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Sarah Bowman Empty Houses (2011) 


                Sarah Bowman – Empty Houses
Native: Iowa
Location: Brooklyn, New York, United States
Currently: Bern, Switzerland
Genre: Americana / Classical / Indie
Album release: Ocotber 14 2011
Empty houses became a symbol for songwriter Sarah Bowman when she was searching for a new place to live. From this experience she gained new perspective on poverty, the division of classes, subtle constants between cultures, and the true meaning of home. The songs in this collection of works entitled ‘Empty Houses’ reflect on difficult times and offer hope and a sense of purpose needed to push through and feel not alone.The production of the CD was fitting to the theme. Sarah recorded in the historic La Cappella concert hall off season in the summer of 2010. The rich sound of the hall is captured in the careful placement of her instruments and vocals. Sarah recorded piano, cello, guitar and vocals in the hall before setting off to Amsterdam to collaborate with renowned artist Pim Kops of The Dijk and The Avalanche Quartet. With the help of the staff at La Cappella, and the talents of Bern’s local musicians Samuel Baur and Oli Hartung, the album came together as a most genuine and touching creation of a group of friends.
Album Musicians:
Sarah Bowman - Vocals, Cello, Guitar, Wurlitzer
Pim Kops - Accordion, Rhodes, Guitars
Oli Hartung - Electric Guitars
Samuel Baur - Drums and Percussion
Mike Meadows- PercussionClaudio Strebel- Bass
Live Band:
Oli Hartung - Electric Guitars
Samuel Baur - Drums and Percussion
Celine-Giulia Voser - Cello
Website: http://sarahbowmanmusic.com/fr_sarahbowman.cfm
Sarah Bowman's new release Empty Houses was recorded in the historic La Cappella concert hall of Bern, Switzerland. 'I was given this chance to shut the doors behind me and start my work. I had all of my instruments within reach,' says Sarah about her summer in Bern, 'and because I was alone, I felt at ease in the studio for the first time in my life.'
Sarah's new songs are beautiful and full of heart, with even more powerful arrangements than we've already known from her previous albums. Empty Houses is a collection of songs that shed light on the singer's difficult past. 'It's closet cleaning and it's giving back. I've been traveling around for years and by now I have enough distance from the things that pain me that I can use my voice to try to connect to the goodness I've seen in people all over the world. I don't think I'll ever take this for granted.'
Sarah expresses a relentless hope. It finds its way into each story and song she writes. Empty Houses features the song Salle Sainte Cecile about the devastated concert hall in Port-au-Prince Haiti where Sarah once taught cello. Proceeds from the special edition CD sales will go towards rebuilding the music program at Ecole Sainte Trinite, former home of Salle Sainte Cecile.
Sarah grew up in Iowa, working as a performing artist since the age of 14. She has been touring throughout the United States and Europe for the past 7 years, including performances at The Filmore in NYC, Whispering Bob Harris Show on the BBC2, the Cayamo Cruise as Paste Magazine contest winner, and Euskalduna Concert Hall, Bilbao. Sarah started a duo with her twin sister Claire in 2004 called The Bowmans. The Bowmans have released 3 albums which have all been met with international critical acclaim, and they have performed over 1,000 concerts together. Sarah also recorded and performed with many artists including Nicole Atkins, Ian Thomas, and Rasputina while on tour with with Les Claypool. In 2001, Sarah won an honorable mention from the John Lennon Songwriting Contest with the hit from her first album, So I Sing. She is currently living between New York and Luzern, Switzerland.
Sarah is a trained cellist and vocalist with music degrees in performance and in teaching. Sarah has been writing songs and performing her songs to audiences since childhood. For more info. visit www.reverbnation.com/thebowmansmusic

Photos: Marco Sieber

Sarah Bowman

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