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St. Germain Tourist (Remastered 2012)

 St. Germain — Tourist (Remastered 2012)

St. Germain — Tourist (Remastered 2012)
Location: Paris, France
Album release: September 25, 2012
Record Label: Blue Note
Duration:     60:36
1 Rose Rouge  (feat. Marlena Shaw)  6:57  
2 Montego Bay Spleen    6:26  
3 So Flute    8:28  
4 Land of...    7:48  
5 Latin Note    5:55  
6 Sure Thing    6:21  
7 Pont Des Arts    7:26  
8 La Goutte D'or    6:19  
9 What You Think About...    4:48 
Claudio "Cacao" De Queiroz  Baritone
Alexandre Destrez  Keyboards
Idrissa Diop  Talking Drum
Edouard Labor  Flute, Saxophone
Charles Lansiaux  Cover Photo
Ludovic Navarre  Composer, Conductor, Mixing, Producer
Pascal Ohsé  Trumpet
Ernest Ranglin  Guest Artist, Guitar
Marlena Shaw  Primary Artist
St. Germain  Primary Artist
Nicolas Trotot  Coordination
Marlena Shaw (excerpts from Live at Montreux used in 'Rose Rouge')
Miles Davis & John Lee Hooker (Elements from 'Harry's Philosophy', from The Hot Spot soundtrack, used in 'Sure Thing')
100% Pure Poison (Windy C provides the main sample for 'Sure Thing')
Dave Brubeck's 'Take Five' as the drum and bass loop for 'Rose Rouge'.
Scientist (excerpts from 'First Dangerous Match,' from 'Scientist Wins the World Cup', used in 'Montego Bay Spleen,' as well as 'Laser Attack', from 'Scientist Meets the Space Invaders.')
MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/tosaintgermain
Blue Note records re-released St Germain’s Tourist remastered in digital form for the first time.
Review by John Bush
Since the advent of acid jazz in the mid-'80s, the many electronic-jazz hybrids to come down the pipe have steadily grown more mature, closer to a balanced fusion that borrows the spontaneity and emphasis on group interaction of classic jazz while still emphasizing the groove and elastic sound of electronic music. For his second album, French producer Ludovic Navarre expanded the possibilities of his template for jazzy house by recruiting a sextet of musicians to solo over his earthy productions. The opener "Rose Rouge" is an immediate highlight, as an understated Marlena Shaw vocal sample ("I want you to get together/put your hands together one time"), trance-state piano lines, and a ride-on-the-rhythm drum program frames solos by trumpeter Pascal Ohse and baritone Claudio de Qeiroz. For "Montego Bay Spleen," Navarre pairs an angular guitar solo by Ernest Ranglin with a deep-groove dub track, complete with phased effects and echoey percussion. "Land Of..." moves from a Hammond- and horn-led soul-jazz stomp into Caribbean territory, marked by more hints of dub and the expressive Latin percussion of Carneiro. Occasionally, Navarre's programming (sampled or otherwise) grows a bit repetitious -- even for dance fans, to say nothing of the jazzbo crowd attracted by the album's Blue Note tag. Though it is just another step on the way to a perfect blend of jazz and electronic, Tourist is an excellent one.
Biography by John Bush
One of the few producers to pursue a real fusion of jazz and house music, Frenchman Ludovic Navarre began recording in the early '90s using various aliases (Subsystem, Modus Vivendi, Deepside) for a range of French imprints. St. Germain debuted in 1994 for Laurent Garnier's F Communications label and Navarre released his first album, Boulevard, in 1996. Featuring trumpeter Pascal Ohse, the album worked as a hybrid of American R&B and jazz with the growing French house scene exemplified by Garnier, la Funk Mob, and Dimitri From Paris. Tourist took the concept further with Navarre working post-production on a fuller complement of musicians and earned release on Blue Note. Navarre has also remixed such varying artists as Björk, Pierre Henry, and the Suburban Knight. 
Navarre's album Boulevard was released in July 1995 and has sold over 350,000 copies worldwide. His United States debut, Tourist, was released in 2000 and sold 300,000 copies in the USA and 4 million copies world wide. Bob Marley, Toots & the Maytals, Miles Davis and Kool and the Gang are among Ludovic's early influences. He composed his first work under the name of Sub System with friend Guy Rabiller. He has released EPs under a number of aliases, among them Deepside, LN'S, Modus Vivendi, Nuages and Soofle.
St. Germain is not associated with the Saint-Germain-des-Prés Café compilation series, though his song "Deep in It" is featured on its "Volume 1".
By ROB EVANOFF, Published: January 1, 2001
Picking a favorite album each year is an exhausting emotional process and always creates much controversy within my mind and this year was no exception. Picking a favorite album is not based on just artistic merit but also how that album integrates itself into my life. 2000 represented a transition in my life, a journey of sorts and what better way to represent the soundtrack to your life than with a deft eclectic musical voyage. Overall, my favorite albums of the past year did not center on lyrics or production or performance but a feeling evoked by a myriad of styles fused together and there was none better than that found on Tourist by St Germain. I refer to it as therapeutic music to occupy my daydreaming mind.
I knew nothing about St Germain but saw Tourist atop the jazz charts and without hesitation called to get a copy. An album selling that well that I've never even heard of is reason enough for at least a cursory listen.
Tourist arrived and immediately after putting it on, I realized that this new CD was going to be exploring my mind for a few non-stop weeks as a worldly tourist with plenty of future return engagements. The adventure begins with the energetic seven-minute "Rose Rouge" from which the lyric "I Want You To Get Together" entices a call to action. This sentiment seems to call out to my very own senses, asking them to join together and continue the joyous ride. They hear the beckon and proceed through the graceful chill out number "Montego Bay Spleen" with it's Wes Montgomery guitar noodling (provided eloquently by Jamaican guitarist Ernest Ranglin) and a fat down tempo beat.
So, now you've sunk into a deep melted mood within the inner depths of your mind and the third track "So Flute" busts out and rides the crest of a thick techno and dub infused groove for 8 minutes, leaving you overwhelmed with aural pleasure. From there, we step back again as a saxophone blossoms amidst a swinging hip-hop beat and we're off to "Land of?" before the funky upbeat Brazilian groove on "Latin Note" rescues us with a festive fusionary delight.
Are you with me? If you've ventured this far without any noticeable regret, you will not only be fully immersed as a newfound tourist but will eagerly await the next sonic wave. Will it be subtle or bold or smooth or fat? The answer comes in another one of the album's peaks; track numero six. It is entitled "Sure Thing" which contains elements from "Harry's Philosophy" (Miles Davis and John Lee Hooker) and layers a cool bluesy swirl atop the voice of John Lee Hooker. This cascading groove extends into the momentous dub and techno loops of "Pont Des Arts" and you begin to hope that the tour never ends. But even great things come to an end and after nine sumptuous tracks this tour does too.
Tourist was written, produced & mixed by the mysterious St Germain and he also takes on the role of conductor for the other musicians involved in this project. The songs on Tourist range from five to nine minutes as each one distinctively sets a unique mood, one that usually sweeps you away from the one you were just visiting but with a common thread that awakens an unquenching desire to repeat this process over and over again letting it's luster shine brighter with each successive spin.
Will the real St Germain make himself known. First, there's the legend. At the court of Louis XV in 18th Century France, there was a character that amazed everyone by pretending to be several centuries old. He went by the name of Saint Germain. Then there's Ludovic Navarre, a.k.a. Saint Germain and pioneer of the French Touch (the new electronic music of France), who is not pretending in the least. To me, St Germain embodies the essence of the real new proteges of contemporary jazz. Not playing electric versions of the same old thematic jazz but instead incorporating varied styles and sometimes samples as a base and then melding them together with an improvisational series of soundscapes. His mix of techno, jazz, blues, ambient, house and dub seems to transcend the ages and speaks directly to the emotion of your soul.
So, if you enjoy musical hybrids and sound collages that touch upon many distinct moods, then become a Tourist with Ludovic as your faithful guide.
Ludovic Navarre (Conductor)
Pascal Ohse (trumpet)
Edouard Labor (Saxophone-Flute)
Alexandre Destrez (keyboards)
Idrissa Diop (Talkin' Drum)
Carneiro (Percussions) Claudio (Cacao) De Qeiroz (Baryton)
Ernest Ranglin (guitarist)
Fortaken: http://www.allaboutjazz.com

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