, perhaps the album’s stand~out track, with an almost tropical feel, a jazzy flute and a perfectly~crafted arrangement, suggests that less is truly more, and that chasing after future promise robs us of pleasure in the moment. Halfway through this longer track, the song dissolves into an entrancing 3~minute outro, as smooth and sophisticated as the best of Steely Dan, an enticingly danceable moment that characterises an album that is superbly feel~good without ever being soppy or New Age sweet.  ∫圓∫
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