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Slow Parades — Love Me To Death (2012)

Slow Parades - Love Me To Death (2012)

            Slow Parades — Love Me To Death
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Album release: May 1, 2012
Record Label: xx
Runtime:    34:08
01. Fully Formed      [4:14]
02. Daily News      [3:13]
03. Strange Intentions      [3:30]
04. Love Me To Death, Illinois      [2:52]
05. Digital Madness      [3:50]
06. At The Helm      [3:07]
07. Bail Me Out      [4:01]
08. Kissing Chaos (Wedding Song)      [3:04]
09. Prelude      [0:39]
10. Life Leads the Man      [4:48]
Website: http://www.slowparades.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SlowParadesBand
¶   All songs written and recorded by Mike Jasinski and Tim Minnick
Additional Players:
¶   Todd Pertll — Pedal Steel, Banjo
¶   Ryan Laverty — Bass
¶   Emily Lewis — Vocals
¶   Tom Forkenbrocke — trumpet, coronet
¶   Mark Thomson — Trombone
¶   Benjamin Balcom — keyboards, bass
¶   Raymond Jasinski — Fender Rhodes
¶   Additional production, arrangement, and recording by Benjamin Balcom
¶   Mixed by Benjamin Balcom at MINBAL Studio, Chicago
¶   Cover art by Rachel Yas
¶   Mastered by Matt Engstrom
Bandcamp: http://slowparades.bandcamp.com/album/love-me-to-death   ///

¶   Slow Parades is a new project from songwriter–multi–instrumentalist Mike Jasinski and drummer Tim Minnick. From the opening notes, the duo’s debut album Love Me To Death recalls the well–crafted sunshine pop of The 1900s, the Chicago band Jasinski and Minnick helped form in 2004. After leaving the 1900s in 2008, Jasinski took a hard look at life and holed up for a year writing songs to move forward musically. Teaming up with Minnick, the old friends built a makeshift studio in a Logan Square basement and began recording the basic tracks for what would become Love Me To Death. After Minnick embarked on a yearlong trip around the world, Jasinski spent nearly that long finishing the album at Benjamin Balcom’s Minbal Studio (Atlas Sound, White Rabbits) on Chicago’s West Side, enlisting Chicago by–way–of Austin musician Todd Pertll on pedal steel and banjo as well as Balcom’s arrangement and production skills. The finished album fuses perfectly crafted chorus hooks, vintage keys, and elegantly finessed drums with Jasinski’s own voice and observations on life. It brings together the lilting country–rock of Gram Parsons, frenzied orchestral pop of Sufjan Stevens, and the combo organ–charged garage rock of the Nuggets compilations.
¶   One of the last songs on the album is the 37–second trumpet and synth blast “Prelude”, which recalls a slow, boozy street parade in New Orleans, or maybe a hot summer day on the South Side of Chicago. Wherever that slow parade was, Jasinski seems satisfied with where life has led him. In his own words, he says Love Me To Death is about “looking inward instead of outward… accepting that I grew up in Chicago, I lived here, and who knows maybe I’ll die here—but there’s everything that happens in between.” 

Slow Parades — Love Me To Death (2012)




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