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Rodrigo Leão — Songs (2004-2012) (2013)

 Rodrigo Leão — Songs (2004-2012) (2013)

Rodrigo Leão — Songs (2004-2012)
Born: 1964
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Instruments: keyboards, guitar
Associated acts: Sétima Legião; Madredeus 
Album release: February 5, 2013
Record Label: Sony Portugal
Duration:     37:00
01. The Long Run (feat. Joan as Police Woman)     3:35
02. Deep Blue (feat. Sónia Tavares)     4:07
03. Happiness     3:15
04. Sleepless Heart (2012 Edit) (feat. Ana Vieira)     3:33
05. Cathy (feat. Neil Hannon)     4:49
06. Lonely Carousel (feat. Beth Gibbons)     3:35
07. Lost Words     1:00
08. Terrible Dawn (feat. Scott Matthews)     4:36
09. This Light Holds So Many Colours (feat. Stuart Staples)     5:03
10. Incomplete (feat. Scot Mathew)     3:26
Website: http://www.rodrigoleao.pt/
MySpace: www.myspace.com/rodrigoleao#!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rodrigoleaomusic
Agent: Mnanagement & Booking: http://www.uguru.net/
Manager: António Cunha |
◊  Rodrigo Leão was one of the musicians and composers behind the extraordinarily successful Portuguese ensemble Madredeus; he was in the band for nearly 10 years before leaving to focus on his own solo career. That was twenty years ago, though. Ever since, Rodrigo Leão has been on a magical journey that has taken him from rock stardom to neo-classical and film music and back, with the pop song as one of the guiding lights of his work as a composer and performer. It’s that guiding light that Songs represents, bringing together all the English-language pop songs included in his last three studio albums.
◊  You will recognise some of these voices: Scott Matthew, Portishead’s Beth Gibbons, The Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon, Tindersticks’ Stuart Staples, and Joan Wasser aka Joan as Police woman. Others – such as The Gift’s Sónia Tavares and regular collaborator Ana Vieira – will make you want to learn more about them.
◊  Not every one of the songs included in Songs is previously released. Joan Wasser’s first collaboration with Rodrigo, “The Long Run”, and “Incomplete”, featuring Scott Matthew, are newly recorded especially for this collection; but the magic of Rodrigo’s dreamy, cinematic songwriting is such that these ten pieces seem to have been cut from the same cloth and recorded in a single session. Joan As Police Woman
Biography by Mario Mesquita Borges
Genres: Pop/Rock, International Folk, Vocal, New Age
Styles: Fado, Western European Traditions, French Chanson, Vocal Pop, Composer Songbook, European Folk, International Fusion, Ethnic Fusion
◊  Assembling sole compositions constructed by different inspirations, Rodrigo Leão constructed his own way of creating music, somewhere in between progressive and experimental electronic soundings. One of the most important composers and performers of the late '90s in Portugal, Rodrigo Leão started his career by working with some of the most prominent Portuguese groups of that time. Leao first started playing with Sétima Legiao, an ensemble that produced new visions for Portuguese modern pop music in the beginning of the '80s. Three years later, he became part of one of the most significant musical projects born in Portuguese territory, Madredeus, again playing the keyboards. However, it was not until 1993 that he decided to record his first solo record, Ave Mundi Luminar. The album reflected numberless influences, from classical music to modern downbeat soundings, making a particular statement of his singular songwriting capacity. With the vocal works of Teresa Salgueiro, and with lyrics written in Latin, the album ultimately obtained significant success all across Europe. A year later, Leão decided to abandon Madredeus, and from then on he focused entirely on his solo career. Theatrum, his second album, arrived in record stores in 1995, and once more reflected his particular composing abilities, portraying singular musical paths that were once again inspired by electronic sounds and world music. More than five years later, in 2000, he released Alma Mater, his third album, once more receiving considerable acclaim.
◊  1994   Leão Ave Maundi Luminar   Sony Music Distribution
◊  1997   Theatrum   Sony Music Distribution   
◊  2001   Alma Mater   Sony BMG    
◊  2002   Pasion   Sony BMG    
◊  2004   Cinema   Sony BMG / Sony Music Distribution     
◊  2007   Portugal, um Retrato Social [Banda Sonora Original]  Sony BMG   
◊  2008   O Mundo with Beth Gibbons   Ponderosa    
◊  2009   A Mae   Sony Music Entertainment    
◊  2010   Equador   Farol Farol   
◊  2011   Montanha Mágica   Columbia   
◊  2013   Vira-Lata Vira-Lata  (©Urve)Music? 
◊  With Sétima Legião: 1984 – A Um Deus Desconhecido 1987 – Mar d'Outubro 1989 – De um Tempo Ausente 1992 – O Fogo 1994 – Auto da Fé (Live) 1999 – Sexto Sentido
◊  With Madredeus: 1987 – Os Dias da Madredeus 1990 – Existir 1992 – Lisboa (Live) 1994 – O Espírito da Paz 1995 – Ainda (soundtrack album)
◊  With Os Poetas: 1997 – Entre Nós e as Palavras
◊  Solo albums: 1993 – Ave Mundi Luminar 1995 – Mysterium (EP) 1996 – Theatrum 2000 – Alma Mater 2001 – Pasión (Live) 2004 – Cinema 2006 – O Mundo (compilation with new material) 2007 – Portugal, um Retrato Social (soundtrack album) 2009 – A Mãe 2011 – A Montanha Mágica 2012 – Songs (compilation with new material)

Rodrigo Leão — Songs (2004-2012) (2013)




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