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Sheryl Crow — Feels Like Home (2013)

 Sheryl Crow — Feels Like Home (2013)

Sheryl Crow — Feels Like Home
♦   Backup singer to the stars whose updated spin on classic roots rock made her one of the most popular mainstream rockers of the '90s.
Birth name: Sheryl Suzanne Crow
Born: February 11, 1962, Kennett, Missouri, U.S.
Location: farm outside Nashville, Tennessee
Album release: September 10, 2013
Record Label: Warner Bros.
Duration:     51:25
01 Shotgun (Sheryl Crow / Chris Dubois / Kelley Lovelace / John Shanks)  3:15 
02 Easy (Sheryl Crow / Chris Dubois / Jeff Trott)  4:13 
03 Give it to Me (Sheryl Crow / Charlie Judge / Jeff Trott)  3:58 
04 We Oughta Be Drinkin' (Sheryl Crow / Chris Dubois / Luke Laird)  3:52 
05 Callin' Me When I'm Lonely (Brent Anderson / Rodney Clawson)  3:25 
06 Waterproof Mascara (Sheryl Crow/Chris Dubois/Brad Paisley/Kristin Wilkinson)  3:33 
07 Crazy Ain't Original (Al Anderson / Sheryl Crow / Leslie Satcher)  3:18 
08 Nobody's Business (Sheryl Crow / Chris Dubois / Kelley Lovelace)  3:35 
09 Homesick (Sheryl Crow / Chris Stapleton)  4:05 
10 Homecoming Queen (Brandy Clark/Charlie Judge/Luke Laird/Shane McAnally)  3:25 
11 Best of Times (Al Anderson / Sheryl Crow / Leslie Satcher)  3:19 
12 Stay at Home Mother (Sheryl Crow / Natalie Hemby)  4:12
Deluxe edition bonus tracks: 
13 "This Is You (That Was Then)"  3:49
14 "You're Asking the Wrong Person"  3:32
♦   The album is the first country record of her career. Each track on the album was co-written with another songwriter, including Brad Paisley, which is a first for Crow. The album was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee and was produced by Grammy award-winner Justin Niebank.
♦   Natthaphol Abhigantaphand  Assistant
♦   Al Anderson  Composer
♦   Brent Anderson  Composer
♦   David Angell  Violin
♦   Monisa Angell  Viola
♦   Samuel Bacco  Marimba, Vibraphone
♦   Daniel Bacigalupi  Assistant
♦   Richard Bennett  Guitar (Electric)
♦   Drew Bollman  Assistant
♦   Zeneba Bowers  Violin
♦   Zac Brown  Vocals
♦   Kristofer Buckle  Make-Up
♦   Tom Bukovac  Guitar (Electric)
♦   Brandy Clark  Composer
♦   Rodney Clawson  Composer
♦   Perry Coleman  Vocals (Background)
♦   J.T. Corenflos  Guitar (Electric)
♦   Sheryl Crow  Accordion, Composer, Guitar (Acoustic), Producer, Vocals (Background), Wurlitzer
♦   Eric Darken  Percussion
♦   David Davidson  Violin
♦   Chris Dubois  Composer
♦   Dan Dugmore  Guitar (Steel)
♦   Chris Farrell  Viola
♦   Rebekah Forecast  Hair Stylist
♦   Paul Franklin  Guitar (Steel)
♦   Audley Freed  Guitar (Electric)
♦   Vince Gill  Vocals (Background)
♦   Kenny Greenberg  Guitar (Electric)
♦   Gerald Greer  Violin
♦   Mike "Frog" Griffith  Production Coordination
♦   Adam Grover  Assistant
♦   Tania Hancheroff  Vocals (Background)
♦   Tony Harrell  Keyboards
♦   Aubrey Haynie  Fiddle, Mandolin
♦   Natalie Hemby  Composer
♦   Scott Hendricks  A&R
♦   Wes Hightower  Vocals (Background)
♦   Jim Hoke  Harmonica
♦   Jedd Hughes  Guitar (Electric)
♦   Mandy Johnson  Photography
♦   Charlie Judge  Accordion, Clavinet, Composer, Hammond B3, Lap Steel Guitar, Piano, String Arrangements, Strings, Synthesizer
♦   Luke Laird  Composer
♦   Anthony LaMarchina  Cello
♦   Kelley Lovelace  Composer
♦   Shane McAnally  Composer
♦   Andrew Mendelson  Mastering
♦   Ashley Monroe  Vocals (Background)
♦   Greg Morrow  Drums
♦   Seth Morton  Assistant, Engineer
♦   Justin Niebank  Engineer, Mixing, Producer
♦   Brad Paisley  Composer, Slide Guitar
♦   Allen Parker  Assistant
♦   Katherine Petillo  Art Direction, Design
♦   Matt Rausch  Assistant
♦   Lisa Ray  Management
♦   Sarighani Reist  Cello
♦   Leslie Satcher  Composer
♦   John Shanks  Composer
♦   Pamela Sixfin  Violin
♦   Chris Stapleton  Composer
♦   Peter Strickland  Management
♦   Shane Tarleton  Creative Director
♦   Ilya Toshinsky  Dobro, Mandolin
♦   Jeff Trott  Composer, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Lap Steel Guitar
♦   Wei Tsun Chang  Violin
♦   Scooter Weintraub  Management
♦   Pam Wertheimer  Management
♦   Kristin Wilkinson  Composer, String Arrangements
♦   Karen Winkelmann  Violin
♦   Glenn Worf  Bass
♦   Jim Wright  Photography
Written by Jim Beviglia September 4th, 2013 at 4:24 pm
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5
♦   The cynical response that comes to the fore when an established pop/rock artist like Sheryl Crow makes a country album is that it’s a ploy intended to prop up a flagging career. When the hits get fewer and farther between, you just head to Nashville, ladle on the strings and pedal steel, and you’ve got yourself a brand new audience ready to lap it all up, as if it were that easy.
♦   While one would have to be inside the head of Sheryl Crow to determine exactly what her motives were in releasing Feels Like Home, the evidence on the disc suggests that this was a natural progression for Crow’s music rather than a mercenary one. This foray into country music is smooth, polished, and well-executed, with a few standout moments that suggest that this talented songwriter and performer might have been still a star even if C&W got her before pop radio did.
♦   Looking back on Crow’s catalog, it’s not surprising that she can make the transition. ♦   Hits like “All I Wanna Do” and “Leaving Las Vegas” may have been more loose-limbed musically than your typical Nashville groove, but the detail-heavy lyrics were right from the country playbook. Feels Like Home might have in-your-face hooks (especially on the up-tempo numbers) and gleaming production, but the frank, honest storytelling and emotional punch of the songs, courtesy of Crow and a bunch of ace collaborators, are what lingers.
♦   The album also highlights what an outstanding singer Crow is. She nimbly handles the frank come-ons of “Shotgun” and “Easy” and finds the tenderness in quiet character sketches like “Stay At Home Mother” and “Homecoming Queen.” She really goes to town on the soulful “Give It To Me,” a direct plea to a reticent lover that allows her to project power and vulnerability all at once.
♦   Feels Like Home goes astray only at the times when it seems like it’s too eager to court hard-core country fans. “We Oughta Be Drinkin’” overplays its raucous nature, while the tough-talking social commentary found on “Crazy Ain’t Original These Days” and “Best Of Times” is strained at best.
♦   The album is at its best when it sticks to the timeless stuff about love and loss. On “Homesick,” the ghosts of a departed lover make the narrator long for life on the road; it’s got the kind of stirring heartbreak that can be found on some of Bonnie Raitt’s late-period ballads. “Waterproof Mascara,” co-written with Brad Paisley, is a classic country tear-jerker about a single Mom trying to stay strong for her son. With the killer refrain “Thank God they make waterproof mascara/’Cause it won’t run like his Daddy did,” it’s the kind of thing that Loretta Lynn or Dolly Parton would have knocked out of the park in the day. Comparisons aside, Crow makes these songs all her own.
♦   Considering how comfortable she seems in this new setting, Feels Like Home is an appropriate title. Commercial success will probably determine whether country music is a pit stop or a destination for Sheryl Crow. The genre switch has paid artistic dividends already.
Fortaken: http://www.americansongwriter.com/
Website: http://www.sherylcrow.com/feels-like-home
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Sheryl Crow — Feels Like Home (2013)




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