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Sean Rowe New Lore

Sean Rowe — New Lore (April 7, 2017)

                  Sean Rowe — New Lore (April 7, 2017)Sean Rowe — New Lore (April 7, 2017) ♦♦♦   Podívejme se na vztah s jeho fanoušky a jak reálné to je, opustit kecy a mentalitu hudebního mainstreamu.
♦♦♦   “Myslím, že je to zacílenější, než cokoliv, co jsem napsal dříve. Pokud poslední dvě alba byly trochu z vesmíru, tohle je pozemské a vedoucí přímo ke zdroji. Je to živé, má to srdeční tep, měřitelný puls.”
♦♦♦   Strávil 24 dnů o samotě v poušti, spoléhal se jen na svůj nůž (a pár nouzových balíčků Ramen), Rowe rovnou říká, aby lidé věděli, že to není o tom porazit přírodu, ale spíše splynout s ní .
♦♦♦   Tu samou vášeň, jakou má pro upřímné spojení s přírodou, má také pro svůj vztah s fanoušky.
♦♦♦   Album “Madman” promlouvalo k srdci od první skladby. Nekompromisní kvalita jeho textů a jeho hudební styl, jsou vzácné v moři reality show popových hvězd a zároveň jsou všechna jeho alba s prstem na tepu doby: je jasné, že je tady něco hlubšího. “New Lore” zůstává na stejné vlně. 
Location: Troy, Black Dog Studios, Stillwater, NY
Album release: April 7, 2017
Record Label: Anti/Epitaph
Duration:     47:03
01. Gas Station Rose     3:51
02. The Salmon     4:25
03. Promise of You     3:10
04. I’ll Follow Your Trail 3:50   
05. The Vine     5:15
06. Newton’s Cradle     4:12
07. I Can’t Make a Living Holding You     4:29
08. It’s Not Hard To Say Goodbye Sometimes     2:39
09. You Keep Coming Alive     3:43
10. The Very First Snow     4:12
11. To Leave Something Behind
Editorial Reviews
•   NEW LORE — THE ALBUM: I’ve always been tied to the idea of having each record sound different from the one before it, and there’s no exception with this one. My writing on this one is really reflective of the story that I’ve been living out over the past few years ~ as a musician, a father, and a human trying to navigate this crazy world. It’s also the stories that we all share: the everyday stuff, and the big stuff. As always, I poured my heart into these songs. When I came across the opportunity to link up with an internationally acclaimed producer who I have long admired, I knew he would be able to add some deep mojo to the recordings. Matt Ross~Spang (Grammy~Winning engineer of Jason Isbell’s Something More Than Free, one of my favorite records of last year) is a musical Willy Wonka, and his Chocolate Factory is the legendary Sam Phillips Studio in Memphis, TN. This place has an unmatched soul and a vibe that stems from the history of Memphis as a haven for many of my musical heroes. I’m incredibly honored and excited to have worked with Matt and the team at Sam Phillips to make this record the best that it can be.  —  Sean Rowe
•   Singer~songwriter Sean Rowe’s powerful new album entitled New Lore is now available. The new record undoubtedly focuses on both Rowe’s powerful voice and evocative lyrics. The result is a collection of affecting stories of desperation and resilience with Rowe’s voice beautifully augmented by flourishes of piano and a string section. New Lore was recorded in Memphis at the historic Sam Phillips Recording studio.
•   Rowe says of New Lore, “This is a record about loneliness and a longing for connectedness. This yearning for a sense of home. Musically, I think this record is more focused than any before. I’ve become really aware about what it is that I do well, allowing my voice to come through and lyrically grab people with the stories. Those are kind of my superpowers. The instruments on the record never intrude on my voice and words.”
Written By Hal Horowitz // April 5, 2017 // Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
•   Some singers don’t look like they sound. Sean Rowe is not one of them. It’s hard to imagine his dark, bellowed baritone emerging from anyone other than a burly, bearded, bear of a man who wouldn’t be out of place at a Harley~Davidson convention.
•   In contrast to his somewhat intimidating exterior with tired eyes, bushy, greying whiskers, and a cavernous, rumbling yet oddly calming voice, Rowe digs deep, creating some of the most touching, reflective, introspective music you’re likely to hear from anyone who seems like they would rather arm wrestle you than gaze into the depths of your soul. When he unexpectedly shifts into a sweet falsetto on songs such as “The Salmon,” against swelling, portentous strings, the effect is jolting, riveting and unusually affecting.
•   Those recently introduced to Rowe through the stark, acoustic “To Leave Something Behind” featured in the Ben Affleck film The Accountant will need to adjust to his fifth release’s far more robust vibe. Producer/engineer Matt Ross~Spang (Jason Isbell, Margo Price) layers chamber strings and soulful, near gospel backing singers atop Rowe’s basic guitar accompaniment, expanding these folk songs into an almost cinematic experience. When Rowe grabs onto a lyric as darkly moving as “I knelt down in desperation/ I felt around for something real” with moaning, bluesy slide guitar, finger picked licks and nightmarish sound effects, the effect is intense and spellbinding.
•   In the midst of this emotional storm comes the slick, soulful R&B of “Newton’s Cradle,” a readymade for radio song combining the juiciest aspects of Philadelphia International and Motown labels atop disco strings wrapped into one irresistible four minute burst. It’s an anomaly, seemingly from another album altogether, but also a much needed breather interspersed with the more gripping style Rowe favors throughout.
•   New Lore confirms Rowe’s status as one of Americana’s most compelling and distinctive artists and, even with his imposing mountain man appearance, a sweet, warm hug for sore ears.   •   https://americansongwriter.com/
Website: http://www.seanrowe.net/
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ess11y1oFiE
ANTI: http://www.anti.com/artists/sean-rowe/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sean_rowe
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seanrowemusic
Press: Hilary Okun @ Anti
Agent: US/Canada Frank Riley @ High Road UK/Europe/ROW Paul Charles @ Asgard

Sean Rowe New Lore



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