Sofie Letitre — Uncanny Valley (September 21, 2015)

Sofie Letitre — Uncanny Valley (September 21, 2015)

     Sofie Letitre — Uncanny Valley (September 21, 2015)                                                 ♣   Žila šest let v Mozambiku se svou rodinou, hrála si v písku na pláži několik hodin, až usnula na ručníku ve stínu. Její nejoblíbenější slovo v anglickém jazyce je Serendipity.                                                                                                        Location: Utrecht, Netherlands
Genre: Indie Electronic
Album release: September 21, 2015
Record Label: Division Recordings
01. Slip      4:20
02. Bare      4:18
03. Home      4:09
04. Real      2:47
05. Perfect Mistake      4:26
06. I Need      3:34
07. Slip (Steelan remix)      4:20
08. Bare (Jai Tee remix)      6:04
09. Home (Think Twice remix)      4:37
10. Home (Thys remix)      5:20
11. Real (Infuze remix)      4:16
12. Perfect Mistake (ZES remix)      5:20
13. I Need (Mono/Poly remix)      3:30
℗ 2015 Division Recordings                                                                                                                                 ♣   Hotly–tipped Dutch singer–songwriter Sofie Letitre returns with her six–track debut ‘Uncanny Valley’ EP this September, building on a growing swell of support from across Europe. With glowing recognition from the 3voor12 Awards — where she was voted ‘Most Promising Artist’ — and her previous work as part of Ladies Of The Lowlands, she has been marked out as a highly captivating and talented artist.
♣   Now working alongside producer Thijs de Vlieger (one third of the sensational bass & glitch trio Noisia) and erstwhile band colleague Ferdy van der Singel, she has developed a classy sound hat finds the sweet spot between electronica and alternative indie. The initial ruggedness of Bare’s bass–driven production slowly yields as Letitre’s haunting voice unfolds, leading to skittering percussion and swathes of eerie, reversed synths. Previous free download Slip takes the energy down a notch, allowing her vocals to take centre stage, with a vibe that’s somewhere between Massive Attack and Bjork.                                                                                                                ♣   Home reveals a more (gently) menacing side, with brooding, resonant bass tones and pummeling beats underpinning her woozily–effected voice, before Real brings us back to her more sensual and fragile side. Perfect Mistake heads into resplendent torch song territory, with I Need another slow–burning gem to round off the proceedings.
♣   Intricate, cutting–edge production brings a stark yet somehow fitting contrast to the purity of Letitre’s voice throughout the EP, ranging from subtle electronic treatments to full–on granular synthesis in the more intense moments. A slew of remixes bolster the package from Steelan, Jai Tee, Think Twice, Thijs de Vlieger, Infuze, ZES and Mono/Poly — from deep electronica through to raging drum ‘n’ bass.
♣   With this stunning new EP ready to drop and Mojo Concerts recently signing her to their roster in the Netherlands, Letitre is well on the way to becoming a major contender.
Interview:                     Review
von Max van Meegeren
♣   Das düstere Video zu „Bare“ von Sofie Letitre wird dich höchstwahrscheinlich um deinen Verstand bringen—diese Kombination aus trippiger Popmusik und elektronischen Klängen, zusammen mit diesem angsteinflößenden Schwarz–Weiß–Video und einer Sofie, die seelenverloren in der Dunkelheit singt, bis sich dann alles auf einen verstörenden Höhepunkt zuspitzt. „Bare“ ist ein angenehm rauer Track, bei dem man aber immer wieder das Bedürfnis hat, einen kontrollierenden Blick nach hinten über die eigene Schulter zu werfen.
♣   Die Single stammt von ihrer kommenden EP, Uncanny Valley, die am 21. September bei Division erscheint, dem Schwesterlabel von Vision Recordings des Produzenten–Duos NOISIA. Auf der EP klingt Sophie ein bisschen wie die böse Schwester von Massive Attack, kombiniert mit der Tiefe und Intensität eines James Blake und der Unvorhersehbarkeit von Künstlerinnen wie Björk und FKA Twigs.
♣   The contrast between imperfection and perfection, man and machine, vulnerable and invulnerable; that is what the EP ‘Uncanny Valley’ by Sofie Letitre is about. This concept is illustrated by three unique and mysterious videos that went in premiere on the Dutch Film Festival in 2014. Sofie’s new music is very different to what we’ve heard from her until now. In November 2012 she released her debut album ‘Back Where We Come From’, with which she played in several leading clubs in the Netherlands. After having experimented a little with electronic influences, she decided to further investigate this direction. Together with her producer and band member  ‘Ferdy van der Single’, she started a collaboration with Thijs de Vlieger (NOISIA).  This resulted in a unique combination of dark pop and electronic music. Beautiful and intense melodies alternated by raw and heavy beats. ‘Uncanny Valley’ will be released in September 2015 on DIVISION, sister label to VISION Recordings (NOISIA).
Biografie — Sofie Letitre (NL)
♣   Het contrast tussen imperfectie en perfectie, mens en machine, kwetsbaarheid en onkwetsbaarheid; dat is waar de EP ‘Uncanny Valley’ van Sofie Letitre over gaat. Dit concept wordt geïllustreerd aan de hand van drie mysterieuze en eigenzinnige videoclips. Deze zijn in 2014 vertoond tijdens het Nederlands Film Festival. Het geluid is anders dan we tot nu toe van Sofie Letitre hebben gehoord. Eind 2012 debuteerde zij met haar album ‘Back Where We Come From’ waarmee ze met succes het land doortrok. Na al wat met elektronische invloeden geëxperimenteerd te hebben, besloot ze deze richting verder te onderzoeken. Ze ging, samen met vaste producer en bandlid Ferdy van der Singel, de samenwerking aan met Thijs de Vlieger(NOISIA).  Dit zorgt voor een unieke combinatie tussen donkere popmuziek en elektronische sounds. Het boze zusje van Massive Attack maar ook de diepte en intensiteit van James Blake. ‘Uncanny Valley’ komt in september uit op het label DIVISION, een zusterlabel van VISION Recordings (NOISIA).


Sofie Letitre — Uncanny Valley (September 21, 2015)


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