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Radar Eyes — Radiant Remains (September 2, 2016)

Radar Eyes — Radiant Remains (September 2, 2016)

          Radar Eyes — Radiant Remains (September 2, 2016)
•      Recorded in two sessions at Electrical Audio in Chicago November 2013 and April 2014 with Gregoire Yeche, and a third session with Adam Stillson at Decade Studios in Chicago. Mixed by Adam Stillson at Decade Studios. Mastered by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service.
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Album release: September 2, 2016
Record Label: Under Road
Genre: Indie Rock, Post~Punk
Duration:     38:37
01. Dreaming of Giants      3:31
02. Community      3:44
03. Between Two Worlds      3:14
04. Desert Shore      3:30
05. Hungry Ghost      2:40
06. A Daughter’s Hymn      5:48
07. Midnight Drive      3:09
08. Calling Cassandra      3:15
09. Fall Into Place      2:48
10. Positive Feedback      3:28
•   Track 03: Flute — Emma Hospelhorn
•   Track 05: Recorded By — Adam Stilson
•   Track 06: Vocals, Partial Lyrics — Angela Mullenhour
•   Track 07: Recorded By — Adam Stilson
•   Track 08: Wurlitzer, Backing Vocals — Mary McKane
•   Track 10: Saxophone — Bob Johnson
•   Bass — Lucas Sikorski
•   Cover — Sara Bassick
•   Drums — Nithin Kalvakota
•   Floral Arrangement — Foxglove Studio
•   Guitar, Synth, Piano, Organ — Russ Calderwood
•   Mastered by — Jason Ward
•   Mixed by — Adam Stilson
•   Photography — John Sturdy
•   Photography [Band] — Andrea Bauer
•   Recorded by — Gregoire Yeche
•   Vocals, Lyrics by, Guitar, Synth, Piano — Anthony Cozzi
By J. Edward Keyes:
√   The debut album from Chicago’s Radar Eyes, on HoZac Records, was an echo~drenched, pinwheel~eyed batch of psych songs designed for shutting down and dropping out. Vocalist Anthony Cozzi was way, way, way down in the mix, with deference given to foamy washes of guitar. It was a durable, impressive entry into the constantly~growing catalog of post~’10s psych rock.
√   But it was in no way a prelude to follow~up Radiant Remains, on which the band shakes off the THC malaise, turns off the lights and commences a chilling Saint Vitus Dance. Cozzi is bellowing now, terrified and terrifying, and opener “Dreaming of Giants” comes on like a sudden chill in an empty house — a tip~off that something supernatural has entered the room. Over the course of the album’s 10 songs, Radar Eyes combine the fanged severity of death rock with a newfound sense of tunefulness and dynamics. “Giants” works its way up to a cataclysmic chorus, chords crashing and banging like glassware hitting concrete. “Between Two Worlds” is more reserved, its loosely~knitted guitars recalling the early days of R.E.M., when they were still siphoning the darkness from the American south and turning it into song. What strikes most about the record is the band’s drive and force — all of the songs seem propelled by a sense of sweaty~palmed desperation. “Hungry Ghost” claws its way forward, Cozzi wailing like a freaked~out undertaker over the taut wire guitars.
√   The album’s true showstopper is “A Daughter’s Hymn,” on which Cozzi duets with Angela Mullenhour of Touched by Ghoul. Over a funereal synth line, the pair spin the kind of tale that wouldn’t be out of place in a Lovecraft story, full of black nights and sinister creatures. It helps that Mullenhour’s approximation of Siouxsie Sioux — in tone, accent, delivery and nuance — is so dead~on anyone without the album credits on hand might wonder how the band netted such a marquee guest star. But like all of Radiant Remains, the song transcends mere homage to become something stark and chilling in its own right. The album’s overriding mood may be despair, but rarely has a band sounded so energized reveling in it.
Bandcamp: https://radareyes.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/radareyeschicago
√   Blending elements of ‘60s psychedelic and garage, ‘70s art rock, and ‘80s new wave and post’punk, Radar Eyes crafts a modern noise pop sound all their own. Guitarist/singers Nathan Luecking and Anthony Cozzi, along with drummer Shelley Zawadzki, previously of noise punkers Night of the Hunter, formed the band in Chicago in late 2007 along with bassist Kenny Rasmussen, previously of No Funeral (though Luecking and Rasmussen have since left the band, replaced by guitarist Russ Calderwood and bassist Lucas Sikorski). Their first release, a self~titled cassette EP, arrived March 2010 for Plustapes, followed later that year and the next fall, respectively, by a pair of singles on HoZac. Radar Eyes’ self~titled full–length was released on HoZac in February 2012. ~ Chrysta Cherrie

Radar Eyes — Radiant Remains (September 2, 2016)



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