Riva Taylor — ‘This Woman’s Heart .1’ (27 Mar 2020)UK FLAG Riva Taylor — ‘This Woman’s Heart .1’ (27 Mar 2020) Riva Taylor — ‘This Woman’s Heart .1’ (27 Mar 2020)⊕  Řekněte nám o svém novém albu vlastními slovy ... „Nahrávání ‘This Woman’s Heart .1’ trvalo pět let. První je tmavší polovina mého srdce, to je to, co ji představuje. Je to sedm skladeb a já opravdu doufám, že to vezme publikum na cestu. Myslím, že to trvalo tak dlouho, protože jsem se změnila. To, co pro mě toto album představuje, je mých 20 let a myslím, že v průběhu těch let se člověk hodně mění. Mám nové zkušenosti, dělám chyby, jedná se o proces svého hledání a jak jsem se stala Rivou, kterou představuji dle mých vlastních slov. Album bylo vytvořeno na více než jednom místě. Zavezli mě do některých úžasných zemí, potkala jsem několik fantastických lidí, mezi Berlínem, Paříží, LA, Nashville, tady v Londýně a ve Stockholmu. Což je místo, kde byl napsán první singl — ’Jealous’. Byla to cesta k vytvoření alba a já bych to neměnila.“
Birth name: Rebecca Jane Grosvenor Taylor
Born: 29 June 1988, Hammersmith, London
Location: London, UK
Genre: Singer~Songwriter
Album release: 27 Mar 2020
Record Label: Bloom Recordings
Duration:     25:17
1. ’Jealous’   3:34
2. ’Chaos Killed The Thrill’   3:06
3. ’My Mouth’   3:57
4. ’This Woman’s Heart’   3:45
5. ’Let Go Too Soon’   4:17
6. ’Raining Tears’   3:087. ’Running at Walls’   3:30Review
⊕  It’s always a pleasure to write about Riva Taylor when she releases new music and her debut album ‘This Woman’s Heart .1’ is particulary inspiring, just wait until you hear it. To celebrate the launch today, Riva will be treating fans to a sneak peek of her new music via a live stream across all her social media channels with all proceeds donated to Mind UK.
⊕  ‘This Woman’s Heart’ is set released worldwide in two halves throughout 2020, beginning with ‘1’ today 27th March 2020 and the second part later in the year.  It features Riva’s signature vocal~driven power pop, influenced by soulful female icons like Annie Lennox, Kate Bush and Adele.
⊕  Riva says, “This album is very much about  a woman’s journey through her twenties, shedding some innocence, learning important life lessons and emerging as a very different person at the back end. With age, I’ve opened up more; this first half is the dark half, the dark heart, and is written about the trials and tribulations of those wilderness years.“
⊕  It’s a compilation that encapsulates a story not just of personal devastation and recovery, but of a resilient woman who is finally finding herself through her music. It traces her journey over the past decade into womanhood and tells the listener of how a previous relationship tore her apart, and how she put herself back together. “The second half is the resolved heart, the happier heart. It’s about broken hearts but bright futures, that there is an outcome and it can be positive.” Says Riva.
⊕  The seven songs that make up the first of the two releases — as inventive as they are evocative — could barely be more rent with heartbreak and introspection.
⊕  Riva Taylor has spent the past six years rebuilding and remoulding herself to become a mature and compelling artist in her own right. It was her experiences during her childhood career touring the world under the wings of superstars, that have laid the solid foundations for her authentic songwriting today. This woman’s heart is wide open. Sink in.
Interview: https://www.thehypemagazine.com/2020/03/exclusive-powerhouse-riva-taylor-releases-her-debut-album-this-womans-heart-1/
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