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PS I Love You — Death Dreams (2012)

PS I Love You — Death Dreams (2012)

PS I Love You Death Dreams
Origin: Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Album release: May 8, 2012
Record Label: Paper Bag Records
Duration:      40:51
01. Death Dreams     2:34
02. Sentimental Dishes     3:26
03. Don't Go     4:38
04. Toronto     2:22
05. Future Dontcare     4:21
06. Death Dreams II     2:29
07. How Do You     4:07
08. Princess Tower     2:22
09. Red Quarter     5:01
10. Saskatoon     3:53
11. First Contact     5:18 
Band members:
¤ Paul Saulnier — lead vocals, guitar, bass, bass pedals
¤ Benjamin Nelson — drums, percussion, backing vocals
Touring members:
¤ Tim Bruton — bass, rhythm guitars, keyboards, backing vocals (2011 — present)
"Everyday life becomes more important when in your dreams, you're already dead."
¤   To the casual on–looker, PS I Love You’s quick rise to the summit of the intensely competitive Canadian music landscape is the thing dreams are made of. Heck — just over one year ago the band released their highly praised homage to their hometown Kingston, Ontario. Meet Me At The Muster Station was embraced by critics across the globe garnering consistently dazzling reviews. As a result PS I Love You’s Benjamin Nelson and Paul Saulnier began to tour Muster Station around the planet.
¤   Naturally, the band’s follow–up would gather inspiration from the opportunities that the success of Muster Station brought their way. You know, playing gigs all over the world, picking up new fans, making new friends, sharing the stage with artists that you respect. PS I Love You’s new album touches on all of these themes. If the band’s debut was about being from Kingston, album number two is about being away from Kingston. Sounds about right. Right?
¤   While on the road Paul Saulnier began to have reoccurring dreams centered around, as dark as it may sound, his mortality. Triggered by life on the road — these images, created by Saulnier’s subconscious have, shaped the direction of the band’s brilliant new LP Death Dreams.
¤ The album’s jumping–off point is the album’s title–track. ‘Death Dreams’ is a slow burning, brooding instrumental. Darkly beautiful and unlike anything PS I Love You have released to date, the song is a recreation of a melody played by a ‘death march band’ from one of Saulnier’s dreams. Heavy stuff indeed.
¤   The mood lightens with the second track which has become a live favourite over the past few months. ‘Sentimental Dishes’ sees the band returning to a conventional PS I Love You sound with new twists. Death Dreams sees the band experimenting with their formula. The songs are longer in length this time around with more unpredictable changes and parts.
¤   The track ‘Don’t Go’ is Death Dreams’ centrepiece. Featuring Nelson on backing vocals for the first time, the song builds to an irresistible crescendo that fades out and then back into handclaps and a beat that you just don’t want to end.  Death Dreams was recorded with Muster Station producer Matt Rogalsky on his portable studio in the band’s tiny rehearsal space. No big budget studios for these lads. The album’s photography and design of the album’s artwork was created and executed by Benjamin Nelson.
Label: http://shop.paperbagrecords.com
¤ 2008 — EP — CD Apple Crisp Records (2010 re–release on Paper Bag Records)
¤ 2009 — Diamond Rings / PS I Love You — 7" Hype Lighter
¤ 2010 — Starfield — 7" Thing Itself
¤ 2010 — Meet Me at the Muster Station — CD/LP Paper Bag Records
¤ 2010 — Leftovers (feat. Diamond Rings) — 7" Paper Bag Records
¤ 2011 — Figure it Out (A Collection of Singles and EPs by PS I Love You) — LP Paper Bag Records
¤ 2012 — Muster Sessions — digital Paper Bag Records
¤ 2012 — Death Dreams — CD/LP Paper Bag Records
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/psiloveyouband / Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/psiloveyouband  © The Garrison in Toronto: http://www.aux.tv/2012/05/photos-ps-i-love-you-at-the-garrison/ 
By Sarah Murphy
¤   Critically acclaimed Kingston, ON two–man rock outfit PS I Love You return with their sophomore album Death Dreams May 8 via Paper Bag Records, but you can listen to the new record in its entirety right now.
¤   Having got a lot of attention in 2010 with their debut Meet Me at the Muster Station, Death Dreams is highly anticipated, to say the least. As the title implies, the new material was inspired in part due to Paul Saulnier's reoccurring dreams about his own mortality. Though the morbid dreams were inspired by life on tour, the band's new material also takes inspiration from the more positive–sounding experiences like travelling the world, playing with other bands, meeting new people and making new friends.
¤   The LP's title track marks a departure into something darker than we're used to from PS I Love You, while the band experiment in different ways with their sound throughout the whole record.
¤ As the press release points out, "The songs are longer in length this time around with more unpredictable changes and parts."
¤ PS I Love You will be hitting the road again for a Canadian tour in a couple weeks, but for now, you can hear for yourself how the band have evolved by streaming Death Dreams below.
By Michael Tedder May 8, 2012
¤ Guitarist and singer Paul Saulnier, one half of the Ontario duo PS I Love You, waves his rock fanboy flag so proudly he all but dares listeners to snicker at his sincerity. Saulnier sings with a quiver that fulcrums between countrymen Spencer Krug and Geddy Lee, and mixes and matches Alex Lifeson’s busybody fretwork and Thurston Moore’s blissful dissonance with little concern for the aesthetic barricades between Rush and Sonic Youth fans. But Saulnier’s Guitar Center theatrics aren’t even the least cool element of PS I Love You’s sophomore album, Death Dreams, or the most artistically brave. His lyrics flaunt his depression and fear as boldly as “Princess Towers” flaunts his guitar god aspirations; even when Saulnier and drummer Benjamin Nelson lock in to a Cheap Trick–worthy strut on “Sentimental Dishes,” it feels like he’s harnessing the power of classic–rock archetypes to shore himself up to face his doubts.
¤   Sauliner’s vocals are coated in distortion and mixed well below his band’s squall, but given enough time, lyrics emerge through the hiss to reveal a man trapped in his own anxious head. ¤ (Variations on “All I ever wanted was more than I ever had” and “never be free” recur throughout Dreams.) Sometimes the music reflects this nervous energy; the “Death Dreams” instrumentals are nauseating contractions and swells of sharp notes that feel like a tightening chest, while “Future Dontcare” relentlessly piles on melancholic guitar lines to emulate a man too weighed down by regret to appreciate a nice summer. But elsewhere Nelson and Saulnier sound determined to fight this inner paralysis with all the force they can muster. “Don’t Go” pits slow–rolling guitar shimmer atop a steady thump, and “Red Quarter” flashes a triumphant crescendo and a shamelessly wah–wahed–out guitar solo. By album–ender “First Contact” the pair have accumulated enough momentum that they sound ready to bust out of Saulnier’s self–conscious mind and take the rest of the world on, one graceful guitar burst at a time. 

PS I Love You — Death Dreams (2012)






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