Sarah Jarosz — World On The Ground (June 5, 2020)USA FLAG    Sarah Jarosz — World On The Ground (June 5, 2020) Sarah Jarosz — World On The Ground (June 5, 2020)Born: May 23, 1991
Origin: Austin, Texas, United States
Genres: Americana, Country Folk, Bluegrass, Folk
Occupation(s): Singer~songwriter
Instruments: Mandolin, banjo, guitar, octave mandolin
Album release: June 5, 2020
Record Label: Rounder Records
Duration:     35:32
01. Eve   3:28
02. Pay It No Mind   3:16
03. Hometown   3:00
04. Johnny   3:59
05. Orange And Blue   3:37
06. I’ll Be Gone   3:35
07. Maggie   3:29
08. What Do I Do   3:23
09. Empty Square   3:20
10. Little Satchel   4:25

Product Details
• Unsigned World On The Ground black vinyl LP
• Woven patch (4” high x 2.5” wide)
• Turntable mat with Sarah Jarosz photo, top of the line 16~ounce felt, and custom printed dye sublimation (optional)
• All instant grat tracks + World On The Ground album download upon release
• Estimated delivery date: June 5, 2020
Album Overview
• On her latest full~length World On The Ground, Sarah Jarosz shares a collection of stories of her Texas hometown, each song lit up in her captivating voice and richly detailed songwriting. Throughout the album, the three~time Grammy Award~winner explores the tension and inertia of small~town living, the desire for escape and the ease of staying put. As she inhabits characters both real and imagined — many of them sensitive souls prone to aimless wandering and back~porch daydreaming — Jarosz reveals her remarkable gift for slipping into the inner lives of others and patiently uncovering so much indelible insight. The follow~up to 2016’s two~time Grammy Award~winning Undercurrent, World On The Ground came to life in collaboration with producer/songwriter John Leventhal: a five~time Grammy Award~winner known for his work with artists like Elvis Costello, Lucinda Williams, and his wife Rosanne Cash. Along with shaping the album’s spacious yet lushly textured sound, Leventhal played a vital part in Jarosz’s decision to center the album on her intricate storytelling.
• “The first time we met to talk about the record, John said he wanted me to try to take a step back and look out at the world in my songwriting, rather than looking inward,” says Jarosz. “It completely opened the gates for me, and I started thinking a lot about growing up in Texas and diving into those memories in a way I’d never really done before. I think it has something to do with being in my late 20s, and starting to enter the phase where I’m looking back at what got me to where I am now — as opposed to constantly looking forward, as you do when you’re younger. It felt like the right time for me to return full circle to my roots and my home.” Label:
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