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Sinikka Langeland The Land That is Not (2011)

      Sinikka Langeland Group | The Land That Is Not | ECM 2210

Location: Finnskogen, Svullrya, Norway
Genre: Classical / Folk / Jazz
Record Label: ECM
Release date: September 30, 2011
From Norwegian folk singer and harpist Sinikka Langeland comes a seductively subtle contemporary jazz album. The lyrics are all Norwegian or Swedish (the sleeve notes have translations), and celebrate the poetry of Edith Södergran and Olav Håkonson Hauge – the first a shortlived pioneer of modern Swedish poetry, the second the Norwegian “lumberjack poet” who came to the art in his 40s. Langeland’s band brings together trumpet-player Arve Henriksen and saxophonist/composer Trygve Seim, and it’s a magical combination. Despite a predominant feeling of tranquillity, the singer sometimes adds an almost Nina Simone-like bite, for which Seim’s smoky sound, Henriksen’s ghostly multiphonics and Anders Jormin’s bass are ideal foils. The mood is often broken by grooves that suggest some strange fjord-village cabaret music, or episodes that are like Nordic Miles Davis.
Website: Website www.sinikka.no
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/sinikkalangeland

Sinikka Langeland: vocal, kantele
Arve Henriksen: trumpet
Trygve Seim: soprano and tenor saxophones
Anders Jormin: double-bass
Markku Ounaskari: drums
Further adventures at the interstices of folk music and jazz-rooted improvisation, as Sinikka Langeland takes the work begun on the much praised “Starflowers” to the next level. As the Irish Times’s Ray Comiskey noted of the earlier disc: “Sinikka Langeland is a gifted folk singer, but not one stifled by tradition. Her ability to work seamlessly with jazz musicians, as she does so memorably here, is part of the reason for the success of this marriage of folk, jazz and poetry. (…) Individually and collectively, the quintet is superb, Henriksen and Seim play brilliantly off the voice and each other, while the group catches a variety of moods persuasively; they can groove with understated power (…)” All of this applies with equal pertinence to “The Land That Is Not”.

01. The Land That Is Not
02. What Is Tomorrow
03. A Strip Of Sea
04. Triumph Of Being
05. The River Murmurs
06. Lucky Cat
07. It’s The Dream
08. The Day Cools
09. The Rose
10. Spring In The Mountain
11. Slowly The Truth Dawns
Recorded: September 2010
ECM 2210 (http://www.ecmrecords.com/Catalogue/ECM/2200/2210.php?cat=&we_start=0)

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=100000261186904

 My Photos by Voice, kantele Sinikka Langeland Sinikka Langeland

Voice, kantele - Sinikka Langeland

Viola Lars Anders Tomter Sinikka Langeland

Viola - Lars Anders Tomter

Organ Kåre Nordstoga Sinikka Langeland

Organ - Kåre Nordstoga

Author: Morten Krogvold

Website: http://www.sinikka.no/projects/

Photo by Tom Sandberg

Photo by Fin Serck-Hanssen


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