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Rival Sons — Hollow Bones (Jun 10, 2016)

Rival Sons — Hollow Bones (Jun 10, 2016)

                  Rival Sons — Hollow Bones (Jun 10, 2016)Rival Sons — Hollow Bones (Jun 10, 2016)•→   Billboard is exclusively premiering a stream of Rival Sons’ Hollow Bones today (6/9/2016). It contains eight of the blues–rock compositions that the band is renowned for, along with a cover of Humble Pie’s “Black Coffee.”
Location: Long Beach, Southern California
Genres: Rock, Music, American Trad Rock
Album release: Jun 10, 2016
Record Label: Earache Records Ltd
Duration:     36:26
01 Hollow Bones Pt. 1     2:52
02 Tied Up     3:27
03 Thundering Voices     2:53
04 Baby Boy     3:37
05 Pretty Face     3:23
06 Fade Out     4:50
07 Black Coffee     5:34
08 Hollow Bones Pt. 2     6:50
09 All That I Want     3:39
℗ 2016 Earache Records Ltd
•→   Jay Buchanan (vocals),
•→   Scott Holiday (guitar),
•→   Michael Miley (drums),
•→   Dave Beste (bass)
By Christa Titus, 6/9/2016
≡•   As rock icons Black Sabbath trek around the world on their farewell tour, one group enjoying a ringside seat during the historic outing is Rival Sons. The Long Beach, Calif., band was chosen as direct support for Sabbath’s last run, which begins its European run this month and includes stops at Download Festival in the United Kingdom, Hellfest in France and Copenhell in Copenhagen.
≡•   “The opportunity to be a part of this tour is a rare and special opportunity that we are deeply appreciative of,” says Rival Sons bassist David Beste. “To be personally invited to be the last band to ever open for such a legendary group is something we daily discuss. It’s a huge honor and delight.”
≡•   Black Sabbath isn’t the only classic rock act whose attention Rival Sons has caught. The band, whose Led Zeppelin influences are obvious, has won over Jimmy Page himself as a convert. “Our infamous photographer friend Ross Halfin turned Jimmy on to the band. We met him at a gig at the Electric Ballroom in London,” says Beste of how the guitarist discovered the group. “Being able to count a hero of ours as a fan is another one of these indescribable experiences. [Guitarist] Scott [Holiday] had a great one–on–one meeting with Jimmy that he still speaks fondly of.”
≡•   In between these rock star nirvana moments, Rival Sons has put together its sixth album, Hollow Bones, which arrives June 10 via Earache Records. The act has been so busy with roadwork that it only gave itself 30 days to write and record the project.
≡•   “The reality of being a touring band is that you’re really limited in time to record a new album,” explains Beste. “The band has traditionally always made records quickly, and our schedule pushed us toward continuing with this method. We’d always love more time, but we’ve grown accustomed to this time frame so we really don’t know any other way. Taking longer may not have benefited us just due to the nature of the culture of our process.”
≡•   “When we begin to record with such a short window to create something new we do our best to find inspiration everywhere,” explains Beste. “When you’re down to the wire you have to rely on inspiration and each other. The lifelong influences will always inevitably pop through, but you always try to stay fresh and original … We feel this record is a natural progression and next step for the band. Creatively, it reflects where we are at this point in time.”
≡•   http://www.billboard.com/
Website: http://www.rivalsons.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rivalsons/≡•≡•≡•≡•≡•≡•≡•≡•≡•≡•≡•≡•≡•≡•≡•≡•≡•≡•≡•≡•≡•≡•≡•≡•≡•≡•≡

Rival Sons — Hollow Bones (Jun 10, 2016)



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