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Rogue Wave — Delusions of Grand Fur (April 29, 2016)

Rogue Wave — Delusions of Grand Fur (April 29, 2016)

 Rogue Wave — Delusions of Grand Fur (April 29, 2016)
■■   Soubor chytlavých, promyšleně uspořádaných melodií, které ukazují, jak moc se zvuk Rogue Wave vyvinul v průběhu let. California band led by Zach Rogue that represents the more cerebral end of the indie pop spectrum.
Recording: The album features Michael Deni of the band Geographer. The song “In the Morning” was mixed by former Death Cab for Cutie member Chris Walla.Location: Oakland, CA
Album release: April 29, 2016
Record Label: Easy Sound Recordings
Duration:     46:22
01 Take It Slow     3:52 
02 In the Morning     4:52 
03 California Bride     4:14 
04 Look at Me     3:34 
05 Falling     2:59 
06 Curious Me     3:49 
07 What Is Left to Solve     4:46 
08 Frozen Lake     3:38 
09 Endless Supply     3:18 
10 Ocean     3:19 
11 The Last Picture Show     2:46 
12 Memento Mori     5:15
■■   Written by Zach Rogue, except 03 by Matthew Puckett / Zach Rogue.
■■   Zach Rogue vocals, guitar, Wurlitzer (2002–present)
■■   Patrick Spurgeon drums, keyboard, samples, vocals (2002–present)
■■   Masanori Christianson bass, glockenspiel, synth (2010, 2012–present)
■■   Jon Monahan guitar (2014–present)
■■   Keith Armstrong Mixing
■■   Sam Hopkins Synthesizer
■■   Masanori Christianson Bass
■■   The Count Mixing
■■   Matt Craven Photography
■■   Mike Deni Vocals
■■   Alan Douches Mastering
■■   Stephanie Edwards Layout
■■   Jon Monahan Guitar
■■   Matthew Puckett Composer
■■   Rogue Wave Producer
■■   Zach Rogue Composer
■■   Alex Sniderman Synthesizer Engineer
■■   Pat Spurgeon Engineer
■■   Cielle Taaffe Violin
■■   Chris Walla Mixing © Pat Spurgeon and Zach Rogue (Courtesy Easy Sound Recordings)
Editorial Reviews
Product Description
■■   Over the decade and a half that Rogue Wave has made music, Zach Rogue has continued to expand his bandʼs emotional spectrum. Drawing inspiration from the inevitable delusions of everyday American life, Rogue, his longtime bandmate Pat Spurgeon, and their fellow members have returned reinvigorated, and with a fresh sound founded on the art of patience, the fearlessness of experimenting, and the unbridled joy of creating something meaningful to help us navigate through these vacant times. Trusting in its own abilities and leaning on each other, Rogue Wave has seized creative control of its identity and sound and is set to smash any preconceptions of its music, revealing the most truthful, powerful, and urgent sonic blueprint of the band to date.
■■   Long–time Rogue Wave fans accustomed to the duoʼs dreamy, guitar–driven songs will be surprised to find them entering into the great abyss of ominous new–wave soundscapes on (“Delusions of Grand Fur”). — Spin Magazine
■■   “What Is Left To Solve?” reverberates with a sense of urgency thanks to a fast bass line and steady drums. Itʼs a bit of a departure for Rogue Wave, infusing their classic indie sound with traces of krautrock and new wave.” — Stereogum © Terri Loewenthal
AllMusic Review by Marcy Donelson;  Score: ***½
■■   On LP six, Rogue Wave pick up where they left off on 2013ʼs Nightingale Floors, blending bedroom warmth with rock–club synth pop on Delusions of Grand Fur. Though the album doesnʼt mark a conspicuous change in direction for the band, it does branch into the trippy (“Take It Slow,” “The Last Picture Show”) and the new wave–resurrecting (“What Is Left to Solve” and “Ocean”), with leader Zach Rogue calling the record “the trajectory Iʼve always wanted for this band.” Delusions of Grand Fur was notably home–recorded and produced by core members Rogue and Patrick Spurgeon, their first endeavor in unaided production dating back to the cozy lo–fi of Rogue Waveʼs 2003 debut, Out of the Shadow. Rogueʼs sweet melodies and sophisticated pop sensibilities show no signs of waning here, as the bandʼs wistful indie rock holds at its nucleus classic, band–lush singer/songwriter fare. “In the Morning,” for instance, weaves acoustic and electric guitars, breezy reverb, sprightly drums, and vocal harmonies around a tune that could be from the ‘60s, or ‘80s, or even 1930s. ■■   Balancing the albumʼs denser moments, which crescendo with the particularly opaque “Endless Supply,” are sparser tunes like the ballad “Falling,” which makes due with acoustic guitars, light–handed organ tones, and textured vocal tracks. Also represented is Rogueʼs aptitude for sneaking relatively ambitious lyrics into easygoing rhythms (“structural weakness...faster than the Preakness”). With 12 songs that include the bandʼs usual absence of lazy filler, Delusions of Grand Fur is a sturdy and worthwhile outing thatʼs likely to please and impress fans. ■  http://www.allmusic.com/
■■   http://consequenceofsound.net/2016/04/album-review-rogue-wave-delusions-of-grand-fur/
Website: http://www.roguewavemusic.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/roguewaveband
■■   Out of the Shadow (February 18/Re–released: July 13, 2004/Responsive Recordings / Sub Pop Records)
■■   Descended Like Vultures (October 25, 2005/Sub Pop Records)
■■   Asleep at Heavenʼs Gate (September 18, 2007/Brushfire Records)
■■   Permalight (March 2, 2010/Brushfire Records)
■■   Nightingale Floors (June 4, 2013/Vagrant Records)
■■   Delusions of Grand Fur (April 29, 2016/Easy Sound Recording Company
■■   10:1 (August 23, 2005) Sub Pop Records
■■   The MySpace Transmissions (October 3, 2008) MySpace Records

Rogue Wave — Delusions of Grand Fur (April 29, 2016)



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