Sparrow Steeple — Tin Top Sorcerer (April 5, 2019)            Sparrow Steeple — Tin Top Sorcerer (April 5, 2019) Pamela MÃÃÃÃÃÃéndez ÃÃÃÃÃâ Time (22 Feb 2019)Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Album release: April 5, 2019
Record Label: Trouble in Mind
Duration:     38:46
01 Roll Baby   4:57
02 Leprechaun Gold   4:26
03 Stabbing Wizards   5:34
04 Wolfman of Mayberry   5:05
05 Your Mom’s Twin Sister’s Daughter’s Twisted   4:17
06 Duchess of Eden   2:52
07 Handy Andean Indian   3:58
08 Waterboarded By the Lord   4:17
09 Girl in the Whispering Wood   3:17
•ο  Barry Goldberg: Vocals, Guitar, Percussion
•ο  Jeff Werner: Drums, Percussion, Recorder, Castanets, Myrtle Wind
•ο  Jacy Webster: Lead Guitar, Percussion, Penny Whistle, Trumpet, Moog, Bouzouki, Background vocals
•ο  Bob Dickie: Bass, Double Bass, Cello, Viola, Hulusi
•ο  Dan Balcer: Harmonica
•ο  Dustin Burrows: Keyboards
•ο  Jesse Ross: Xtra Guitar on “Stabbing Wizards”
•ο  Virginia Mae Smith: Vocals on “Roll Baby”
•ο  Erika Wagoner~Goldberg: Vocals on “Girl In the Whispering Wood”
•ο  Isobel Sollenberger: Vocals & Flue on “Wolfman of Mayberry”
→   All songs written by Sparrow Steeple
→   Recorded by Bob Dickie at Steeple Sound Studios, Philadelphia, PA
→   Isobel Sollenberger appears courtesy of Fire Records
→   Front Cover art by Jacy Webster
→   Photography by Brice Goldberg
→   Layout/Design: Barry, Jacy, Jeff
→   Bob Malloy: additional lyrics on “Girl In the Whispering Wood”
→ All songs ©Sparrow Steeple, 2019
•ο→    Sparrow Steeple’s music exists in its own universe. An imagined utopia (or is it a dystopia?) of wolfmen, murderous wizards, whispering woods & leprechauns. Their second album “Tin Top Sorcerer” arrives near the front end of 2019, just in time for spring to blossom.
•ο→    Comprised of four members of inscrutable indie legends Strapping Fieldhands (who blazed many musical trails in the Nineties via records for Siltbreeze, Shangri~La & their own Omphalos Records), Sparrow Steeple specialize in mini~opuses that drift & careen haphazardly like Grimm’s Fairy Tales sung by Syd Barrett — psychedelic tales of rapturous joy & sinister machinations by creatures real & imagined, all wrapped around dreamlike tunes of avant folk, psychedelia, and outsider music. “Roll Baby” ’s drunken~tavern sing~a~long is peppered by blistering guitar leads & wobbly harmonica (courtesy of Philly legend “Harmonica” Dan Balcer) while “Stabbing Wizards” backwards guitar lends a foggy aura of disquiet to the tale of treachery & betrayal. Despite the fantastic yarns spun (see the tragic tale of the “Wolfman of Mayberry”, or “Girl of the Whispering Woods”), “Tin Top Sorcerer” has an air of realism — or perhaps “magical realism”, that place these songs in a place simultaneously out~of~time and from a possible future, permeated by a sense that these things could actually have happened (or will happen) at some point in our shared existence.