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Stereophonics — Kind (25 Oct., 2019)WALES FLAG                        Stereophonics — Kind (25 Oct., 2019) Pamela MÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃéndez ÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃÃâ Time (22 Feb 2019)
Location: Cwmaman, Cymru (South Wales) ~ Cardiff music scene
Formed: 1996
Genre: Alternative Rock
Album release: 25 Oct., 2019
Record Label: PARLOPHONE
Duration:     42:16+23:37 => 65:53
01 I Just Wanted the Goods   4:33
02 Fly Like an Eagle   4:33
03 Make Friends with the Morning   4:51
04 Stitches   4:46
05 Hungover for You   4:08
06 Bust This Town   3:55
07 This Life Ain’t Easy (But It’s the One That We All Got)   6:13
08 Street Of Orange Light   3:03
09 Don’t Let Tthe Devil Take Another Day   3:04
10 Restless Mind   3:10
Bonus tracks:
11 I Just Wanted the Goods (Kelly and Jamie demo)   4:53
12 Fly Like an Eagle (Kelly and Jamie demo)   4:21
13 Make Friends with the Morning (Kelly and Jamie demo)   4:16
14 Stitches (Kelly and Jamie demo)   4:17
15 Restless Mind (Kelly and Jamie demo)   2:51
16 Don’t Let the Devil Take Another Day (Kelly and Jamie demo)   2:59
Current members:
•   Kelly Jones — lead vocals, lead guitar, keyboards, piano (1992~present)
•   Richard Jones — bass, keyboards, harmonica, backing vocals (1992~present)
•   Adam Zindani — rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2007~present)
•   Jamie Morrison — drums (2012~present)
♠•♠    Kelly Jones on making Stereophonics’ 11th album after thinking of quitting band.
Stereophonics have been at it for nearly three decades and although frontman Kelly Jones admits he was almost thinking about quitting last year after becoming ‘jaded’, the band are back with their 11th album, Kind. He talks to Lucy Mapstone.
♠•♠    Kind is the eleventh studio album by Welsh rock band Stereophonics released nearly 2 years after their previous album, Scream Above the Sounds. Recorded over an eleven~day period between 29 June and 9 July 2019 at The Ramsbury Brewery & Distillery in Marlborough, Wiltshire, the album was produced by lead singer and guitarist Kelly Jones and George Drakoulias.
♠•♠    …It’s another classic Stereophonics record which draws on real~life experiences and emotions and escapism, although with a more stripped~back, raw sound. An “honest” album, as Jones calls it.
“I wasn’t really in any way looking to make a new album that quickly,” he says. “I was going to stop for a while and do nothing for a bit, but around about November some songs started happening, and they were kind of informing how I was feeling or whatever I was going through or whatever I was trying to get out.
♠•♠    “That’s kind of what happens with songs — they channel through you.”
♠•♠    Following a speedy writing process, where the songs “came very thick and very fast” to Jones, the band got into the studio and recorded the full album in just 11 days.
“I didn’t want to over~produce the record,” he explains. “It was very honest and a real ‘band in a room’ kind of record.”
♠•♠    Jones — who formed the band in the Welsh village of Cwmaman in 1992 along with bassist Richard and drummer Stuart Cable, who died in 2010 — admits he has been described as a “workaholic” for never having taken a big chunk of time out from work in his entire career.
♠•♠    “For me, being creative actually makes me feel relaxed, and when I’m not doing something creative I kind of then become more restless in my mind,” he says.
♠•♠    “When I have something to focus my energy on, I’ve got a very big desire and energy to make albums and create things and mainly to learn things.
♠•♠    “That’s why I guess… when I was getting a bit jaded last year, maybe I was going through a period of time that I wasn’t learning anymore, I wasn’t growing anymore.”
♠•♠    “I wasn’t fed up with actually being on stage, I wasn’t fed up with making records. What I was starting to tire of was the 16, 17 hours a day, waking up in hotels or travelling and wasting time, really.
♠•♠    “For me it’s always going to be about growth and expanding what I can do, and on paper it looks like every 15 to 18 months there’s a new album and a tour and stuff going on.
♠•♠    “And many times I’ve been labelled a workaholic or this, that and the other. But to me it’s kind of… well, I take the kids to school, I go to the studio, I like writing, and I feel more at peace doing that.”
♠•♠    “Yes, it can wear you out when you’re travelling around, don’t get me wrong,” he adds. “That’s the hardest part of the whole thing. But the actual process of the creating is the bit that I need to do.”
♠•♠    It may be one of the toughest parts of the job, but the band are set to head out on another major arena tour next year to support the album, which Jones admits he wants to be as successful as their previous releases.
♠•♠    https://www.irishnews.com/ 
Website: http://stereophonics.com/ 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/stereophonics 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stereophonics/ 
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/stereophonicsmusic 



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