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Rumer — Boys Don't Cry (2012)

Rumer — Boys Don´t Cry
Birth name: Sarah Joyce
Also known as: Sarah Prentice
Born: 3 June 1979, Islamabad, Pakistan
Location: London, UK
Album released: 28 May 2012
Recorded: 2010 - 2012
Genre: Soul, Easy Listening
Record Label: Atlantic Records
Duration:     xxx
01. "P.F. Sloan" (Jimmy Webb) 4:10
02. "It Could be the First Day" (Richie Havens) 2:27
03. "Be Nice to Me" (Todd Rundgren) 3:27
04. "Travelin' Boy" (Paul Williams / Roger Nichols) 3:20
05. "Soulsville" (Isaac Hayes) 3:46
06. "The Same Old Tears On A New Background" (Stephen Bishop) 2:50
07. "Sara Smile" (Hall & Oates) 3:33
08. "Flyin' Shoes" (Townes Van Zandt) 4:04
09. "Home Thoughts From Abroad" (Clifford T. Ward) 3:27
10. "Just For a Moment" (Ronnie Lane) 2:39
11. "Brave Awakening" (Terry Reid) 4:10
12. "We Will" (Gilbert O'Sullivan) 4:00
Special Edition: 
13. "Andre Johray" (Tim Hardin) 2:54
14. "Soul Rebel" (Bob Marley) 3:33
15. "My Cricket" (Leon Russell) 2:50
16. "A Man Needs a Maid" (Neil Young) 3:59
¶  P.F. Sloan" was the first single released from the album, it was released on May 4, 2012.
¶  Note that the track listing on the U.S. version is different and that the song "Andre Johray" by Tim Hardin is not included at all. Instead it includes the song "Welcome Back" by John Sebastian.
Website: http://www.rumer.co.uk/
Alexa Afia  Violin
Helen Atkinson  Engineer
Matt Backer  Guitar
Max Bell  Liner Notes
Mark Berrow  Violin
Stephen Bishop  Composer, Tributee
Rachel Stephanie Bolt  Viola
Christopher Bond  Composer
Michael H. Brauer  Mixing
Walter Briski Jr.  Art Direction, Photography
Steve Brown  Autoharp, Engineer, Flute, Harp, Percussion, Producer, String Arr., Vocals (Backg)
Cormac Browne  Violin
Dan Carpenter  Trumpet
Paul Clarvis  Percussion
Julian Cox  Bass
Dan Curwin  Photography
Dave Daniels  Cello
Daryl Hall & John Oates  Tributee
Malcolm Doherty  Vocals (Background)
Melvin Duffy  Pedal Steel Guitar
Richard Edwards  Trombone (Tenor)
Geoff Foster  Engineer, Producer
Simon Gardner  Flugelhorn
Ryan Gilligan  Mixing Assistant, Pro-Tools
Bobbie Gordon  Vocals (Background)
Daryl Hall  Composer
Susan Harriott  Vocals (Background)
David Hartley  Fender Rhodes, Keyboards, Organ (Hammond), Piano, Wurlitzer
Richie Havens  Composer, Tributee
Andy Hayes  Design
Isaac Hayes  Composer, Tributee
Nicky Holland  Oboe
Mike Hosey  Design
Julian Jackson  Harmonica
Alexa Kidd-May  Violin
Patrick Kiernan  Violin
Kirsten Klingels  Violin
Bob Knight  Drums
James Knight  Saxophone
Josephine Knight  Cello
Boguslaw Kostecki  Violin
Peter Lale  Viola
Ronnie Lane  Composer, Tributee
David Lee  French Horn
Bob Ludwig  Mastering
Rita Manning  Violin
Cliff Masterson  String Arrangements
Ciaran McCabe  Violin
Perry Montague-Mason  Violin
Steve Morris  Violin
Jennie Muskett  Producer, String Arrangements
Roger Nicols  Composer
John Oates  Composer
Gilbert O'Sullivan  Composer, Tributee
John Parricelli  Guitar
Steve Pearce  Bass, Double Bass
Ladonna Harley Peters  Vocals (Background)
Jonathan Rees  Violin
Tom Rees-Roberts  Flugelhorn
Terry Reid  Composer, Tributee
Frank Ricotti  Percussion, Vibraphone
Rumer  Art Direction, Executive Producer, Photography, Producer, Vocals, Vocals (Backgr.)
Todd Rundgren  Composer, Tributee
Maria Ryan  Violin
Emlyn Singleton  Violin
Rob Taggart  Piano
Jamie Talbot  Sax (Tenor)
Ian Thomas  Drums
Chris Tombling  Violin
Mark Tree  Percussion
Townes Van Zandt  Composer, Tributee
Clifford T. Ward  Composer, Tributee
Vicci Wardman  Viola
Jimmy L. Webb  Composer, Tributee
Bruce White  Viola
Annabel Williams  Vocals (Background)
Paul Williams  Composer, Tributee
Carsten Windhorst  Photography
Ron Wood  Tributee
Warren Zielinski  Violin
2012  P.F. Sloan  Japan Hot 100 Singles    #22
BBC Review:
Sarah Joyce covers male songwriters both culty and canonical on album number two.
¶  Paul Lester 2012-05-23
¶  On Boys Don’t Cry, the follow-up to her million-selling 2010 debut Seasons of My Soul, Rumer has recorded versions of tracks written by men in the 1970s. It doesn’t quite have the subversive qualities that Tori Amos’ similarly themed 2001 album Strange Little Girls had – with the possible exception of her take on Neil Young’s A Man Needs a Maid, where the sense and meaning of the original are somewhat altered by its being performed by a woman in 2012.
¶  Often, with its covers of songs by Todd Rundgren, Hall & Oates, Stephen Bishop, Paul Williams, Clifford T Ward, Gilbert O’Sullivan and Jimmy Webb, Boys Don't Cry feels like Rumer’s deep immersion in the pantheon of arcane US and UK MOR rock prompted her to construct an alternative canon of commercial tunesmiths requiring critical rehabilitation. In almost every instance she inhabits the songs to such an extent that they feel like her own compositions, even when the titles at first seem inappropriate.
Williams’ Travelin’ Boy is one of two tracks here by a songwriter formerly covered by Karen Carpenter, whose voice Rumer’s resembles to an uncanny degree. Not for nothing did she recently receive the approbation of Richard Carpenter to go along with her plaudits from Elton John and Burt Bacharach.
¶  The object of the project was, she says, to make a record that described the solace and anguish she’s experienced since achieving success and fame. Hence all the songs – including Travelin’ Boy, Ward’s Home Thoughts From Abroad and Flyin' Shoes by Townes Van Zandt – about rootlessness and longing to be home.
¶  It goes without saying that Rumer’s performances are uniformly technically flawless and models of restraint. Boys Don't Cry works superbly as a companion piece to Seasons..., the harmonic richness of the music and lush chord sequences showing exactly where her allegiances lie: Be Nice to Me is Rumer doing Rundgren doing Laura Nyro doing Bacharach, and Travelin' Boy suggests an album’s worth of collaborations with the composer of Rainy Days and Mondays would be no bad thing.
¶  Boys Don’t Cry posits Rumer as a throwback, albeit a glorious one, to a bygone era, when the songwriting verities of the Brill Building were transposed to LA’s Laurel Canyon. Fabulous stuff. 

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