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Rough RamblersStiff Upper Lip  [2010]

Rough Ramblers – Stiff Upper Lip (2010) [MP3]

Guitar led jazz-fusion trio

Rough Ramblers picture

Record label: DDP (Daisy Dog Productions)

Location: London and South East, UK



Rough Ramblers biography:
Rough Ramblers is British fusion trio, founded by guitarist Simon Goulding. He was trained at Berklee in Boston in early 90-s and played jazz, funk and fusion. In 2003 he recorded his first Rough Ramblers release "Dolls House" with Andy Tolman on bass and Martin Magic Johnson on drums . The trio has been taking their music out into the world, playing live gigs and will be touring later on in the year to support the albums release. The music is influenced by Wayne Krantz, Allan Holdsworth and Jeff Beck.

Then he spent 5 years playing with The Tarantinos and touring Europe.

On second Rough Ramblers album "Stiff Upper Lip" Simon collaborates with multi-instrumentalist Jules Jackson and drummer Simon Pearson. The title reflects Simon's take on British fusion and all things British. Album was recorded in September 2009 at Whippet Studios.

Slava (Snobb)

Simon Golding - guitars
Simon Pearson - drums
Jules Jackson - bass

A must have for guitar fusion lovers: I didn´t know these guys but I´m glad I found them and hope to hear a lot more from them in the near future. It´s one of the best fusion CDs I´ve heard in recent years. It´s all there, a few bass solos, drum solo and great guitar playing with lots of effects and above all compositions that keep the attention. It´s a must have for Holdsworth & Krantz lovers. (review of Dolls House from a purchaser) Author: Luc Pullens

Following up on the well received first album “Dolls House”, which was played on jazzfm and sold worldwide via the internet, Simon Golding unleashes his new Rough Ramblers album “Stiff Upper Lip”. The title reflects Simon’s take on British fusion and all things British. Recorded last September at Whippet Studios with new team members Simon Pearson (drums) and Jules Jackson (bass).

CD tracks:
Bumper to Bumper – Reflects the amount of time as a musician you have to sit in traffic going from gig to gig.
Den’s House – A tribute to independent, hand-built amplifier maker Dennis Cornell who has been making superb amps and pedals for years. Not only has he been generous with his time and advice but has lent amps on a regular basis!
Static Caravan by the Sea – Can’t get more British than that. Having moved to the coast Simon now has his own!
If You’re Sure – Having a lack of indecision.
Cheeky Rest – When listening back to the drum track, Jules commented on a cheeky rest that Simon had put in. Also, a quiet time about 3pm when you can close your eyes and have a cheeky rest!
Stiff Upper Lip – Title track of the CD. Simon has always spoken of his Wayne Krantz influence and this is a tribute to him.
Gigshitz – That nervous feeling you get just before you step out onto the stage. Just before going on stage a fellow Tarantino (mentioning no names) would disappear and of course, he would be in the loo doing his gigshitz!
Piece of my Mind – Wondering where the missing bit of your brain went following an LSD trip.
Paper People – About people with no substance…and there’s plenty around.
For the Children – Dedicated to Simon’s children who were both born since the last album.
Simon Golding: Having toured in Europe for the last five years with cult band The Tarantinos and supporting diverse artists such as Pink and Limp Bizkit he is back to what he enjoys most; composing and playing fusion. Having attended Berklee College of music he is a regular on the function scene and plays in various bands and Big Bands.
Simon Pearson: Simon has been involved in the performance, recording and touring of a wide variety of genres of music, both improvised and composed, including not only jazz (Jim Mullen, Julian Siegel), but also contemporary classical (e.g. Errollyn Wallen, the L.S.O, Endymion Ensemble, Issie Barratt); pop and indie bands (e.g. Spiritualized, John Cale, the Divine Comedy, Jimi Tenor), and West-end musicals (the Lion King, Billy Elliot, Wicked).
Jules Jackson has been working professionally in London as a bass player since graduating from the Guildhall in 2002. Recently he has worked regularly with Jamie Cullum, Jacqui Dankworth, Sir John Dankworth/Dame Cleo Laine, and a vast array of British jazz artists including Stan Sulzman, Steve Waterman, Tony Kinsey, Frank Holder and Mark Lockheart.

Genre: Instrumental, Jazz-Rock, Fusion
Country: UK
Year: 2010
Playtime: 1:12:39
01. Bumper to Bumper 7:38
02. Den’s House 6:28
03. If You’re Sure 9:32
04. Cheeky Rest 7:37
05. Stiff Upper Lip 7:57
06. Static Caravan by the Sea 8:08
07. Gigshitz 6:07
08. Piece of my Mind 8:34
09. Paper People 5:45
10. For the Children 4:55

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