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Rachael Yamagata – Chesapeake (2011)

Rachael Yamagata – “Even If I Don’t”

Location:  New York, United States 
Born:  September 23, 1977, Arlington, Virginia
Labels: RCA Victor (2003–2007); Warner Bros. Records (2008–2010); Frankenfish Records (2011— ) 
“I may never understand my heart” croons Rachael Yamagata on “Even If I Don’t”, streaming below. The second single off of her forthcoming third LP, Chesapeake, the track features Yamagata emitting a new, refreshing sense of confidence and charm that she showed on her piano-folk debut, Happenstance. The smoky-voiced singer is still as heartfelt as ever and these new songs are noticeably more optimistic than the fragile tracks that made up her more somber sophomore effort, Elephants…Teeth Sinking Into Heart. Chesapeake, due out October 11th via Frakenfish Records, is shaping up to be more than worth the three year wait.
The artwork for the new album, pictured above, was created using the iPhone app Camera+. “A lot of the best spontaneous moments of making music happen when no outsiders are around, and this includes photographers,” Yamagata recently told Mashable. She added that “it was a perfect thing to be able to capture these moments in photographs on our own.”
Rachael recently announced a slew of fall tour dates around the United States. Be sure to check them out here along with the video for the first single, “Starlight”.
By Andrew Rubin on August 26th, 2011

01. Even If I Don’t
02. Starlight
03. Saturday Morning
04. You Won’t Let Me
05. Stick Around
06. Miles On A Car
07. The Way It Seems To Go
08. I Don’t Want To Be Your Mother
09. Full On
10. Dealbreaker 

Website: http://www.rachaelyamagata.com/

Photo by Hilary Walsh


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