Spy Machines — Spy Machines (April 3, 2020)USA FLAG   Spy Machines — Spy Machines (April 3, 2020) Spy Machines — Spy Machines (April 3, 2020)•♠•   Spy Machines is a band consisting of Jean~Paul Gaster (Clutch), Hank Upton (Lionize), Mike Dillon (Les Claypool, Rickie Lee Jones, Mike Dillon Band) and guitarist~singer~songwriter Mark Stanley. Their debut record on Weathermaker features a  powerful collection of catchy psych~rock songs, informed by D.C. go~go, punk, funk and hard rock. It’s an album with heavy roots and psychedelic limbs.
Location: Washington, D.C. ~ Maryland, USA.  Genre: Psychedelic / Progressive Rock
Album release: April 3, 2020
Record Label: Weathermaker Music
Duration:     49:02
01. Cult of Ecstacy   4:54
02. Haunted Carnival   0:35
03. Pink Clown   4:49
04. Mythos   5:34
05. Luck Be a Cyborg   4:32
06. Space Pathogen   4:21
07. Dawn of the Humanoids   0:32
08. Starchild   5:38
09. Hotter Than Hell   3:19
10. Infinidiot   1:11
11. Fantasizer   4:47
12. Another One Bites the Dust   4:24
13. Jill   4:26
•♠•   “Weathermaker Music has some new music coming out today.” says Clutch drummer Jean~Paul Gaster. “The record is called Spy Machines, the band is called Spy Machines, and I’m proud to say that I’m part of it. Mark Stanley plays guitar and he wrote all the songs, Henry Upton from Lionize is on bass, Mike Dillon is on vibraphone and percussion and I play the drums. The record was recorded last year and it certainly does not sound like Clutch. I’m very proud of it.”
•♠•   Musically Spy Machines is rooted in Psychedelic Rock, Prog, and Funk, and it has some heavy undertones.
•♠•   Spy Machines’ self~titled album is a digital~only recording, for now. It was preceded by two single releases. On March 13th, the band was introduced via their interpretation of the classic Queen composition “Another One Bites The Dust,” and on March 27th, the single “Cult of Ecstasy” was released.
Spy Machines:
Mark Stanley — Vocals/Guitar
Henry Upton — Bass
Mike Dillon — Vibraphone and Percussion
Jean~Paul Gaster — Drums
BY MARC SHAPIRO ⌊ February 26, 2020 ⌋
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