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Silje Nergaard Unclouded (2012)

 Silje Nergaard — Unclouded(2012)

Silje NergaardUnclouded
Born: June 19, 1966, Steinkjer, Nord-Trøndelag
Location: Ekeberg in Oslo, Norway
Album release: March 23, 2012
Record Label: Columbia Europe/PID
Duration:     49:31
01. All I Had     5:08
02. Norwegian Boatsong     6:22
03. God's Mistakes     4:13
04. The Moon's A Harsh Mistress     5:11
05. Ordinary Sadness     5:00
06. When The Morning Comes     3:52
07. Det Var For Sent     4:35
08. When Our Tune Is Played     3:28
09. He Must Have Been Telling A Lie     3:11
10. I Will Write You Every Da     3:43
11.Human     4:48
¤  Silje Nergaard, vocals and compositions
¤  Nils Petter Molvaer, trumpet
¤  John with his colleagues, sax and vocals
¤  John Scofield, Jojje Wadenius, Knut Reiersrud, Nils Einar Vinjor, Halgrim Bratberg and Haar Bendiksen, guitars
¤  In 2009, orchestral A Thousand True Stories, the year after it was time for the Christmas album If I Could Wrap Up A Kiss. In 2012, follow up with Silje Nergaard Unclouded, an album based on the concept trio consisting of herself and the two guitarists Hallgrim Bratberg and Havar Bendiksen. Silje has also been joined by musicians – especially guitarists – which has meant a lot to her throughout her career. ¤  With the album include the Knut Reiersud, Jojje Wadenius, Nils Einar Vinjor and renowned jazz guitarist John Scofield. Trumpeter Nils Petter Molvaer also contributes, and Silje singing a duet with Kim Rysstad the song “Norwegian Boat Song. ”Unclouded focuses on the interplay between the vocals and guitar, inspired by Nergaards childhood with a guitar-playing father. The sound is stripped down significantly, and the muted instrumentation lets the melodies shine extra strong — as well as variation in the expression gives the album life, with a range that goes from the soft, beautiful to the rougher and more playful.
Website: http://siljenergaard.com/
Unofficial website: http://www.silje.nl/
Personal life:
¤  She is married to the singer Heine Totland. They have two daughters together.
¤  Tell Me Where You're Going (1990)
¤  Silje (1991)
¤  Cow on the Highway (1995)
¤  Brevet (1995)
¤  Hjemmefra - From Home (1996)
¤  Port of Call (2000)
¤  At First Light (2001)
¤  Nightwatch (2003)
¤  Darkness Out of Blue (2007)
¤  A Thousand True Stories (2009)
¤  If I Could Wrap Up a Kiss (2010)
¤  Unclouded (2012)
Compilation album:
¤  Be Still My Heart - The Essential (2005)
Live album:
¤  Live in Koln (2005)
Rating: 7.7/10
¤  Silje Nergaard impresses again. As the most natural thing in the world surrounds herself now with Norwegian and international jazz musicians and get them all to the good faith to submit to her beaten idea: to create nice, groovy and thoughtful music together.
Individual songs
¤  Soft-spoken and totally unpretentious offers Silje at its elegant self-composed repertoire. And it is music that is both harmonically and formally obvious challenge the world’s most experienced ears – we have never heard such as Nils Petter Molvær trumpet sårere and more careful listening.
Top Guitarists
¤  The old Miles Davis guitarist John Scofield offers for his part in one of his coolest solos ever – over Silje Nergaards chords. Otherwise, both Sweden’s star guitarist Jojje Wadenius, our own bluesråskinn Reiersrud Knut and several other guitarists in the fun – for Unclouded is dedicated to Silje Nergaards guitar-playing father who made sure her childhood soundtrack.
Strong lyrics
¤  The next generation is also moving there when Silje offers a textbook on motherhood. Let here know I see here but never try to be here, singing Silje. The Scottish-Norwegian Mike McGurk whose thoughtful texts promises to un-Norwegian record highs. It’s about longing for something that was or was lost or never were, but also about racism, self-loathing, power struggle and disintegration. CD booklet is a readable book of poetry in itself, and Silje actually fall slightly through when she offers the album’s only Norwegian text. As a songwriter team is Silje Nergaard and Mike McGurk top class. Therefore, I find the two non-original songs as foreign material and the Jimmy Webb song The Moon’s A Harsh Mistress is the echo of Radka Toneff version too strongly that it should be included.
¤  Musically, the album Unclouded glory uklassifiserbar and will try being straight as well on young girl mp3 player on the jazz radio play list. The latter provides, among others, saxophonist and scatvokalist John with his colleagues for. Recommended.
Fortaken: http://smoothandjazz.com/
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: © Silje Nergaard; www.pavillon-hannover.de By Bothor
Biography by Jason Birchmeier
¤  Silje Nergaard is an award-winning Norwegian jazz-pop singer/songwriter who peaked in popularity after the turn of the century with the chart-topping albums At First Light (2001) and Nightwatch (2003). Born on June 19, 1966, in Steinkjer, Norway, she cites influences that include Al Jarreau and Joni Mitchell. As a teenager she became something of a national sensation when she joined an impromptu jam session at the 1983 Molde Internasjonal Jazz Festival. In 1984 she made her solo recording debut with a 7" single, "One of These Mornings"/"My Funny Valentine," released on PolyGram. Several years later she signed a recording deal with Lifetime Records and made her full-length album debut with Tell Me Where You're Going (1990), the first of three English-language jazz-pop albums produced and co-written by Richard Niles. The highlights of these early albums, the others being Silje (1991) and Cow on the Highway (1995), were later compiled on the best-of collection The Lifetime Years (2005). After parting ways with Lifetime Records, Nergaard released a couple Norwegian-language albums on the label Kirkelig Kulturverksted: Brevet (1995) and Hjemmefra (1996). Upon signing a major-label recording deal with Universal Music, Nergaard broke through to mainstream success in 2000 with Port of Call, a full-length English-language effort comprised largely of cover material. Port of Call was a Top Ten hit on the Norwegian albums chart and set the stage for her chart-topping follow-up albums, At First Light (2001) and Nightwatch (2003). Like Port of Call, these two albums feature a quartet comprised of Tord Gustavsen (piano, Rhodes), Harald Johnsen (acoustic bass), and Jarle Vespestad (drums), in addition to Nergaard (vocals). Almost entirely self-composed, Nightwatch was especially successful, earning Nergaard a Spellemannprisen award for Musician of the Year. In the wake of this success, Be Still My Heart: The Essential (2005), a best-of collection also featuring some new material, was released, along with the aforementioned Lifetime compilation. Subsequent albums Darkness out of Blue (2007) and A Thousand True Stories (2009), both Top Five hits, feature an expanded band and arrangements by Vince Mendoza. © ¤  6. 01. 2013 um 14:20 Uhr, Lizenz:
¤¤  Sonderkonzerte Jazztage Dresden
SAMSTAG / 27. OKTOBER 2012 / 20:00 Uhr
¤  Spielstätte Lukaskirche
¤  Silje Nergaard - Unclouded
¤  Bernd Aust KulturManagement GmbH
¤  Silje Nergaard - Gesang
¤  Havar Bendiksen – Gitarre
¤  Trond-Viggo Solas – Gitarre
¤  Nils Einar Vinjor – Gitarre
¤  Was für ein Glück, dass Silje Nergaard nicht Popstar werden wollte!
Im Vorfeld der Jazztage Dresden (2.-11.11.12) gab es in der Lukaskirche (mehr als 600 Besucher) an einer idealen Spielstätte ein weiteres Sonderkonzert der Jazztage Dresden 2012. Mit dem Partner der Bernd Aust KulturManagement GmbH war es gelungen, Silje Nergaard im Rahmen ihrer Tour 2012 auch nach Dresden zu verpflichten. ¤  „Unclouded“ ist ihr jüngstes Album und es beinhaltet viel Neues. Till Brönner kündigte schon beim ECHO Jazz 2010 in Bochum Silje Nergaard als Skandinaviens schönste Stimme an und mit diesem Timbre erfreute sie mit der Vielfalt, dem Können, und Nuancenreichtum einer erfahrenen Vokalistin ihr Publikum in Dresden. Silje Nergaard war charmant, sang lyrisch, balladenhaft-poetisch; und natürlich jazzig. Sie verstand es mit meisterhafter Virtuosität und einer unglaublichen Leichtigkeit ein konzentriertes Publikum im Kirchenschiff total zu verzaubern.
¤  Silje Nergaard - Based On A Thousand True Stories = 4:25
¤  ECHO Jazz 2010 at the Jahrhunderthalle on May 5, 2010 in Bochum,
¤  http://www.fotocommunity.de/pc/pc/pcat/712888/display/30186662
¤  https://taisawards.com/inpage/silje-nergaard-unclouded/



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