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Rice Cultivation Society Sky Burial (2013)

 Rice Cultivation Society — Sky Burial (2013)

Rice Cultivation Society — Sky Burial
Location: East Meadow
Album release: January 15, 2013
Record Label: Mecca Lecca
Duration:     45:11
01. King Midas     4:04
02. Honey Hide     3:13
03. Sky Burial     4:48
04. You Oughtta' Don't Know     5:00
05. Purple Balloons for Noam Chomsky     4:45
06. Bears Staring at the Universe     2:56
07. Bunny in the Sun     5:42
08. Church of Love     5:29
09. Calypso     4:04
10. Fading Stars     5:12
The band consists of:
John Carbone - drums
Nick Lee - guitar
Joe Sanders - bass
Derek Smith - guitar/vocals
By: Michael Rickert (http://www.examiner.com)
"Sky Burial" by Rice Cultivation Society is an experimental Indie Folk album.
Songs usually start with a single guitar, and are quickly expounded upon by multiple instruments, piece by piece, eventually creating a warm mesh of sound upon which the vocals float on top of.
At times it seems as if the electric guitar playing is a little sporadic, maybe it's just trying to show off all the notes it knows, but in songs like the title track it can get a little jumpy and distracting.
I like RCS in their more acoustic incarnations, such as "calypso" or "bears staring at the universe", a track which manages to be pretty busy, but in a way that I think is more suitable to their style. Things definitely get rough towards the end of "bears staring at the universe", but it's an exciting kind of rough.
Bandcamp: http://ricecultivationsociety.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rice-Cultivation-Society/123492833110

 © photo couresy of Johnny Leather. / www.meccalecca.com

Rice Cultivation Society Sky Burial (2013)




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