Son Of Radul Sleepwalker

Son of Radul — Sleepwalker (Dec. 19, 2017)

               Son Of Radul — Sleepwalker (Dec. 19, 2017)Son of Radul — Sleepwalker (Dec. 19, 2017)♠    Marcelo o sobě říká: až dodnes je můj nejméně oblíbený čas usadit se do režimu spánku. Toto album je určeno pro synove, který v těchto dnech už nežije: synovec Jules ve věku 18~ti let zemřel. Zřejmě nejcennějším skvostem je exotická píseň Fox & Plymouth, pak věc stejného charakteru Numb. Sleepwalker je barevný, složitý, často povznášející a nakonec pozitivní způsob, jak ukončit turbulentní rok novou hudbou, novým uměním pro zlověstnou generaci, která už to má prakticky spočítané. Má to feeling, duch je strhující, pořád se něco děje, zpěv leští nahrávku do příjemných odlesků. Jedno z nejlepších alb roku celosvětově.  
♠    Experimental pop, drones, funk, noise, driving music for sleepwalkers.
Location: Encinitas, California
Recommended if You Like: Peter Gabriel, The Mothers of Invention
Genre: Pop: Pop Underground
Album release: Dec. 19, 2017
Record Label: Titicacaman Records
Duration:     43:01
01. 3:17 AM     0:44 
02. Numb     3:39 
03. Apnea     3:13 
04. Fuck You     2:55 
05. Rabid Dogs and Silver Moons     2:57 
06. Sleepwalker     2:16 
07. The Kinder Crew     2:31 
08. Ack House     3:19 
09. Fox & Plymouth     3:55 
10. O Death     4:05 
11. Sleep     2:30 
12. Umbilical Cord     2:43 
13. Numb +     3:05 
14. Old Fashioned Panic Attack     4:09
© Copyright — Marcelo Radulovich / Titicacaman Records (191924545729)
→      All instruments and voices performed by Marcelo Radulovich.
→      Recorded / produced / designed by Marcelo Radulovich at Titicacaman Studio, 2014~2017.
♠    I remember one early morning as a child in Santiago, Chile hearing one of my relatives exclaim “he pissed in the kitchen trash can!”
♠    Sleep has always been a touchy issue for me. As a child I dreaded it, it seemed like dying, the dark quiet hours dormant in another dimension, dreams, nightmares, night sweats, the wanderings about the house. I was a sleepwalker you see, and if sleep was like dying, sleepwalking meant I was a ghost. I’d do things I would not remember the following morning, things I could not explain, like pissing in the kitchen trash can. I’d wake up in places other than my bed, which always confused me... how did I get there? What do I do when I sleepwalk? I’d ask myself as I walked back to my bed, rubbing my eyes, knitting my brow. It was a strange nocturnal event that was part of my make up, no one else in my family sleepwalked and no one had clear answers to explain why I walked in my sleep, to explain the weird workings of the human mind. To this day, the time to lay down to sleep is my least favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I’m like any other animal, I love a good night of sleep so, what gives? Hypnophobia?
♠    There’s a name for practically every fear, a catalog of phobias no one can cure, few can explain but, all can be numbed. Can you feel it? The clash of what the norm calls reality and the reality that eludes us? First agoraphobia then claustrophobia. First anthropophobia then monophobia, trips and traps, real or imagined, such is the lyrical and musical thread of Sleepwalker, my third album under the moniker Son of Radul, produced in 2017, a challenging year. January and the Trump take over made my skin crawl... witness a nation pulling its hair, the news and social media crafting a disgusting soap opera starring The Ogre. I went deeper into reclusion mode, depression and a growing bevy of old and new phobias plundered my 2017 as I tried to stay focused and productive recording the music in this album, among other things. Then in late February I got the terrible news, my 18 year old nephew Jules, who had been struggling with what doctors were labeling schizophrenia, took his own life. It was a major shock and loss. We all thought he would pull through his affliction, adapt where needed, the doctors had him on heavy meds, who knows if that helped or made matters worse, Jules went deeper into the land of numb and absent, on to, no longer there. This album is dedicated to him.
♠    Fuck You was one of the songs I was developing when I got the news of Jules’ suicide, the lyrics and mood of the song struck me like a soundtrack for his sorrowful, violent act and set the tone for the album and the rest of 2017. The tracks in Sleepwalker play like a collection of mood swings and vary greatly in instrumentation, a healthy blend of electronic and organic. The genres bounce from the exotica of Fox & Plymouth to the funk of Ack House to the droning of Apnea, full of blue hues, strange and moody spaces. Sleepwalker is also upbeat, bright and melodic like in Rabid Dogs and Silver Moons and Umbilical Cord, a song that remembers the connection of umbilical cord to mother as a first love. Numb & Numb + fly over the numbing dispensaries conveniently located anywhere you look, we are a doped up culture, full of promise and suicidal tendencies, living a conditional party plan. As grim as it sometimes gets, Sleepwalker is colorful, complex, often uplifting and ultimately a positive way to end a turbulent year, new music, new art and a fuck you.
♠    This album is dedicated to Jules Radulovich, RIP nephew... 12/25/99 — 2/27/2017  
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