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Shortwave — Phased (Jan 4, 2019)

Shortwave — Phased (Jan 4, 2019)                               Shortwave — Phased (Jan 4, 2019)Shortwave — Phased (Jan 4, 2019)Location: Chicago, Illinois
Genre: Shoegaze, Downtempo, Avant~garde, Neofolk
Album release: Jan 4, 2019
Record Label: Icy Kite
Duration:     40:36
01 Moon (Pulse)   5:09
02 Sunrise (Solar Wind at Dawn)   6:31
03 Eclipse (A Moment’s Time)   11:41
04 Phased (The Sunset, Pts. 1~4)   16:35
℗ 2018 Icy Kite
Companies, etc.:
✹    Chicago Mastering Service (SW01) — Mastered
✹    Uniform Recording — Mixed
✹    Gotta Groove Records (SW01) — Pressed
✹    Ariel Davis — Artwork
✹    Dave Zagar — Composed, Engineer
✹    Matthew Barnhart — Mastered
✹    Jeff Zeigler — Mixed
✹    Dave Zagar — Performer, Producer
✹    Fire Orange Color Vinyl
✹    An endeavor born out of the aura of the 2017 solar eclipse, ‘Phased’, the debut record from classically~trained muliti~instrumentalist Dave Zagar, seeks to embody the celestial and ethereal emotions one experiences while gazing at the diverse skyscapes created by the sun and moon. Experimental and atmospheric, yet rhythmic and punchy, the record is an all~instrumental nod to 70s psychedelia and krautrock (a la Neu!, Pink Floyd) with musical cues inspired by art rock and modern classical works (Steve Reich, Radiohead).
✹    A Chicago musician with over a decade of prior involvement in various under~the~radar bands, Zagar sought a new creative approach with Shortwave — one that married his classical expertise and indie rock experience with a newfound love for the electronic, avant~garde side of music.
✹    “The eclipse felt symbolic of change, of trying this new approach to music creation that’s apparently been inside me all along. I’d never used a drum machine before and was just getting into analog synthesizers. It’s as if my perspective shifted as the ‘stars aligned’ for me to make this music.”
✹    For Zagar, music began very early with violin lessons at age four. This segued into music camps, chamber music, orchestras, weddings, and other various performances in the years to follow. Guitars, synths, and drum machines later became revolving tools, but classical elements remained.
✹    The new project started when a friend suggested Zagar bring his Roland TR~707 drum machine to work (where he begrudgingly daylights as a lawyer) and create something to accompany the masses of people expected to watch the eclipse. The 707 never made it to the office with him, but that day he went home and laid down a live track to a video recap. Jumping between drum machine and Juno~60 (synthesizer), he scored the eclipse in real~time and turned the track around in 24~hours as a self~imposed challenge. Zagar was so enamored with this previously untapped style that he turned the concept into a full album. He then composed tracks during the sunrise, sunset, and full moon — all in real~time on his apartment rooftop.
✹    ‘Phased’ explores the idea of calmness existing alongside disruption and panic in daily life. This is accomplished through the use of “slice of life” field recordings, division of tracks into various movements, use of syncopation and polyrhythms, etc. Each track was limited to one primary instrument specifically chosen to reflect the song’s celestial counterpart. And seeking a raw, natural feel to the record, Zagar played each instrument outright, maintaining an improvised looseness to the compositions.
Website: https://www.shortwavejams.com/
Bandcamp: https://shortwave.bandcamp.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shortwavedave
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/shortwavedave

Shortwave — Phased (Jan 4, 2019)



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