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Supernatural Love

Sidestepper — Supernatural Love (5th February 2016, Vinyl)

  Sidestepper — Supernatural Love (5th February 2016, Vinyl) Sidestepper — Supernatural Love (5th February 2016, Vinyl)ΰΠ  “MŮŽE SI NĚKDO PAMATOVAT HUDBU?” DLOUHÁ CESTA RICHARDA BLAIRA PŘI HLEDÁNÍ PŮVODNÍHO RYTMU. The inspiration for the new sound comes from the idea that there were many incredible dance bands before the electronic revolution in the 80s and 90s — the great ‘orquestas’ from Colombia, Haiti, Trinidad, Cuba and Africa. Sidestepper wanted to create an organic sound that goes back to that tradition. It's still a dance band, but now the beats are made with hand drums, seeds and shakers, kalimbas, flutes and guitar, driving the melodic vocals. A minimalist, modal and groovy sound, electro acoustic with elements of dub and the ever present analogue synth bass. Strong and groovy, timeless and fluid, there is a clear vision of where the band can go from here and how to do it. There is a depth and coherence to the sound, the vibe, attitude and look of the band; it feels solid and rooted. The project of British producer Richard Blair, Sidestepper fuses a Latin aesthetic with the late ‘90s electronic dance music aesthetic, resulting in a dancefloor–friendly hybrid that presents a refreshing alternative to the often formulaic sound of electronic dance music. Blair first fostered his passion for Latin sounds while living in Colombia. Later, once he moved to the U.K., he found substantial interest and influence in the fledging British club scene, driven by DJ–spun electronic dance music records. Since few were exploiting the merger of these two sounds, Blair did just that, resulting in a fresh sound showcased first in late 1999 on the Logozo EP. A year later, a full–length album titled More Grip was released. (Jason Birchmeier)Born: June 17, 1965 in London, England
Location: Bogotá, Colombia
Album release: 5th February 2016 (Vinyl)
Record Label: Real World
Genre: World
Duration:     50:02
01. Fuego que te llama      4:45
02. 0n the line      6:31
03. Supernatural love      3:39
04. Come see us play      5:39
05. Magangué      5:13
06. Song for the sinner      5:19
07. Lover      5:38
08. La flor y la voz pt 1      3:01
09. La flor y la voz pt 2      3:34
10. Hear the rain come      4:17
11. Celestial      2:33Reviews
ΰΠ  ...un disque pareil n’a pas de prix.
(A selection of 10 albums straight from South America. ...priceless.) — Les In Rock, (France)
ΰΠ “¿Alguien recuerda la música?” Entrevista con Rich Blair para — Vice Magazine
(“DOES ANYBODY REMEMBER MUSIC?” Interview with Rich Blair for Vice Magazine)
Thump / The Vice (Colombia)
ΰΠ No. 1 Release of 2015
ΰΠ Desde el góspel hasta el country, pasando por el África hasta el Caribe. Desde el ritual chamánico a la canción infantil. Desde el canto primitivo alrededor de la fogata hasta el latido circular, padre del beat. En esencia, supernatural love es un himno de agradecimiento al Universo. Y así mismo es su poder.
ΰΠ (...In essence, supernatural love is a thankful hymn to the universe. And so is its power.) — Noisey / Vice Magazine (Colombia) ΰΠhttps://thump.vice.com/es_co/article/does-anybody-remember-music-el-largo-viaje-de-richard-blair-en-busca-del-beat-originalBy Charlotte Mackenzie — 07 April, 2015
ΰΠ Supernatural Love, the latest project from Bogotá–based Sidestepper, is set to relaunch the relationship between fan and artist. The group have launched a crowdfunding campaign through Uonset, inviting listeners to purchase the album online or make a contribution as opposed to supporting larger record labels.
ΰΠ Removing the middle man is a brave move from the Colombian group, led by the hugely–talented British producer Richard Blair, alongside Teto Ocampo (Mucho Indio), Erika Muñoz, Edgardo Garcés, Juan Carlos Puellos “Chongo” (Ondatrópica) and Hernán Teherán “Batatica”. Supernatural Love uses hand clapping, traditional Colombian flutes, hand drums, guitars and seed–shakers mixed with synth bass.
ΰΠ It’s been seven years since the group released their previous work, The Buena Vibra Sound System, reviving their unique “pan–caribbean” sound. As the group themselves say “music is love” and this album looks set to be another CD that will spice up your playlist.
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::ΰΠ ¡Hola todos! Nuestro nuevo disco supernatural love está listo y es nuestro primer disco en 7 años con una propuesta musical nueva hecha a punta de palmas, flautas y voces. Tambores, semillas, guitarras. Bajos de sintetizadores análogos. Es un sonido pan–caribe, tan inglés como latino, que redescubre las raíces comunes para crear un nuevo country universal. Nos hemos concentrado en las canciones, tomándonos el tiempo para hacerlas bien, y hay mucha alegría, melodía y calidez en el disco. El álbum es realmente sobre el amor en todas sus formas y empezó por nuestro amor a la música misma. Ha sido un viaje largo sostenido por la creciente convicción que estas canciones vienen de un lugar atemporal. La música es amor.
ΰΠ Estamos lanzando esta campaña con Uonset para masterizar y fabricar el disco, y reinvertir en la preparación de un nuevo show. Esto significa que juntos podemos cambiar la forma en que se financia la música. Cualquier contribución que puedas hacer es fantástica, desde la descarga digital para arriba. Esto nos permitirá continuar haciendo música. ¡Gracias y bienvenido a la familia Sidestepper!
ΰΠ Hi all,  our new record supernatural love is ready! The first album in 7 years, and it’s a new organic sound made up of flutes and fabulous vocals. Hand drums, seeds and guitars. Analogue synth bass. This is a pan–caribbean sound, both anglo and latin, rediscovering common roots to make a new universal country music. The focus has been on the songs, taking time to get them right, and there’s a lot of joy, melody and warmth in the record. The album is really about love in all it’s forms, and started with our love of music itself. It’s been a long journey sustained by a growing conviction that the songs come from a timeless place. Music is love. 
ΰΠ We’re launching this crowd funding campaign with Uonset to finance the mastering and manufacture of the album, and the preparation of the new show we’re putting together. This means that together we can change the way music is funded. Any contribution you can make is fantastic, from the digital download on up, it will help us to continue to make music. Welcome to the sidestepper family !
ΰΠ  http://www.uonset.com/en/discover/52-world-music/222-sidestepper-supernatural-love
Label: https://realworldrecords.com/

Supernatural Love



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