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Snowy Dunes — Snowy Dunes (May 8, 2015)

Snowy Dunes — Snowy Dunes (May 8, 2015)

          Snowy Dunes — Snowy Dunes (May 8, 2015)
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Genre: blues–hard rock, acid–psychedelic rock & proto–Doom.
Album release: May 8, 2015
Record Label:
1. Tranquil Mountain Lake      7:21
2. Dawn      2:58
3. Turn Around      4:18
4. Watch out for Snakes      1:27
5. Desert Cold      8:48
6. Bad Wolf      8:02
7. Electric Love      6:16
8. Diablo      9:05
9. The Light      3:17
© Snowy Dunes 2015Members:
↔★   Stefan Jakobsson, drums
↔★   Christoffer Kingstedt, guitar
↔★   Carl Oredson, bass
↔★   Niklas Eisen, vocal
↔★   Frida Svanberg, vocal
★↔★   Produced by Snowy Dunes and Steve Kille
★↔★   Mixed by Steve Kille
★↔★   Mastered by Howie Weinberg
★↔★   Snowy Dunes is a psychedelic rock band from Stockholm. With the experimental attitude and warmth from the psychedelic wave of the late 60’s, the rawness from 70’s heavy rock and the heaviness from 90’s stoner rock, is Snowy Dunes a unique part of the neo–psychedelic scene.
★↔★   Snowy Dunes is definitely all that. But then there’s so much more. And all that comes neatly packed in nine amazing songs on their debut self–titled record that seems to be truly ‘out there’ when the first track whirls around you. After which the rest of the album keeps spiraling like a hazy minaret trumpet player as the night falls down around you. Cause there is no mistake that the five Swedes aim to produce outer world blues for the moment the sun goes down and the red light fades.
★↔★   Their debut album was recorded and produced in the legendary Joshua Tree outside Los Angeles by Dead Meadow’s Steve Kille.
Bandcamp: https://snowydunesofficial.bandcamp.com/releases
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/snowy–dunes-official

Snowy Dunes — Snowy Dunes (May 8, 2015)



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